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    Wood working , old tools to use not sit on a shelf and look pretty. Working on a 1984 El Camino S S. Cutting grass

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  1. Picked up a 1054

    Dang , one less person to pick on.
  2. Picked up a 1054

    That is going to be a killer tractor , if you bring it to the BS don't let the Tractor Mafia near it . Pieces and parts will be headed west and you will end up with a pile of nuts and bolts.
  3. Looking for hub

    Check out the vendor section of the Forum. A-Z may have a hub.
  4. Greetings from the Sooner State

    Welcome to Red Square . Lot of knowledge with this group and class clowns ( that is my group ) .
  5. Happy Birthday SylvanLakeWH

    Happy Birthday , I kind of remember 55 o that is the speed limit.
  6. NYS Pageant of Steam

    Thanks great pictures.
  7. My new shop

    What a shop , love it. Don't see the floor covered in .
  8. 50th DCACP show 2018

    Great pictures thanks
  9. Picked up a 1054

    @19richie66 Why don't you stuff 4.3 V6 out of a S10 Cheby in there , you could drag race and cut grass at the same time or kill gators.
  10. Another Horse Hauler?

    We don't use bolts down here bailing wire is cheaper , we use rope for seat belts .
  11. Another Horse Hauler?

    I think you would need a bigger truck and a very large trailer to clean out the magic Shed . He keeps adding horses. I think Mrs. Rules is on guard duty for the shed 24/7 .
  12. Another Horse Hauler?

    @dells68 , @JAinVA @PeacemakerJack@Achto @Machineguy and all others we better hope he doesn't find a pocket full of money and drive the old granny gears to the BS and get @pullstart to be his loader. He will clean the place out.
  13. Southern Wheel Horse fans

    @squonk Yes Squonky this is my part of the state , US southern rednecks can always find the BBQ without asking directions . In fact I saw @dells68 Emory , and grandfather yesterday on their way home from a haul. They are going to wear out the Dodge hauling stuff back to the western part of Ole Virginia .
  14. HALF a HORSE.

    I can't imaging the number of hours you have spent on this project . I will just keep following along.
  15. Happy Birthday Glen.

    Happy Birthday , hope you have had a good one.