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  1. 1977 C-160

    Got the snow blower hooked up and used for the first time. Love it! Just like I remember it 20 years ago.
  2. K 341S Blows Dipstick

    Thanks for the input!! Can I get a replacement stick from Koehler or just the seal?
  3. Good deal for Electro 12?

    Found this for sale today. Not sure of year but everything works. They are asking $300. Any thoughts?
  4. K 341S Blows Dipstick

    Just finished all body work and got my dads 77 C 160 Automatic running after 6 years of sitting in a barn. She fires up nice but blows the dipstick out when it turns over. When I push it back down it stays sealed. Have pulled the breather there is oil laying in there. My small engine experience is limited to this project so I'm learning as I go.
  5. 1977 C 160 Automatic

    This was my dad's C 160 he bought when I was a kid. I learned to mow and blow snow with this. Was thrilled to get it out of the old garage where it was sitting, rusting, and waiting to be scrapped.