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    Antique and classic outboards and race boats. Working on and having fun with Wheel Horse's.
    My list of tractors is of Wheel Horse's I've owned, not what is currently in my stable. I don't want to lose track of what has been here!
  1. Nice to see an old Sears brought back to life. I've spent many an hr. cutting grass on Sears Customs and Sears Suburban tractors. I'll admit that I really like the 10 hp and up Tecumseh's, they have plenty of power and run much smoother than the smaller Techy's. They also seem too last a hell of a lot longer...
  2. That is a pretty nice machine. Though I really like Farmall Cubs, as you know, that machine will run circles around the Cub!
  3. Great deal Buzz!
  4. 100 % agree with that statement... I'm not too sure what the demand is on a D these days....
  5. The outside of your Winnebago looks like it might clean up real well... How is the inside? When I bought my Atco it needed the outside painted real bad so I got to work prepping it and I added a few fresh coats of paint thru my HVLP gun. The inside needed new flooring and all new water lines, which I did. I also added an oven in the kitchen for making frozen pizza's.. Luckily all of the cushions were still like new... I wish I had some inside pics, it was pretty mint inside...
  6. The one that spent a few yrs. at my place....
  7. I love camping myself. In the early 70's I camped almost every weekend as a kid with Mom, Dad and 4 brothers and two sisters. The woman and my youngest brother slept in the Nimrod Popup camper and the rest of us slept in a big old army surplus tent. Great family fun, everyone pitched in. My Dad did all the cooking when we camped. Before I was even married I owned my own vintage travel trailer and I've had many popup's and vintage travel trailers since. Heck, it was my wife that decided she wanted to go camping on our Honey Moon on Cape Cod so we hitched my 78 Star Craft Galaxy 8 popup behind my 78 Camaro Z/28 and away we went! I fully restored this 1970 Atco travel trailer inside and out about ten yrs. ago. I sure wish I still had it, it would look great behind my 70 Chevy Pickup... I've been looking for the right truck camper for my truck for a yr. now with no luck...
  8. Very nice! That is some Big Bad Wheel Horse signage right there, large and in charge. It looks like you have an empty spot down low, must be on reserve for the next Bucket List tractor...
  9. Very nice... Sometimes ya just gotta pay the man.....
  10. I've never owned a Willys but I started liking Jeeps way back in 1986. I was 17 yrs old and I worked in the garage at a gas station that did repairs. The owner had one wicked cool old school Willys with a HOT 327 from a Vette under the hood with standard shift (naturally) and awesome sounding side pipes (purple horny type) I loved the vintage aluminum slots he had on it. He let me drive it a few times and all I can say is I was hooked. That thing moved! He also had one WICKED early Sting Ray convertible with a nasty 427 under the hood, 4 speed with side pipes. I never drove it but I got to ride shot gun, I'll never forget the sound and power of that machine. I've owned many a muscle car but these two remain on my bucket list... Of Jeeps I've owned a few Wranglers and a bunch of Cherokee's...
  11. Boy you sure have been on a roll lately. Nice tractor, pretty cool sister....
  12. I have been fortunate enough to have been on quite a few boats.. I'm from a Navy family having my Dad and a few brothers who served. Looking back it was a big mistake having not done so myself and I regret having not enlisted myself. I was able to go out on the destroyer USS King for family day while my brother served. What an awesome day. we steamed out for a few hrs. where we dropped anchor and had a family picnic of burgers and dogs with all the fixins prepared by the enlisted men on deck on big barbecues. We were able to wander around the boat all day and were able to go just about anywhere. I spent a lot of the day up on the bridge where I found the captain to be one of the nicest guys you'd ever meet and I was allowed to even sit in his chair! What an honor for a 14 yr. old kid at the time.. I also spent a good bit of time in the radar room. My brother Mike was actually the head in charge of the radar room. It was just a few yrs. later I got to repeat this entire experience of family day aboard my brother Dave's boat, the USS Eisenhower, (the Mighty Ike) an air craft carrier. Another great day at sea for me. Being able to watch the F-14's (if memory is correct) take off and land from such a close vantage point was something I'll never forget. Again, we were able to wander the boat all day long and go just about anywhere we wanted to go, and I certainly did. I've been on quite a few battleships, When I was a kid I also went on and toured the German sub, the U-505 which we captured at sea during WW2 and the submarine USS Nautilus in Groton CT.
  13. I'm a big fan of the old Wagoneers, Jeep pickups and the CJ's. I've owned 3 Cherokee Sports that were all great and my wife had a 2013 Wrangler. My every day is a 2002 Grand Cherokee that I've owned for over 10 yrs (a record for me) that has been a great vehicle. I bought it with 40,000 miles, it now has 200,000. it still looks good and I'd drive it anywhere. I've only had to do regular maintenance on it. Pretty hard too kill the 4.0 6 cylinder. I'm thinking of semi retiring my Grand Cherokee so my son Cole can have it to drive next year. I think I'll look for a low mileage Grand Cherokee, I know any quirks they have and you can find them reasonably priced.
  14. I came across this video of a Massey 16 a long time ago. Its pretty impressive how he has no ramming speed and is pushing the snow at low rpm, and that is a lot of snow... Its a good sized blade and he has the blade straight. I have no idea what the camera person is saying...
  15. But Craig you have the Magic Shed.... What more could a man want or need? Very nice shed Randy!