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  1. First mow of the season - the C-125 ran flawlessly and faithfully, the front turf tires picked up every package the neighborhood dogs have left. Some people use scoops. I don't have the need. 42" RD working fine but, wow, the noise! TIme to break-out the range headgear.
  2. Ahhh...the smell of fresh mowed grass!

    That's a well taken care of machine. Replaced engine and rear fender, I expect. Save the black hoods! Happy Saturday. My C125 will see action today.
  3. Rescue these horses

    That reminds me - I have to get back up to NJ to visit the folks - Somerset County...spent my first 38 years in Morris and Warren. Good times. That black hood - a sweet automatic. If I could only get it to Georgia!

    You let her drive the tractor - magnanimous on Mothers' Day weekend. Good on ya.
  5. My! That deck is just perfect.
  6. wont start

    What model? You're hinting that the tractor has the old, rugged Ford solenoid jump the switch). So, you jumped from the (+) of the battery to the center terminal and, nothing? You should at least hear the solid click of the solenoid. If not, and the solenoid is well grounded, problem = solenoid. If it clicks and there is no starter and again all the grounds and connections are clean and cables good, dead starter. Does the voltage on the battery drop when attempting to start? If yes, no more than a couple of volts for a good battery. This is how I would approach it. Like many here, these machines need TLC on their wiring and grounds. Good luck!
  7. Hey there, Bob, Best to pull the cover and remove and replace the belt with the nice OEM part which is designed to engage smoothly. A standard belt is otherwise but many would normally just place a belt of the same size there when a 'special' is required. Once removed, check the surfaces of the pulleys and smooth and clean them. That's a great start. While in there, you can check the quality of the idler pulley and replace it if needed. Replace the cover and check the engagement. You're several states away from GA or I'd help more
  8. 4 to 5 stars for them there MTD tractors So glad you got it done! Enjoy the tractor.
  9. What are these?

    Sorry, CW, I'm a K301 guy and know the insides of those well. The twins, not so much. Hoping you tear into it and let us know. Very curious down here in Georgia.
  10. What about the clutch adjustment? If the old belt was slacking and he adjusted it tighter, wouldn't you now want to loosen it back to the 'new belt' position? Just tossing this out there but any adjustment is worth a look-see.
  11. What are these?

    You're either really unlucky because you're likely facing a teardown and repair or really lucky because it's decided to warn you instead of grenading. Are you a glass full kinda guy? If I had that happen to me, it's an immediate disassembly. It does look like bearing rollers as moe1965 suggested.
  12. 14 horse no name not getting gas

    It's now just the perfect opportunity to spend time with her and inspect the fuel system from the tank through to the valve inlet. Heck, I'd pull the carb and clean it, check the needle, pull the fuel pump and check the seals, replace the lines and filter if it has one and the valve in the tank. Whatever the model, with today's lousy fuel, makes good sense.
  13. Henry is Horsing around again!

    Careful now. By the time he's two, he'll insist on driving your pickup.
  14. Blackhood kinda weekend

    There is a special place in my heart, and shed, for black hoods. My C-125 is my first Wheel Horse and I got to know it bolt by bolt. The C-120 in the garage now can't hold a candle to it. I know, I know, but it's a personal thing for all of us, right? She ran like a top yesterday, with the repaired 42" RD. I've got some front wheel weights that can use some paint and mounting. Now, if I can only get a yard big enough to get that mower some exercise! Thanks! for the pictures.
  15. Since we're documenting... FINALLY, got the newly-welded 42 RD attached, blades installed and running like a champ. Petina and rust is the look. Kinda' sad under that nice shiny C-125.