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  1. 1971 GT-14

    Third tractor in my herd, factory 3 point hitch option. Putting her to work then restoration once I get it like I want it.
  2. 2 white wires are the stator wires they should connect to the 2 outside connectors. The red is going to the fuse block to the 30 amp fuse, then back to the battery for charging. The grey wire is piggy backed and is your tachometer wire, it is that way from the factory and just clips on the way you've got it. Looks like you are all set.
  3. Newbie in SC

    Hey guys and gals, new Wheel Horse fan here. Been around them for years just haven't had the privilege of owning one yet. My brother is a member and an Wheel Horse fan known as Bert here as well as my mom known as Linder here. So I am joining the family and building my own Horse to play with, a Commando 6 to start. But I hear that they are like Lay's potato chips you can't just have one. So here's to the start of my new hobby!