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  1. Hood ornaments....?

    Thank you all for the input. That last white design is mine. I will have one in copper and aluminum soon. Also am working on something akin to the one Glen was making. I will also be creating some custom stuff.
  2. Hood ornaments....?

    The new ones will still be printed but out of copper and/or aluminum. Some will be chromed, painted, and/or epoxied. Also there will be other designs with more "realistic" horse head/mane.
  3. Hood ornaments....?

    Is there only I "real" WH hood ornament or were there others?
  4. Hood ornaments....?

    What all hood ornaments are there for the horses? The only one I knew to be an original was the one in the first picture. Are there other types? If so can I please see a pic of an original one different than the one I have posted. P.S.- I am working on several different designs and materials. Would appreciate input on what designs WH owners would like. I have included a pic of one "rough draft" prototype design.
  5. B82

    I think I finally got it! Geee...I can be slow. This is a 1981 side discharge deck where Wheel Horse essentially took a rear discharge deck and modified it to be a side discharge by closing up the rear underneath, cutting a hole in the side, and putting a "chute" on it. The pics on PartsTree only show the rear discharge deck. I will order the two (out of the three belts necessary to make it function) and new WH/Toro wheels for the deck. All my other horses are horizontal shafts so this is my first adventure with a vertical shaft machine. It just so happens I picked up a B-81 with a rear discharge deck a few months ago out of a field which has a rear discharge deck that I think I will switch all these parts over to and then put it on this machine. I knew there was some purpose in picking up that old B-81 even though the engine was mostly dissembled and all tires were flat. Must be destiny! lol
  6. B82

    Thank you I found what you were referring to. I think I have discovered the basis of my confusion. The deck on this machine is a rear discharge 36" three blade, well sort of...if I could get your expert option about why this deck has a side shoot as well as a rear discharge and what can be done to eliminate the side shoot I would appreciate it. I'm not sure what or how the previous owner did or didn't do. When I look up the model number it shows the deck on the Toro site. Now more confused than ever, except I believe I found the correct belt sizes for this set up.
  7. B82

    Three belts for such a little horse!
  8. B82

    I appreciate the downloads and have looked them over. The belt I found was the one which goes from engine to the transmission (106518). This one is already on the tractor. I am missing the one which goes from bottom of engine pulpy to the top pulley on the deck and the belt which drives the blades on the deck. I do not find either of these listed here...confused!
  9. B82

    Does anyone know what drive belt and deck belt I need for the 1980 B 82? Also if anybody had pics of the drive belt installed I would appreciate it..... When I picked it up both belts were/are missing. Not entirely sure all the necessary hardware is under there either, however, it seems complete. Thank you in advance.
  10. C145 lift arm and axle bracket

    Axle bracket solved still looking for the lift chain, threaded eyelet "bolt" and nut, and the piece the threaded eyelet-ed bolt goes through on the upper lift pivot.
  11. C145 lift arm and axle bracket

    PM sent.
  12. C145 lift arm and axle bracket

    I am so sorry! I meant I need these for my C100....not my C145. Thank you for bearing with me.
  13. C145 lift arm and axle bracket

    Hello all, Am in search of parts for my latest adventure. I am looking for the rear axle bracket and lift arm for a plow. Also in desperate need of the lift arm for the mowing deck (maybe same as lift arm for plow?). The previous owner just put a chain between the lift pivot and the connection on the deck. Any assistance would be appreciated. Darren
  14. Dont know what I have...?

    I certainly will give er a try first. Thaks for the advice. Darren
  15. Dont know what I have...?

    Ok, great. Thanks for the information. I was going to take a saw to the bad one I want to remove and deconstruct it to learn more about how they attached it before I started in on trying to remove the good one from the parts tractor. Darren