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  1. 1976 D 250

    Hi: the D-250 came out in 1976 yes has a 4 cylinder Renault , has rear wheel lock, 10 speed trans ( hi/low range), water cooled, manual steering cost new was about $4000. where are you looking at this, is it EBAY? Its a great tractor parts are not to bad to find if you know were to look.it weight is 1140lbs, tractor is all metric but attachments are all US standard. I have had my D-250 over 10 years still running great. Ed
  2. Zagray’s Fall Show !

    what time does it start, how hard is it to get in?
  3. Boat seats?

    I have a boat seat on my towable backhoe, that replace the stock seat pan after it rusted out. Cost $34.95 at Kmart better then paying 125 at tractor supply foe a cheap tractor seat, and it more nicer on my butt too.
  4. Lift capability on 3pt?

    well I guess I will put in my two cents. I looked at a back hoe for my D-250and saw what was need to hook it up and the cost, I did not like either one so I went out got a small towable one. It was half the price and needed no mods to the tractor. I have had it for about 20 years now with no problems. It digs down about 7 feet has 4500 pounds dig pressure at the bucket.
  5. Do you think $350 can take this engine?

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    2. Unnamed user

      Unnamed user

      860-307-8024 here I just got up hope its not too late


    3. kthack657


      We are still in NY...lol coming from SE PA

    4. kthack657


      We just got here, big red chevy truck...

      We just got here, big red chevy truck...

  6. What is the best price I can to buy that engine?

  7. D250 motor update with picturea

    hello: how complete is the engine?
  8. I used Valspar "cut ruby" red on my D-250 over a year ago. the paint went down nice and it looks rich even a year later and no clear coat. I will be doing my 211-5 next and I just picked up the paint last week.
  9. D 250 parts

    I did not forget you give me another 2 days
  10. D 250 parts

    Hello"" if you have old one just get it recorded it. if not I will go out in the garage and measure up one I have in a bo x and take some pictures for you. will be later today. WELCOME TO RED SQUARE
  11. 211-5 bags

    I have a 211-5 with a mower double bag setup does any one know where I get new or good replacement bags.
  12. 211-5SB

    Hello all its spring again and its time to mow the lawn . Well my push mower didn't want start could not find out why and the lawn was about 8 inches high. A few days ago I saw used riding mowers on peoples lawn for sale, so I jumped in the truck and went looking for another mower. I came to a house and it had a wheel horse mower for sale so I looked at it and it said to me "Please take me home" so I felt bad and said ok and it wanted to meet my D250 so off we went, I paid $250, its a 211-5SB. Now does this make a wheel horse collector ????????
  13. Hello from Minnesota

    check with (shoeboxchevy) he is parting out a couple of D-250 's now kind of sure he has the parts. He is on this site
  14. Hello from Minnesota

    D- 250 parts are all around just have to know where to look and who to ask. I found almost all the parts for that tractor, but some need to be bought over seas all most all are being made. the engine was used from about 1960's to about 1992's. So what do you need?
  15. Hour Meter

    TRY any tractor dealer they have them and even NAPA will have them. I'm guessing about $20