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  1. Mrs Rules Show Pictures

    Thank you, John! It was so nice to see you again at the Big Show this year! Looking forward to the next one and seeing your Wheel Horse cycle-or another special tractor then!
  2. Mrs Rules Show Pictures

    Thank you so much, Bill! It is always great to see you too! Yes! Loved the umbrella tractors - and it was fun to see the ‘real horse’ too- what a surprise! OK! ‘Only at Wheel Horse Show’ pictures sounds like a fun project!! I have to say learning that the Senior doesn’t come with a purse holder was disappointing, but the Big Show wasn’t! THANK YOU for all you do to make the Big Show so special for everyone! Linda
  3. Too funny! I had two of your cards also, Mike! I turned it over to @AMC RULES for safe keeping until we know who to send it to! Thank you!
  4. Mrs Rules Show Pictures

    Thank you - and yes!!! Looking forward to seeing you at the next Big Show!
  5. Mrs Rules Show Pictures

    Appreciate the consideration, Sparky-Thank you!
  6. 2018 Friday Wheel Horse parade.

    Great pictures as always, @953 nut - it’s always so nice to see you at the Big Show! And many thanks again to you & @BOB ELLISON for your hospitality!
  7. Mrs Rules Show Pictures

    Hope you can make it to the Big Show next year!
  8. Mrs Rules Show Pictures

    @Racinbob! Always great seeing you at the Big Show !
  9. Mrs Rules Show Pictures

    Vanessa and Brian were the big winners of the 20th WHCC Anniversary’s raffle tractors! Congratulations! El Presidente and @AMC RULES joined in the pics too!
  10. Mrs Rules Show Pictures

    @Sparky & son, @AMC RULES, @DOC in Kentucky & @roadapples
  11. Mrs Rules Show Pictures

    McKenna! She put her doll on the tractor’s seat and said ‘Drive, drive!’
  12. Mrs Rules Show Pictures

    Mrs Zeek and McKenna- adorable!
  13. Mrs Rules Show Pictures

    Raffle mania! We were all hoping our tickets would be called by. @Wild Bill in VA ! Congratulations to @rmaynard & @DOC in Kentucky on your wins!
  14. Mrs Rules Show Pictures

    Very special surprise to meet Scott and Beth and visit with a real horse (miniature) from the SPCA -going to Hi-Land Farm with @Wild Bill in VA!
  15. Mrs Rules Show Pictures

    @Lane Ranger!