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  1. Tree’s down

    The guy in the bucket is a whole lot braver than me. I don't know what you paid , but one of my neighbors had two trees taken down and the stumps ground for $4,500.00 . I thought that was pricey.
  2. The time has come.

    I hope you have a speedy recovery and every thing works out. Make sure they don't leave any tools inside or you will be setting off airport alarms.
  3. Testing the Waters

    @squonk and @953 nut Thanks guys now you have scared off anyone who wanted to attend . Where is Waldo ?
  4. New member from England

    Welcome to Red Square, have fun looking around the site . Ask questions and someone will answer. @WVHillbilly520H has a nice muscle car. I am sure he will you about it. I have an 1984 El Camino SS but no muscle in the car ( 155 horse power )
  5. Testing the Waters

    I would like to attend . Have any idea where it could be held. I 'll make @857 horse attend.
  6. HALF a HORSE.

    Let him grow a little more and you two will be fighting over who gets to drive the D. A great picture.
  7. Raider 12 Modifications

    I will be glad when the Big Show gets here so I can see your great work.
  8. Just Black Hoods and 5xi Now!

    @shallowwatersailor The Valley is nice , more rural areas and great sights.
  9. Complete Electric Lift Kit++

    PM sent.
  10. Just Black Hoods and 5xi Now!

    @shallowwatersailor Don't move too far south in the State for Lovers . Hotter than Fla. at times during the summer. Horses are hard to find.
  11. Good Morning America

    That could explain the color difference , I live 1/8 mile from James River and about 500 yards from a large creek , while mother lives in a forest / pasture area . Thanks for the explanation. Now I know more than my wife on a subject.
  12. Good Morning America

    For you wildlife experts : The deer around my house have more gray hides , while at my mother's ( she lives 20 minutes from me ) the deer have more red in their coloring. Since I am not a hunter I am more confused than normal. Does the difference in the coloring mean anything.
  13. Good Morning America

    Thanks for the great pictures guys . I live in Richmond Va about 3 1/2 miles from the center of the city and we have deer here all year long. We have two does , their fawns and a young buck that visit our yard twice daily for the acorns. They are here so much that we really don't notice them , they are just part of the landscape. When I go outside they check me out and go on eating.
  14. What have you done on your WH today?

    @Big_Red_Fred What can I say , measure twice buy once. Visited Fastenal Store today and purchased $65.00 worth of nuts and bolts. I only allow myself one visit per month. Keep supporting Social Security Please.
  15. Happy Birthday 19richie66

    Happy Birthday Ritchie , hope you did not have to pay for the Mickey Mouse Ice Cream , that would put a big dent in your budget.