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  1. Welcome!

    My name is Tyson Schindler and I also saw that ad. I'm in San Antonio and I also collect and modify these tractors. I have a growing collection and if you need any help just give me a call. 210-660-9509.

  2. You can remove the clips and buy the u-shaped door edge guard at your local auto parts store. Cut pieces and apply to hub cap. The newer rims have a concaved lip for the bead lock and the door edge snaps snugly into that grove.
  3. 23x10.5x12 Tires Won't Fit Stock Rims

    Discount Tire had to use a TurboBlast bead seating system to get an extra air burst between the tire and rim to help seat stubborn beads. I had several ATV tires mounted and they had to this air gun to stretch the bead to seal. I have those tires as well and the side walls are stiff. For those of us that have done this ourselves, a ratchet strap around the center of the tire helped bulge the sidewalls out to make contact with the rim. Tyson
  4. 23x10.5x12 Tires Won't Fit Stock Rims

    As far as rim width is concerned, the 7" width is what is listed on page 15 of Carlisle's .pdf catalog on their web site. http://www.carlisletransportationproducts.com/product/tires/lawn-garden-golf/Ti11 The ideal width would be 8.5" to keep the sidewalls flatter but it is not required. As Sparky stated, there will be 3/4" less space between your tire and gas tank that you will have to take into account. (Mounted Dia.= 23.3", Mounted Width = 10.4", Rim Width = 7.00") Tyson
  5. I've killed my red horse

    I just did a search on Google Images for "108 Wheel Horse rear engine" and came across a Toro Wheel horse 108-3 for sale. It is a 8hp B&S rear engine rider, with bagger, 30" deck 3-speed for $299 There is a picture with the model number visiable that reads 108-3. http://www.husqvarna.com/us/homeowner/deal.../used-products/ Hope this helps. Tyson
  6. hy-6 lift manual

    Hello, I've found this web link with .pdf files of Wheel Horse attachments. There is a .pdf of the Wheel Horse Service Bulletins 1961 - 1990: #87 Issued: December 1967 Use of HY-6, PT-6 and AC-675 on 1968 Models http://cid-35a8c5385e6f22c4.skydrive.live....0%7C0%20Engines This link has been very useful. Thanks! Tyson
  7. HY-3

    Check out this web link. This link is full ot Wheel Horse Attachments in .PDF format. http://cid-35a8c5385e6f22c4.skydrive.live....0%7C0%20Engines The HY-2 & HY-3 are listed along with their service bulletins. Thanks! Tyson