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  1. Happy Birthday Jay

    Happy Birthday .
  2. Harbor freight generator

    I have one of the 13 HP , HF generators about 3 years old. Ran for 54 hours , just stopping for fill ups, earlier this year ran like a top. No problems , no oil usage. I think my is the 7500 model. Best part it is electric start.
  3. Happy Birthday Glenn!

    Happy Birthday Glenn.
  4. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    BFH usually helps unstick stubborn items. Also good for making toothpicks out of 2x4's.
  5. You know it's a great hike...

    I am with Jim Anderson , with humidity down here now , I hate walking to the mail box.
  6. MICE!!!!!!

    @KC9KAS Where did you purchase your coil ?
  7. MICE!!!!!!

    @JAinVA Looks like the furry tailed rodents think your horses are good places to store their food supply.
  8. MICE!!!!!!

    Mice can spoil seat time. Last year tried starting my 416-8 and starter was dragging. Turned out a mouse lost its tail in the gears and left a big mess under the tins.
  9. Great pictures . I wonder if the Barbed wire spark plug wires were a special order from the factory.
  10. Garden Tractor Daze Portage Wisconsin

    I see the Mafia was using the designated driver plan but the question is "who decided who would drive and who would ride ". Don't see any tools so they must be relaxing . Love the pictures thanks
  11. Picked up a 1054

    Your secret will not be safe with this crew. HA HA
  12. Iola Car Show ‘18

    My favorite car which I purchased my senior year in high school was a 1963 Chevy Impala SS 327 Cu in 4 speed. My Dad picked up for me and my younger brother said the old man shift out of second at 110 mph driving on a 2 lane road back to Richmond. White with a red interior.
  13. Please be safe out there!

    Sorry for your and his family's loss. Any lack of attention to what you are doing can be deadly.
  14. You may want to consider a 13 hp Predator from HF , electric start key start. I would only use if not using the PTO / mower etc. Have on on a generator great motor.
  15. New arrivals in the Hood!

    What you speed Mama may peck you if you hurt the ducklins.