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    upstate new york by heart live in missouri
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    wheel horse tractors attachments.older cars trucks and harleys ;i restored a old 1978 sporty.like to go back restoring the horses as theres nothing like a horse wheel horse of course
  1. the proper way to hook up cables

    well i figured out the problem with my cable problem as it was that after all.i for got to hook the wire from the amp gauge to the solinoid it starts just fine / :thumbs:
  2. the proper way to hook up cables

    well i did something i shouldnt had done i removed my 8 horse kohler from the tractor to some cleaning ;the motor and the frame was really nasty underneath thats part of restoring .anyways i have it back on the frame and thought i hooked the cables up the way they came off total 3 wires in all i unhooked but now after i put them back to where i thought they should be the thing wont start i turn the key and nothing not even the head lights will come on so it sure would nice to have someone here explain if they could or a diagram i hooked the positive side of the battery to the right side of the solinoid and the pos side of the coil and negitive as well thats the only ones i unhooked so why would it turn over if i jump it with a pair of pliers it turns over ;if anyone could help you can send a reply thur my e-mail /i sure would appreciate ;guess i waited to long to hook it back up but due to the cold and ice here /thanks dean
  3. Welcome to RedSquare (21-Feb-2008)

    new member here have to say what a great site for all of the guys who enjoy the horses wheel horse of course /starting to collect them again and restore /wanted to say hi to everyone heres one of 2 that i have the 2nd one i have is a raider 6 speed as well with a 8 horse kohler;sorry no picture of that one .it came with 2 mower decks nice shape for the year no rot or rust and a plow.couldnt go wrong with the price .the decks are both the rear discharge.the one posted as you can see is the side discharge /would sure like to have a few more as i did years back 6 in all with most attachments. my favorite was an automatic which i am looking for .again what a great site to be a member of ;have a great day guys and enjoy your horses.i do Attached Image