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  1. Would you happen to have any of the following: P218 - Stator - Fuel pump - Coil
  2. Thank for the input guy! I will be picking mine up tonight. Any idea of what a used one is worth? It has some wear at the feet and the lift lever.
  3. I am looking at buying a cab for my 518h. I found one on a 310-8 but don't want to buy it if I can't make it fit. Has anyone ever used a cab from a 3 series on a 518h? I know that the 520h has the front swept axel and therefore uses a different cab but was hoping the 518 used the same as the 310.
  4. That looks to be the bearing plate. Part number is NN10008 or 101-0439-01. I am not sure how hard that as at the moment, but I would not wait to fix it at all. I located it in the Parts Catalog that you can got off from here.
  5. It has been completed. We only swapped the pump and linkage I believe. I will post some pictures of the actual tractor as soon as I have a chance to clean her up.
  6. I am all set as this is already installed on this transmission. Some animal had already cannibalized this poor 520 so the lift was already bypassed. Thanks though.
  7. Thanks for that info. I have all of that. I will post progress after this weekend.
  8. I do not know what is different to be honest. I read something was but didn't note down what it was.
  9. Good info!. Thanks for all of that. I wanted to try swapping just the transmission, but I was told that the gears do no match on those transaxles to that pump. I might open it up anyways to be sure. My 518H has a strong engine and is in great shape with little to no rust on it anywhere. I cannot wait to throw a blower on that beast and get back to work with it. We performed the valve service as suggested by a service guy here. We will be decarbonizing the heads before she goes back to work too. Got the new head gaskets ready and waiting. I will get some pics up of her as soon as I can.
  10. I am the proud owner of an 1988 Wheel Horse 518H. I have had the bad luck of the first snow fall the transmission overheated and failed. I was able to work out a deal with a buddy for a used Eaton 1100 with transaxle. The donner has bad mars on the axle where the previous owner before him had welded or something the keyways where the hubs sit. Since these are in great shape on my original, we were going to swap that out by cracking the transaxle first and replacing the damaged ones with the nearly perfect shape ones on the existing transaxle. Can anyone give me any suggestions on how this should go and any parts that I should order ahead so that I have them on hand (seals, bearings, etc...)? I know that the axle seals are bad on the 1100 transaxle, so I intend to replace them but have had a hard time locating the seals. I believe that there is a gasket on the transaxle that will be destroyed when separating the halves. Does anyone have the part numbers for these also? Can I use Permatex black on this seal to make sure that it never leaks or should I just use the gasket?
  11. I am in need of a Governor shaft for a K181S out of a Commando 800. Someone snapped the little flag off from mine.....(me) and now I have a dead engine torn apart. Anyone with a reasonable offer would be greatly appreciated.
  12. In need of a replacement for my Eaton 700 on my 518H that just started failing. Need both parts because the 1100 won't match up to my transaxle. At least not as far as I am aware.
  13. I have removed the points and it did not look dirty or wet. I have been avoiding dealing with this one a few days now as I am a bit frustrated and the 10hp Automatic 10 has been so much fun to plow with that I have not had time to look back to this one.
  14. Thanks for the replies and I will be testing SAVE OLD IRON's suggestion with my Multimeter. I did not have enough time tonight to test it, but I will try tomorrow. If I am unable to make that work, then I will probably take PaulC's suggestion and pick up that one off from Amazon. I need to deal with this before I ruin the engine that I just spent lots of time and money rebuilding. I did however get to enjoy plowing with it tonight as I think that it is not going to see that snow blower again. That blower was originally purchased for use on an 18hp 418-8 that my dad had stolen from him. I am not sure unless told otherwise, that a 10hp should be handling that snow blower. No lost oil this time either, but I did not use it at full throttle either. Half seemed more than enough to give my neighbors a nice snow bank to enjoy!