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    Antique and classic outboards and race boats. Working on and having fun with Wheel Horse's.
    My list of tractors is of Wheel Horse's I've owned, not what is currently in my stable. I don't want to lose track of what has been here!
  1. Grandpa's 753

    Yup, I'd leave that one alone. It looks real nice and has grandpa's finger prints all over it. Maybe a light clean up and a repaint of the rims. Of course, my opinion only.. If you can use it too push snow I think you'd be quite surprised at how strong a pusher it is.
  2. Grandpa's 753

    How about some more pictures? If that is the original paint I think I'd leave it alone...
  3. No Idea What I'm Doing!

    In my opinion your father in laws offer isn't too far off. Personally speaking I don't think your neighbor should have gotten involved and said your father in law is low balling you. That only creates family friction. Much has to do with how you and your father in law get along.....
  4. Value of 1965 lawn tractor

    No body gets bent over quite like us guys in CT. do, and that is a well known fact. As far as tractor prices go in CT.... There are a few guys in these parts that ask all the money but in most cases these particular sellers deal in mostly very mint and or rare machines. I think its the guys in the surrounding states to CT. that are payin the price.... I think the up and coming tractors that everyone is gonna be after is the nice original square hoods. They are plentiful and still affordable. Mikes Horsebarn's 855 at 750.00 (maybe even a little less) is a great deal. It looks to be a very nice restoration...
  5. 702 Appraisal

    Not this one.....
  6. Some will and some won't like it

    I have always liked them as well. Yours looks to be in real nice shape!
  7. WH Shed

    That's all you need now Craig. A magic lean to!
  8. As always, very nice work Aldon. I think its high time that you are officially declared our official "GT14 Specialist"
  9. Cheapest wheel horses

    I've hauled a few freebies myself... I think another question that can be asked is what is the most you have paid... I think I'll pass on that one.
  10. What's In Your Mirror?

    I wouldn't let that Series 1 issue bother you. As long as you aren't mowing on slopes or hill sides for an extended period of time it will probably last forever.
  11. 10 Cars You May Not Know About

    Yeah that Cop Special is pretty cool...
  12. Simpicity 725

    Pretty nice machine, looks like it would clean up real nice. My guess is it lost spark and it sat in the same spot till the tires rotted off. Pretty common for them old Briggs to develop spark issues. Very cool that it seems to have a complete tiller setup on it... It looks as though someone put a Cub Cadet 123 seat on it.
  13. SteveBo Riding A What?

    That can only be one person..... The one and only........
  14. Never change the oil? Right. Lawn mowers are operated in one of the dirtiest and dustiest environments one can think of. Dirt and crap always getting kicked up. That is why you are supposed to change your oil more often when used under extreme conditions. Besides, No oil filter = you better change your oil more often. I don't care what kind of oil you put in it... In my opinion this is a last gasp from Sears before the final nail is put in the coffin.