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  1. I just found the same info on Partstree but can't delete my post. Is there a way to remove this?
  2. I purchased what I was told was a mulching kit for a 42" rear discharge deck for my 312-8. I don't have a lot tied up in this but I have found that it is not as the seller stated. I have attached several photos. These were sent to Toro Customer Care who offered to help but replied that I would need to consult a dealer. My nearest dealer is an hour away. Is anyone able to tell me the model and deck this fits? I will part with these if someone wants them. Thanks in advance!
  3. For record and future documentation: Wheel is 3-1/2" diameter x 3/4" across (tread width) x 1/2" diameter spindle hole. Wheel rides on nylon bushing and is steel.
  4. Is there anyone who might be able to measure the diameter, offset and width of the steel height adjustment wheel on older snow throwers that were build before WH switched to skids? My manual list the part number 1987 (see model 6-6211). These were used on several models. The search here and on the internet populates equipment made in the 1987 year and I am unable to find anything on this obsolete part. The previous owner replaced mine with 6" plastic wheels which interfere with the angle sides of the front of the snow thrower. If anyone has a set they'd like to sell, I will consider that as well. Thank you.