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  1. I am going to look at a 312A tonight. Will probably be parting it out. The guy has been mowing with it so I know the transaxle at least works. Let me know if you are interested in the transaxle  I will make you a great deal


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        I checked out the 312A tonight, however I did not like the way the transaxle worked. It was hanging up in reverse, which could have been a linkage issue, but I was not sure. It did not have the deck I was looking for so I did not purchase it. I am located in Michigan, if you want a link to this particular Wheelhorse, let me know and I will send you the link

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      What was the owner asking for this and if you could please send me the link so I can check it out.



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      He wants 450 for tractor deck and snow thrower http://grandrapids.craigslist.org/for/5589669791.html

  2. JAinVA Can you give me the exact model number of the Eaton 1100 series that you have on your 312A please? Looking on Eatons website there are quite a few choices. Also as the 1100 is intended to drive auxiliary equipment what have you done with the inlet and outlet ports? Thanks,
  3. Looking for any help that can be provided in terms of replacing my Eaton 700-015 Hydro on a 1986 312-A tractor to a heavier duty Eaton 11 Hydro motor. Any one have any ideas on the struggles that I might face in terms of adapting the 11 to fit the gear case where the 7 mounted, also the issue with linkages would be an issue? Also in terms of purchasing an Eaton 11 is there perhaps an alternative to go with such as a sundstrand Hydro that would be a better choice? The current Eaton 700-015 is toast and I have to do something so any ideas are helpful. A new Eaton 7 is going to cost anywhere from $800.00 - $975.00 depending where I get it from. Thanks.
  4. I have just purchased a 36" 7-1252 rototiller to go on the back of my 71-12K801 C-120 8 speed tractor. The tiller came with the front idler assembly but I am missing the lift cable, the assist spring, the tension spring for the front idler and the rock shaft to lift the tiller. Most of the stuff I can probably figure out but can anyone assist me with the length of the lift cable, the strength and size of the lift assist spring and also the length and strength of the tension spring for the front idler assembly? I have a dealer that has a lot of old wheel horse part but they are not labeled and I need to know the exact length of the cable to match it up to what he has. The size of the correct drive belt would also be helpful. Thanks from a new horse tiller owner..
  5. Usually this transmission is turned the other way from the configuration that I have in my tractor that would put this plug and the intended use of the port (for an expansion tank) on the top instead of the bottom. On the opposite side of the transmission (on my machine and facing up) is the normal smaller 1/4 NPT drain plug, again on my machine configuration this 1/4 port is used for the expansion tank. It really does not matter what configuration the transmission is in it will work fine either way as long as there is room for oil expansion.
  6. To end all the disucssion and to provide a fix that worked I am posting again to thank you all for the help you have provided. ennys502 actually supplied me with the keys to this mystery as he came up with the part number for the part (shown on right below) that will replace the original part (on left) Local toro dealer could not find this part Toro #112621 as Dennys502 had stated and was correct. It had to be ordered as Toro Part #112621 and I paid a little over $16.00 dollers including shipping. Seen in attachment on the left is the old part and on the right is the new part. As you can see the reason for needed replacement is that the threads are left hand and the previous owner probably did not know the threads where left hand and unintentionally tried to turn it counterclockwise to remove the cap. This resulted in the damage to the sealing surface and the mangled hex used to spin this off. The hole that is in the old part is my misguided attempt to provide a means of removal by drilling a hole, tapping it and adding a bolt with a nut on the inside to provide purchase point for removal. This worked to screw and unscrew but the damage to the sealing surface was far too severe to reuse the old cap and it kept leaking even with the flat cut o-ring that is used. The new part works great and does not leak. Thanks go out to all especially Dennys502. . horse.docx
  7. The problem has been solved by my local toro dealer, thaks to all that have tried to assist. If anyone has a pdf manual of the Eaton model 7 Transmission and Wheel Horse transaxle that would be extremely helpful. Thanks.
  8. The problem has been solved by my local toro dealer.
  9. There is not a problem with the transaxle, the problem is with the drain plug on the Hydrostatic transmission and it definitly is a white Plasic piece that IS left hand thread. There is no nomentclature within the Parts manual that indicates this drain but, rest assured there is one there on my tractor and its leeking like a sieve. The transaxle is well covered in the Tractor manual but there is limited information for the parts on the Eaton hydrostatic transmission. Shown Below it would be part #1 on page 29-30 of the attached PDF. Just an Update for all, I contacted my local Toro Dealer and they said they can still order this part for less than $20.00 (one is now on order for me), I am hoping that this is true and I can get on with my restoration project. Eaton Hydrostatic transmission.pdf
  10. The transaxle itself is leaking from the drain plug, I cleaned the area up really good and stuffed a rag under the drain plug, left it and when I came back later it was covered in oil, I believe that because the plastic plug is left hand treah someone mistakingly turned it counterclockwise and deformed the seat area where it make contact with the flat o-ring. This I believe is where the leak is. I cant get it any tighter as the hex has been all rounded over from someone in the past using a pair of channel locks on it. The only option that I have is to just replace the cap.
  11. Thank you, I am very new to this adventure in Wheel Horse and I still have not figured out the best way of getting information in regards to model number versus serial number. I checked with a local toro dealer and he lookd it up as well, you are correct in that I was wrong labeling it a C-120A when it is a 312A. I do have another older 1977 Wheel horse that I am also restoring that I believe is a C-120 but that has the 8 speed transmission. (71-12K80) I have an even older one that I am unsure what to do with as well that one is a 10 HP (1-0470) not sure what year? Thanks for the clarification.
  12. Thank you Diesel for the clarification i also followed up with the Model number in case there may be any confusion on my part. Model#21-12KE01
  13. This is indeed a 1986 C-120 Model #21-12KE01 and it has an eaton Model 7 Hydrostatic transmission with a left hand thread drain plug that I am looking to replace.
  14. I have a 1986 C-120A that I am working on restoring and have looked every where but here for parts for the hydrostatic transmission. I purchased the tractor and attempted to drain the oil from the hydrostatic transmission. Finding the cap all torn to pieces from people trying to unscrew it in the normal Counterclockwise direction I assumed it to be left hand thread and managed to remove it by means of driving a punch into it and turning it out in the correct direction. After removel I can see that previous attempts at removel have resulted in the cap being forced down to hard and the sealing surface no longer makes contact even with the flat o-ring present and the transmiission leaks oil like a sieve. My question is where do i find a new or replacment cap, I believe the part number from Eaton is 112621 however this yields no results in toro's parts lookup. Any assistance would be helpful. Thanks