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  1. Questions About Duals for 702

    Great input, keep it coming! Still looking for a source for aftermarket rear wheels, if they are available.
  2. Hey guys. I'm planning on putting duals on the 702 for my son this winter and wanted to get a jump on the project. I have been reading the past couple of days and have a few questions. Might as well ask the experts..... 1) Are there aftermarket wheels available? I have looked through several websites and cannot find any that seem to match stock. 2) Steel tube with flanges or spacer ring with bolts? I am pretty comfortable tackling any welding project, so the first is not a problem. The simplicity of the ring and bolts is very attractive though. Are there pros and cons to each? 3) What am I going to tear up? I have read a few posts on broken axles, but it does not seem too common. This little tractor is mainly a toy for my 8 yr old son. He rides it around the farm, through the woods, etc., monitored or course. There's uneven terrain, ruts, small gullies a creek, etc. He may pull a two wheel cart on occasion. During the summer, I cut 1/2 acre with it on occasion just to enjoy it. But it is not a real worker like some of yours. The duals are mainly for the cool look. Thanks for your help! Brian
  3. RMR-3262 Issues

    I am also getting a lot of discharge out of the front of the deck. I set the deck per the manual, 1/4" lower in the front than the rear. Side to side is good. To be honest, the rotation of the blades seems counter intuitive. Sitting on the mower, the right side rotates clockwise. The left is counter clockwise. It seems like it would be prone to force clippings out the front. Other than that, cut is great. Any advice is appreciated. ☺
  4. RMR-3262 Issues

    We've had the 702 for almost a month now. It is in pretty good shape so I have decided to mow with it a little. I have been going over the deck and noticed a little slop in the spindle. I can move it up and down a good 1/8 inch, maybe a hair more. Is this normal or should I be looking for a shim or bushing to replace? The gears seem to mesh nicely and there are no noises or vibrations in the deck. Thanks, Brian
  5. How far or not, have you gone for a Horse?

    #8 fuel injector went south and put me in limp mode.
  6. How far or not, have you gone for a Horse?

    750 miles round trip. Broke down 140 miles from home, so that was on a roll back. Made it a very long day. Hopefully a good story one day.
  7. 702 mower deck adjustment

    Perfect! Thanks for the link! Brian
  8. Can someone tell me the length of the front height adjustment bolt on the mower deck? The one on my deck seems to be a little too short. It is the bolt inbetween the two large rods for side to side leveling, pictured vertical in the attached, running between the white and red cross arms. http:// Thanks
  9. 702 Steering Gear

    New member, been watching for a long time. Recently purchased a 702. The little tractor is in great shape considering its age. The tractor is going to be a project for me and the kids to work on and play with. One problem that I have noticed so far is with the steering gear on the end of the steering shaft, part# 3917 bevel pinion. There is a missing, broken tooth. It is rotated such that it would rarely make contact, except for a full left turn. I weld, so I initially though I would weld it up and grind it back into shape. After pulling the gear off of the shaft, I noticed how thin the wall was and am concerned that welding on it may further weaken the gear. Any advice. Been looking for a replacement part for several hours with no luck. Thanks! 20150605_131536[1]