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  1. D-250's

    Not that hard to find parts, engine parts are easy only sheet metal seems to be tough
  2. D-250's

    Not that I know I have 3 of them.
  3. Distributor cap and rotor button

    Try NAPA stores use distributor number can be in Renault listings mid 60's. If no luck I am sure I have Renault part number for cap and rotor also may have a newer wheel horse but they are out there. I have some after market numbers for some D250 parts. Mechanical fuel pumps can be had new if you need them. what year is your D250 distributors 76- 78 are the same and some times 79-81 are different.
  4. Do you prefer catfish or bass

    I too like both, was just thinking the other day about spring and getting out to go fishing .Those are my favorites, come on summer
  5. It's Workshop Reorganizing Day !

    well here is part of mine
  6. Hello, I restore plastic muscle car grills, warped part you need heat and weight on it. It is hard to explain how to do it but I use a heat gun, heat the part up until you feel the part is not super hard but watch not to heat to much then flatten by hand or use some weight.Some times you can use weight on the part and just heat up the weight that works sometime to, but again do not over heat or the weight may mark the part. For epoxy I would recommend "PC7" find it in most hardware stores, plastic welding is ok if you are really good at it, I have done it but again do not over heat the part. That is it for now just beware of how much heat you are using. I have been grills now for about 10 years and some times I could not fix some parts and had to fabricate a new piece for the part I was working on. I hope this will help you for what ever you do.
  7. Engine block heater question

    I have a magnetic one,I put it on the oil pan let it sit for 10 - 15 minuets then start the tractor. Its about 6 inches X 4 inches with a plastic handle on it
  8. What is it???

    I agree it looks like a case, one time had one something like that but not the same
  9. Lets see the snow rigs!

    ok here is mine.
  10. Snow blower, or plow, which to use??

    WOW nice to have both,snow blower in a lot of cases is faster. The plow is great for that frozen snow or ice type snow that the snow blower can't bite into. I have been there and done that. Now I have a snow blower and a loader and next year I will have a plow also when I finish my other D-250 .
  11. Well here I am in the house waiting for the storm to end so iI can get my D-250 out to clean my drive way.
  12. Well its here again the snow time to put the D-250 to work
  13. Windshield Washer Sale

    Wow and have two more sets of tires to fill 26x12x12, better see how many kids I can get from the school up the street.
  14. New to me loader

    Yes that is a wheel horse loader, looks almost like the one on my D250. the company that made it is ARK mfg, now out of business.
  15. Not hard to work on a D-250 all you need the repair manual and a set of metric tools and a parts dealer Been there done that and still doing it Really like the detail pictures good work guys