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  1. Oh, well I will just push them too
  2. Well, that makes me feel a bit better. Sometimes I get a little too angry at it and start flipping it off before I run it over. I may have issues. But, god does it feel better once I push that filthy white crap into a pile on the neighbors lawn.....
  3. But I do enjoy hitting snow as hard as I can and talking trash to it while on the Automatic 10. lol I cannot be the only one who does that.
  4. I am all set now unless you were not talking to me. The new housing fit really close. The nuts had to be threaded on to allow the hosing past the bolts because it was so tight. Tried snow blowing the banks with no issue yet.
  5. Fortunately I have 3 tractor supply stored within 50 miles of me so I usually don't have an issue locating them. Napa couldn't get these bearings supposedly because they didn't have access to the correct size, but I have little to no faith in the NAPA around here. You can just measure the shaft easily with a tape measure. I was not able to use the existing bearing because the shaft wrecked it because I did not catch it when the bearing started blowing out. Luckily Tractor Supply has a no issue return policy here so I just had to make a few stops to get it figured out.
  6. I just wanted to share with everyone that I was able to replace the original bearing that was 3/4" ID and 2" OD with one from Tractor Supply. The only thing I had to do was locate a replacement housing for the bearing, which happened to be located right next to the bearing. The holes line right up with the existing and the total cost was $20.The bearing was almost impossible to locate since I didn't want to spend $70+ for the wheel horse branded one. Part numbers are 11-95125(bearing) and 11-98409(housing). See the attached pictures for more information. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. The bearing being replaced was the upper on on the shaft that runs the chain.
  7. Need a pulley

    I have a 1973 wheel horse automatic 10 and the transmission belt tensioner pulley has failed. I cannot for the life of my locate the correct part number. I have reviewed the parts manual, but that is not listed anywhere. Would anyone know where I could look for this?
  8. Parts

    Any blade parts or blades?
  9. 518 runs odd once warm

    To all, it was working great all winter and summer until recent. I never thought to check the gas cap. I will check that and the fuel tank pet cock was replaced when all the other maintenance was done because it was leaking. I will update you all as soon as I can.
  10. 518 runs odd once warm

    I have a 518 with about 720 hours on it. The valves were adjusted at the beginning of summer, and hydro was replaced with an eaton 1100, fresh tune up including all fluids, plugs, oil filter, and fuel filter. She runs fine with no smoke at start and I can mow flat lawn for about 20 minutes before she starts to stutter. if you turn off the mower it gets better and you can mow again for a few minutes before it starts to stutter again. Now, I don't want to push my luck so I parked it and haven't done this more than 3 times now just to be sure it wasn't bad gas or a fluke. any suggestions on what this issue could be? Possible that the valve are out of adjustment again and need to be reseated?
  11. The Ultimate Horse is here soon

    That's a nice looking D series there. How does it run?
  12. Commando 8 belt info

    That's odd, I don't have a generator on mine at all. I have a 1971. May not be the original engine as I am not even the second owner. Is this supposed to have one on all models?
  13. Do duals pop wheelies more than single rears?

    I have this same issue with my K282 on an automatic 10 with a bored out engine. That thing will dump you hard and my buddies have all found that out on their own by not listening. I am the only one that hasn't been thrown from it. Is that machine a standard?
  14. Onan P218 on wheel horse 518h

    I have an Onan engine that seems to like to governor hunt. If I feed it a little choke it smooths out, but it smokes a little when I do that. I have already cleaned a carb thoroughly, replaced the carb with a know good one, took apart and resealed the intake, replaced all gas line, took apart and cleaned the fuel pump, replaced the vacuum hose for the fuel pump, replaced the bung on the gas tank, replaced the fuel filter, and I'm sure there is something more have done. She has 783 give or take a few hours. Valve adjustment was done by a buddy. Can anyone suggest something I might have missed? I did not replace the fuel pump as it looked good inside.
  15. Here is the video that he didn't upload. Video