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  1. Applying a hammer solves most problems - check! . You're lucky. Mine had to be split to replace the fork but like all things Wheel Horse, it was just a fun undertaking to rebuild the thing.
  2. pop...... spit.....Cough.....bacfire

    That gravity feed idea is worth a try. I got myself a PVC cap and drilled a hole in the bottom. Threaded a barb and run a hose to the inlet. Worked for years when balancing carbs on old motorcycles. A couple of drilled holes allowed a twine loop to permit it to hang from the garage door runners. Redneck for sure but cheap, fast, easy and durable. You can also watch that Kohler suck that fuel down - man, they are thirsty!
  3. The Bolt - from Where?

    Great story - if I had only though of that! When teens, my friend used to assemble the tractors at Sears while I was downstairs assembling furniture or in the bike shop repairing sports equipment. Anyway, he ALWAYS had plenty of parts left over. I wonder if any of those machines are still together. Back in the days when the catalog reigned supreme.
  4. The Bolt - from Where?

    Well, there it is...nut is gone but that funky spacer was stuck in there and that's very good.
  5. The Bolt - from Where?

    She fired right up - I half wanted to inspect before starting but the bolt's location means it fell right at the start and she ran for 30 minutes with no issue so drove to the garage on wet lawn(which is a sin) and popped the hood. Hint - not the engine. I am amazed that the deck ran throughout the process and that the special 'nut' is still there and not on the lawn somewhere. Picture coming if you wish to speculate some...Loc-Tite being applied.
  6. So, after sweating some pipe in the basement yesterday - the builder of 20 years ago used too much industrial grade flux and it's eating through my cold pipes - I ended with joy in running the C-125 over the yard. This morning while walking the pup, what's sitting in my driveway but a bolt with a nicely painted black head. Hmmmm, obviously fell off my baby. It's black so very likely to have fallen off the engine. Your guess as to from where but I now have another thing to do today, though much better than sweating pipe or cleaning the garage. Odd for me - I tighten properly and double-check, using Loc-Tite where appropriate - or at least used to do so...might be an age 56 thing - happens more often nowadays. headed to the shed! 1 1/4 length
  7. The end of the road

    Sorry to see you go but, don't fret! I once repaired a golf cart that was Yamaha driven. There is no reason why you can't inject a nice K341 under that seat and retain the WH dream, including the wheelie potential. To heck with the noise. You need the added torque for that hill to the clubhouse
  8. Wonderful to see another dealing well with correcting the red-necking. They may have done wrong in many ways but the big plus is that that tinkering kept her around! You're doing all the right things - great to watch.
  9. C120 - C-125 K301 Muffler?

    Thanks for asking - it actually loaded so, hopefully, you can run an mov file. She has slightly more bark than the original - may be the point that the output is not directed forward. IMG_0592.MOV
  10. The best piece of marriage advice I ever received, and that was 30 years ago, was that in the house was hers. If she wanted a fan over the dinner table, fine - installed it. What's in the garage is mine. If that contains a dirty tractor, so be it. Of course, I'm a gear head so it keeps me happy. Goes both ways. Congratulations on your marriage!
  11. C120 - C-125 K301 Muffler?

    Unusually dry days here in Atlanta town. Pics of the old crummy and the new hotness. and another... That old thing's ugly but it still works well... ...and one more I have a couple of video files but they just won't complete. Will try again if you want to hear them.
  12. C120 - C-125 K301 Muffler?

    I've now had this for a week and just got it installed. Not a 1 3/8 clamp in all of Georgia so had to use Old Rusty (put one on order at NAPA). Yup, took pics and made a movie of before and after and will get that all posted this afternoon. Stay tuned!
  13. fuel pump solved the problem

    Great to hear. Start of a good weekend...
  14. Exhaust Valve Leakage - Help Needed

    Sounds to me that you ruled out the valves so, rings? Warped head? I'll show my inexperience using that tool and suggest that you seal around the piston edge with some grease and try again. Same leakage and I'd say head gasket or warped head. OK guys, your turn
  15. Poor thing didn't stand a chance!

    ... and those wheel barrow fronts!