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  1. Mower deck attachment

    Thanks for the links! It does show the part(s_) that are not right on my deck, however, they are no longer available. I have also found a link that shows the lift mechanism, but it doesn't look like the two will connect. I guess what I really need is a picture of it all together and working. Maybe somebody out there has a 252h and can post a picture or two of this. Thanks
  2. I have a Wheel Horse 252H tractor with a rear discharge mower deck. I bought it used a few years ago and the tractor runs great. There was a piece of metric all thread connecting the lift arm to the deck. The deck doesn't lift right. Does anyone have a picture of what the link should be?
  3. I have a 252H Wheel Horse with a 42inch rear discharge mower deck. I bought it used. From the lift assembly on the tractor to the mower deck there is a piece of metric all-thread. I am trying to find a picture of the real lift arm or a source for one. I can probably fabricate one if I could see it. Thanks bigbear