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  1. Created this with my CAD program, thought it might be helpful to other folks. CaptBob
  2. Subsoiler

    sawhorse, Sent you an email and a PM about your subsoiler. CaptBob
  3. C-141 rear lift cable question

    Don1977, Many thanks compadre. CaptBob
  4. C-141 rear lift cable question

    I'm looking to replace the jury rigged rear lift cable on my 79 C-141. Toro wants around $60 for the part. I picked up a couple of stainless steel wire rope terminals and some wire rope at Harbor Freight: http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/Disp...temnumber=96899 http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/Disp...temnumber=97192 http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/disp...temnumber=97514 The nut terminal was on clearance and rang up at only 1 cent! I paid $18.35 with tax for all the above stuff. Could someone please measure thier rear lift cable at the points indicated on attached pic CaptBob
  5. Looking for a rear lift cable for my 79 C-141, part #105542 CaptBob
  6. whfan74, Many thanks compadre. I had looked at Redo Your Horse and could not find them. Called and spoke with Terry and he walked me through the navigation to find his C-141 decal set. He said he needed to update his website. Your Pard in Wyoming, CaptBob
  7. Thinking about repainting my 79 C-141 Automatic looking for a decal set for her. CaptBob
  8. New member from Colorado

    Colorado, What part o Colorado do you hail from? I call Cheyenne, Wyoming home. CaptBob
  9. Battery on my 79 Wheel Horse C-141 (with Kohler 321 engine) would not charge because the regulator rectifier (Toro part #101450) was fried. I picked up a aftermarket replacement on Ebay for $39.80 shipped. It's made in China, works like a champ, and bolts into original holes. Also has a place on the back to mount a separate ground wire if you wish to. Hope this helps. CaptBob Here's a link: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/KOHLER-REGU...d=p4506.c0.m245
  10. Bad day

    bo dawg, Sorry to hear about your busted Horse, don't beat yourself up about it compadre, stuff happens and we learn from it. I'll tell you the same thing I told my lovely wife of 31 years when she rolled our 2002 Explorer back in March...It's just a machine and machines can be replaced people can't. Explorer was trashed but she walked away from it with just a couple of minor cuts and bruises. She said it was like being in a fair ride but not as quite as pleasant due to all the broken glass swirling about n such. I had a 3 wheeler land on me back in the 80's in Alaska. I started up a steep embankment off a frozen river. Front wheel came off the ground, and the next thing I remember was a Honda Big Red laying on me. Durn thing dislocated my hip and wouldn't start again. had to ride 10 miles back up the river laying across back rack of my buddies 3 wheeler. He winched me n his bike up the embankment sos he could take me to the hospital. Hope your feeling better. CaptBob
  11. C141 snow/dozer blade

    can whlvr, I would be interested in seeing how you did a solid link as well. I was thinking of using "Height Control Rod part #110653" in place of the chain lift when using the dozer blade on my C-141 Automatic CaptBob
  12. Looking for detailed pics and dimemsions of a Wheel Horse Idler Guard Part # 108642 sos I can fabricate one for my 79 C-141. I have included a highlighted pic of the part from my tiller manual. CaptBob
  13. I'm going to order several parts for my 79 Wheel Horse C-141 Automatic. It looks like mowparts.com has the best price I have found so far ($76.50) on a 101450 Regulator-Rectifier I need. Has anyone done bussiness with these folks? CaptBob
  14. I recently purchased a 1979 Wheel Horse C-141 Automatic garden tractor. It came with a 42" Rear Discharge Mower Deck model # 95-42MR01, a 42" Dozer Blade model # 96-42BC01, and a 36" Tiller model # 87-36TL01. I'm missing the idler belt guard that attaches in front of the right right foot rest when the tiller is installed. Anybody have a spare one for sale? CaptBob Here's a pic of the part I'm looking for from my tiller manual
  15. I have a Wheel Horse 79 C141 garden tractor. I found a Wheel Horse two stage snowblower model #79361 in the Craigslist, it had been installed on a 94 Wheel Horse 520 would this snowblower fit my tractor? Thanks, CaptBob