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  1. what are some good sites to purch parts to rebuild my mower deck please?
  2. C-175 for parts

    Do you have the PTO housing rod?
  3. On the ID tag mine says 05-42MS05, the manual I found says 05-42MS01. What is the difference between the 05 & 01?
  4. belts twisting

    Let me ask this, I have a C-175, are the mule drives all the same?
  5. belts twisting

    Yes it is on the inside groove but I also have an aftermarket belt that I tightened. I will go to dealer this weekend. Thanks everyone.
  6. belts twisting

    I am constantly twisting belts, this what I think the problem is (see picture) but not sure how to correct it short of heating with torch and bending it. Any suggestions?
  7. eating belts

    my c-175 with 42" mower deck chews up a belt a year, the one from motor to deck, it will twist it the snap it. what am I doing wrong?
  8. If i can get all me metal parts sandblasted, and use wheel horse paint in spray cans, will it hold up, or shoukd i spend the extra to have someone paint it?
  9. C-175 questions

    Thank you!! yes it drops while mowing so I will get the rebuild kit and it is the sundstrand. I never thought about the tubing trick, Thanks again!!
  10. C-175 questions

    I have a C-175 that the mower deck will not stay in place, it will slowly drop. Im guess a cylinder but can they be rebuilt? question #2 how do you fill the trans oil?