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    Antique and classic outboards and race boats. Working on and having fun with Wheel Horse's.
    My list of tractors is of Wheel Horse's I've owned, not what is currently in my stable. I don't want to lose track of what has been here!
  1. You ain't got one so its high time you get one.... or two.
  2. Sadly I can't make it this yr. but hopefully there is next year!
  3. That came out real nice. What colors did you use for the paint? They look like a perfect match. I have had many of the SS Suburban tractors. I had a blue one like yours that was a MINT low hr machine. It had the 12hp Techy on it and it was anything but gutless, it ran perfect. I wish I still had that one. Like Dennis said, I would agree that these tractors are under appreciated. I always have an eye out for another one...
  4. Congrats T-Mo! I have also been looking for a nice Cub for yrs. now. My brother had a few of them a few yrs. ago that were nice like yours. They have such a nice sound to them, almost pleasant sounding to the ear... Lots of fun to put to some work as well. Like a Wheel Horse they become a part of the family, I bet the elderly couple was very happy to see the Cub go to a good home.
  5. Looks like you got in a little seat time... Nice to see you didn't lose the whole tree. That looks to be a real nice C-161, and you have yourself a nice piece of property there.
  6. That is what I meant. You can take a stiff dried out seat that has no cracks in it yet and put it out in the hot sun and it will soften up some. Take that same dried out stiff un-cracked seat and sit on it when its cold and watch what happens.. Been there.
  7. I see them sell for 200 all the way up to 300 at the Big Show quite easily. Maybe guys are willing to spend more there? You don't have to deal with shipping and you get to tell everyone you didn't go home empty handed.... If I had a real nice original machine or a mint restored machine that is the seat I would be looking for. I myself would be hesitant to use it on a worker, once it starts to crack its just another seat.. Always nice to preserve what isn't being made anymore but that is just me... The damage to seats seems to be mostly done in the winter when the vinyl is stiff.
  8. If you aren't able to cut it out and weld in a patch then I would suggest using some liquid steel or the like. It comes in a tube in putty form. Follow the directions. Clean the area well top and bottom and push it up thru the bottom. You can work it to shape before it hardens and then sand it to your liking...
  9. The same could probably be said about the guys that ride around on little red tractors... There are some R/C guys out there that take it pretty serious... I'm not really one of them myself I'm just sayin... I kinda like to just sit back and watch the video's...
  10. Keep an eye on the rockers of that green machine Steve, you are a little over due for them turning to dust...
  11. If you can find these two products they are the best. I bought them from my upholstery guy..
  12. Congrats to you and your Grandson Ed! Now, I gotta ask... I was gonna ask the same question WHX11 did, glad I reread all the posts! Ya don't see red golf carts all that often, Coincidence?
  13. Nice Score! My 420 was in much worse shape than yours is now but it only had 300 or so hrs. on it. I took my time and spent months detailing it top and bottom with a little paint work also. It was my favorite tractor that I ever owned. Lots of fun to ride around on and a big time attention getter. Make sure you treat the leather with the best leather conditioner you can find, you really want to get some oils back into it...
  14. Very nice! So, I'm taking it the tractor is for sale for 25 bucks?