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  1. Why am I so careless?

    For the bruising, start taking a 320 mg aspirin daily until they fade. Prevents clots
  2. 520 club members!

    And it appears 2,000 is the sweet spot, with peak torque and power out, with minimal power loss.
  3. Xi series single stage 42" blower

    PM Sent
  4. Happy Birthday WVHillbilly520H

    Happy birthday
  5. Ag tire chains

    If that is the case, why do my chains scratch up the driveway? Chains will help with ags, but probably will work better with turf tires. But if you aren't in the mood to buy new tires, they do help, but they will scratch up the driveway if you spin
  6. My 522xi Facebook Find

    Wow, I was impressed with the turn radius of the xi series, so Kubota must really turn a tight circle.
  7. 520xi Purchase

    Do you hear the PTO click, and it just doesn't turn, or is it not even clicking on? I bet someone rigged the reverse safety switch. The light is normally on after you turn the override key. If you can mow in reverse without doing anything first, then the override is on. Yeah, the bumper cover doesn't seem to last long. The headlight lenses seem to be an issue as well.
  8. My 522xi Facebook Find

    That looks like a 52" deck, gotta be worth $300 to $400, the weights, tires, etc. Even if the engine were seized you could part it out and make a lot of money.
  9. Dont change oil (???!!!!!???) Read on

    I figured it burned it so fast you didn't have to worry about changing it, since it is mostly new oil from all the topping off.
  10. 522xi PTO clutch

  11. XI PTO Clutch

    This one seems to be a Warner 5218-23 for $270 https://www.jthomasparts.com/5218-23-clutch
  12. 520xi

    I haven't been able to find a used one.
  13. welding table

    VERY nice setup.
  14. western N.Y. suppliers/ enthusiast

    I'm in Grand Island. I'm not the collector though, he is around the corner from me. I have a C165 that I might be willing to part with.