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  1. Its not a WH, Lend BRF your thoughts

    Only thing in my cookie jar is crumbs. I have not done the grocery shopping ( part of my house husband duties ) . There was a thread last spring about a Speedex that was for sale. You may want to try to find it.
  2. New Horse Hauler

    @Big_Red_Fred did anyone besides the driver get hurt by the flying wrenches and dirty words after the idiot took out the door and part of the building.
  3. Super duty funny And pet-friendly.

    Nothing like owning a black dog . I like the boots now if you can just get her to go outside.
  4. Its not a WH, Lend BRF your thoughts

    I don't know much about a Speedex but I understand they were nice tractors. Instead of riding around liking at this time of year, you best be shopping for Christmas presents for your grand babies and she who must be obeyed .
  5. Wheel weights.

    @Stormin I have to ask what a the pointy sticks for jousting ?
  6. @AMC RULES At least we know squonky can tell a horse from a dog.
  7. New Horse Hauler

    I agree about the local shops and the problems they have with the new or foreign vehicles. My wife and I have been using our local shop since the late 80's. Until recently the same owner and mechanics. The owner decided to retire about 6 months ago but the mechanics stayed on. We own a 2000 S40 Volvo ( the only new car I have ever purchased) . About 6 months after all the dealer freebies ran out , drove it to the local shop for an oil change . Not sure how they messed up at least extra quart of oil was added. Blew out seals on Turbo, had to have it towed to dealer. Local shop paid for repairs but now it goes to dealer. It has 69,000 miles on it. Purchased a 2001 Volvo XC 70 in January 2011 now it has 107,000. Just found out it needs a timing belt $750.00 price tag on that. I guess what I am saying is the local shops are really at a disadvantage on the new vehicles for repairs etc. I still have the 1984 El Camino ( 147,000 miles )serviced at the local shop and we purchase all our tires at the local shop because I can get better deals. I am also a cheap.
  8. New Horse Hauler

    This week I was getting one of our Volvo's serviced and the GMC dealer is at the same location . GMC dealer was having a sale on used pickups. Still can't get over the prices on 4 & 5 year trucks. They all looked nice but too much for my wallet.
  9. New to me loader

    Did the tractor come with the loader that was pictured in " Whats in your Mirror" or did you just get the loader?
  10. What pays for your Horse addiction

    1@Big_Red_Fred Since I am retired and living off Social Security and other small pensions increasing the herd is not going to happen for a the following reasons: 1. I plan on living a long time. 2. I don't have funds to build a garage or move to a house with major storage . 3. in Virginia are few and high priced. 4. I don't like sleeping with one eye open. ( I might get smothered with a pillow ) { Also have been told : divorce no ,murder yes}
  11. What pays for your Horse addiction

    BRF I am sure I could make a comment but the current climate means political correctness . I just keep my big mouth shut and look for you at the BIG SHOW . How about comments from other members , you chaps across the pond need to chime in.
  12. What pays for your Horse addiction

    BRF I think the rolling pin did some damage , you may want to get it checked out. My military service. Like Steve on a stick I was in the first lottery, number 69. I was in my senior year at college and knew I should bend over and kiss it good bye. I got lucky in got in a Army Reverse Unit . Got my first after college in June and August I was in boot camp. That fall I was going to Helicopter mechanics school. I finished the school in January 1971 as a Crew Chief on a Huey. Crew chief on a Huey was also a door gunner. How can you hug me , we haven't even slow danced yet.
  13. What pays for your Horse addiction

    I think it was head you wanted to crack.
  14. What pays for your Horse addiction

    Who cares this way get to know each other better. This helps me learn more about people I have met at the Big Show and others I would like to meet. I have say that basically all my life I have been an introvert . I don't like crowds , meeting people or joining groups. Until my First Big Show I would have never dreamed of attending like that. Look what happen you and squonky cracked my shell , and I can now say I have many friends in the world today.
  15. What pays for your Horse addiction

    @AMC RULES Craig your turn . Since @stevasaurus started chapter one , and it sounds like my start. @squonk First job with a paycheck ( from the world's worst Burger Join - Hamburger cost $0.15) paid $1.00 per hour late 1964 ,first car at the same time frame 1953 Chrysler 4 door something (POS) with some thing called fluid drive ( I think ) had a clutch petal which had to be used for 1 st and reverse. 2nd and 3rd you shifted into without clutch.