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    Wood working , old tools to use not sit on a shelf and look pretty. Working on a 1984 El Camino S S. Cutting grass

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  1. 1-1/8" x 1-1/2" Box Wrench 18" Long

    I purchased a set of the long handle wrenches from HF and they are handy . Not my go to "Craftman " , but when you need the extra leverage or my hand is too big for the space they work great.
  2. Rusted relics of the farm

    Jeff , thanks for the photos , sad to see equipment sitting in a field rusting away.
  3. Chevy S10 saves day!!!

    S-10 's are nice trucks , my son had a 4x4 with the V 6 and my brother has a S-10 with the V 6 and auto that he picked up for $400.00 , put tires and shocks on it and has been driving it for the last 5 years with no problems.
  4. A new pony comes home!

    The pony looks in great shape , hope you and the family enjoy it .
  5. Apple Country show pictures

    Thanks for the great pictures. I always love looking at old machines and tractors . They were built with real metal and attention to the details.
  6. Is the gas draining back to the tank?

    I installed an electric fuel pump on my 416-8 and the instructions said to mount near the tank ( lower than tank ). Mounted it on the seat stand below the seat pan. No more starting issues.
  7. Winter prep

    I wonder if the snow blower would work on leaves. Some one try it out and let me know. I have too many acorns and do not want hit in the head with future oak trees.
  8. Tree’s down

    The guy in the bucket is a whole lot braver than me. I don't know what you paid , but one of my neighbors had two trees taken down and the stumps ground for $4,500.00 . I thought that was pricey.
  9. The time has come.

    I hope you have a speedy recovery and every thing works out. Make sure they don't leave any tools inside or you will be setting off airport alarms.
  10. Testing the Waters

    @squonk and @953 nut Thanks guys now you have scared off anyone who wanted to attend . Where is Waldo ?
  11. New member from England

    Welcome to Red Square, have fun looking around the site . Ask questions and someone will answer. @WVHillbilly520H has a nice muscle car. I am sure he will you about it. I have an 1984 El Camino SS but no muscle in the car ( 155 horse power )
  12. Testing the Waters

    I would like to attend . Have any idea where it could be held. I 'll make @857 horse attend.
  13. HALF a HORSE.

    Let him grow a little more and you two will be fighting over who gets to drive the D. A great picture.
  14. Raider 12 Modifications

    I will be glad when the Big Show gets here so I can see your great work.
  15. Just Black Hoods and 5xi Now!

    @shallowwatersailor The Valley is nice , more rural areas and great sights.