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  1. Mower Deck for 1971 GT14 1-0500

    thanks for the input Aldon...I'm just in the early stages of figuring out what I have purchased! Pretty neat little tractor...I'm anxious to see what all it can do.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm a proud new wheel horse owner having just purchased an oldie but a goodie, I'm already impressed and amazed at the ruggedness of these tractors and can't wait to put it to work........I'm Looking for a few accessories for a 1971 GT14 1-0500-6...specifically, i'm looking for a mower deck, dump cart and a snow blower....does anyone have any idea what part numbers I would need...also need an owners manual/maintenance manual for the 1-0500 but can't seem to find any for a 1971 GT14 in the downloads .... Does anyone know the differences between the 69 through 72 GT14's thanks for any info you could give!