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  1. HI All, Long time no chat - been away since I sold Barkey the 607, haven't found a replacement yet. A buddy calls me up and asks me to help ID his monstrosity...It's ugly, most likely a pulling machine and re-powered at some point. 3 coats of pain over the decals and anything useful for ID Basics: It's a 4 speed, electric start, appears to have had OEM lights once upon a time Vin tag info reads as follows 11BP01 (IN LARGE FONT) 03237 (smaller font) - I suspect this is the S/N 8046 - not sure if this is a model number or what My guess is it's 70's-80 based on the square hood and pedals, running boards and front attachment. Pics will be coming once I get them off my phone Any info would be helpful - even a point to a model number database. Cruising the manual downloads is futile based on the fact I don't know where to start. Thanks All Also - the hood has racing stripes hidden under the paint - not sure if they were added or OEM. This will never be a resto project but it's noce to know what it was before Dr Frankenstien got it... (EDIT - Pics added)
  2. I know , it's not RED

    Tug of war is awesome - will really tell you which one is a parts car... Despite the colors and numbers being goofy I think you have some good stock there.
  3. Just finished the lawn ranger

    Great job! Am I the only one to see the next project in the background? I'll bet $100 the answer is no...
  4. Oh I know the drill - if I still have it by the time the snow flies I'll have a nice return on investment. $50 in parts turns into $300 pretty quickly. Thanks All, glad you enjoyed.
  5. My neighbor pout out his old Ariens snowblower today - I went over a knocked on the door. We talked for a bit and I found out it's a 1979 model he bought new that was "stuck". The gentleman isn't the handiest guy so he just bought a new one, after 30 years he's got his money worth from it. Anyway, I pushed it home and tore into it. First things first, is it stuck? The first pull was hard but it broke free - sweet. How's the spark plug? Old and dirty for sure but not terrible, a quick hit with the wire brush and replace. Does it spark? No gas in the tank (it was pretty gunky in there) so I just used some start fluid - POP! Awesome. I checked the blades - 2 stage - awesome again. Everything seems to spin as it should. Great, it's worth my time. Off to the store for fuel line, lunch and a game plan. I spent the afternoon replacing the line, de-gunking the gas tank basic puttering on it The line was a pita and I had to take off all the covers, only popped one bolt head - no biggie. Got it all back together finally and splashed in some gas with Sta-bil & Sea Foam in the mix (per directions for each). Pull the choke, hit the prime, turn the switch and pull - KBRoooooooooooooooom! Success! Some light tweaking of the carb screw on the bowl and it's purring. All systems appear to be fully operational. I suspect the 120V electric starter was the culprit for the original owner. Later this week I'll change drive belts, the oil and spark plug and list it for sale. 1979 Ariens 24" 2 stage blower, 8hp Tecumseh engine with tire chains. What would you pay for one that's has a full tune up?
  6. The rust colored water reminds me of the "coffee" I'd drink in high school - glad to see you're keeping a family piece in the yard. Good luck - many here will point you in the right direction. I loved you in "The 'Burbs".
  7. At Long Last.

    I've got it right now and if I had to name it I'd call it Frustration - the Tecky carb is what's doing it to me - well the whole engine really... Anyway - the gray caps I got off CL but the chrome caps came with it so those will be leaving when the machine does. I've been applying RuGlyde once a week or so and it's helping. The metal looks to be about 3 different colors and there's honest wear on it. The front bearings are new and I put the wheels on backwards for some reason. I installed a new brake shoe and had intentions of stickers, etc. but working with Gary on this I know he's gonna get 10x what I would from the project so it will be going to him hopefully next week. In the meantime I'm looking for a replacement - something in the medium frame or round nose variety, 32"-36" deck due to storage constraints. I've seen some great machines for sale here but transport from mid-PA to MA looks challenging. Is there a "train" network to help get machines from one state to another? I'm glad you guys like the machine, I do too but I think helping Gary complete a set is a good enough reason for me to move it along.
  8. Extremely clear old photos:

    I'm down the line from Magnolia Station - gonna have to take a ride and see what it looks like now. There's more than a few of those old depots still standing.
  9. Hi everyone,

    Hi and welcome on!
  10. old rivals

    And keep up posted when you start racing...
  11. Tractor Rides

    Our neighbors have named theirs Gordon - I pronounce it "Gor-don" CB loads or 22 short are about the same noise, trajectory and so on...just saying. My situation prohibits me from using such "high speed lead poisoning" techniques but I like the style. I'm limited to air propulsion and prefer the Crossman America Classic in 177 flavor since my Crossman 357 detonated - short range only... There are no "Reds" nearby to keep out of the shed but there's a few "black & white Stripes" around - the gray tree rats are not a problem - no "racing stripes" aka Chippers either. Not here, not yet. If I were serious about some fruit - the raspberries would have netting etc. - I'd plant a pear, an apple and a different apple tree and plock a hammock down and just keep things in order using a 177 single stroke like I was 8 years old again...
  12. old rivals

    Do the math: pound for pound tractor + deck + driver = total weight engine HP per pound = ? All you had to do was stand on the pedals and lean forward... Get some rear chains, a deck and a cup holder - loser buys the beverages.... Also - That's nice vintage CC he's got there - good on both Y'All for being into old tractors.
  13. Well I have a 607 6 = HP on the engine and a crack at the manufacturer 0 = manual start (5 = it's electric, bogey oogey oogey oogey - for those of you that get that joke) 7 = year of manufacture That said there's a lot of clues you don't know you have yet - If I may speak as a new guy around here. Oh - Welcome to RS! So much info here it hurts the brain at times but these guys are most excellent when it comes to info. I used to have a TJ too - miss that machine...greatly Start taking pictures of the dashboard, the engine, the attachments and so on. Are there areas that are painted over that look like a decal was there? Could be a clue - and so on.
  14. With 2 food events listed, it's hard to not go - I'll check with my "planning board" - Saturday would be the only option for me.
  15. Pics of my RJ35

    Love it - mis-matched tires, mis-matched colors on the metal, mis-matched tire sizes - awesome, makes you happy that's all it needs to do. BTW - my wife loves the yard - (Yes I show her cool pics from here) - Hostas, trees, etc. - works all around.