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  1. Loader for 520H

    It appears you found and replied to a post from 2012. I'm not sure what else you are confused about
  2. Has anyone seen a swing sawmill up close?

    Just the weight of the log, but they do sell a dogging accessory
  3. Snow Plow Install

    Mine worked great on my 520 before I put the extension kit on. I did have to turn the handle backward, and space it out with some washers, but it worked great, didn't hit, and the throw was easy from the seat. And it never hit the front tires with swept axle. After the kit, I have to lean around to turn the blade to the left, and the handle almost hits the PTO. I think I may take the kit back off.
  4. Has anyone seen a swing sawmill up close?

    Thanks guys, I am walking pretty well now, but still taking it easy on the ankle. Doctor visit tomorrow and X-Rays. Hopefully I am done.
  5. Has anyone seen a swing sawmill up close?

    The pivot point would be exactly half of the dia. of the blade plus 1/16 inch to create the step on the wood
  6. Has anyone seen a swing sawmill up close?

    There are 6, 8, 10, and 12" models. The 12" can cut 11" x 12" beams by double cutting. 12" x 12" cutting normal. The 6" uses either a 3 HP electric motor, or a 13 HP gas engine. . That isn't a bad idea, assuming the HP and torque is available. I'll look into that. I was able to find the gearbox. I think there is a model 215f that may have dual outputs, I'm not sure.
  7. New Shop

    I actually started to get dressed to go search and see what was up, and the power came back on within 5 minutes.
  8. Has anyone seen a swing sawmill up close?

    It will probably be next summer before I start it. I haven't said anything, but I broke both bones in my leg at the ankle in July. I've just started to walk again without crutches. Spent a while in a wheelchair, then crutches, then a walking boot. I'm a member of the titanium club now. I might be pain free enough by summer to start something. I was just able to put my snow blade on the 520H yesterday, though I paid for it today. I have been really sore today. I'll also have to convince my wife I can cut down trees again, since I was trimming one on a ladder when this happened. Slipped coming down the ladder, was falling backward and was afraid I would end up paralyzed, so I jumped about 6 feet down. Unfortunately, I hit wrong. Still better than my back or neck. My dad worked in sawmills all his life, and they used circular saws, but I don't know if they moved the log around. I'll have to ask my brother, he worked in one for a while too. I stacked lumber for a day and said never again. Hardest work I ever did as a kid, and I did farm work all my life until I left home.
  9. Has anyone seen a swing sawmill up close?

    You can double cut. Edge, cut to the max limit, edge the other side and cut to that limit, as long as the log is small enough. They also have an attachment that replaces the blade with a chain saw bar and chain (made for the sawmill) that cuts wide planks. But for what I need, the saw is enough, I don't need anything other than dimensional lumber for building. If I could duplicate one of these, I could mill trees from my own woods to build myself a barn. I'm impressed with how quickly @wallfish figured that out. That has to be how it works. And way simpler than my ring and bevel gears idea. I said pinion eralier, I don't think that was correct. Edit, after looking, my idea was one large bevel gear with smaller bevel gears on the input and output shafts. But I couldn't figure out how to implement the swinging part and keep the gears meshed correctly.
  10. Has anyone seen a swing sawmill up close?

    So you are saying they are swiveling the gear box on the horizontal shaft with the pulley attached, which makes the vertical shaft rotate 90 degrees? Makes sense. I think we have a winner. Now to find a gear box that doesn't change speed. One cut edges, the other cuts the board. The biggest benefit is the log never moves. No flipping, squaring, etc. Just cut boards (of the exact size you need, not full width of the log) until there is nothing left. With a band saw mill, you cut one side, flip 90 degrees, repeat, repeat, then you Have a square log to cut into boards
  11. Has anyone seen a swing sawmill up close?

    No, just two guards. If you watch a video, it swings the blade 90 degrees. This one is automatic, but same saw head
  12. Snow Plow Install

    Somewhere here is a post with measurements. I am confused now though, this first one shown in this link is bent differently than mine, mine is like the one near the bottom in the truck bed. Maybe Lowell will sell you just a handle. At least I think this is Lowell's site https://www.wheelhorsepartsandmore.com/brackets-linkages.html This is what mine looks like. Minus Ed Kennels spacer solution. I used a few washers, his solution is much nicer.
  13. Building a FEL if Possible

    I agree. The only advantage I see would be rust, but aluminum does corrode, it just corrodes into a fine white powder, so I'm not sure how much of an advantage it would be. It would be more expensive, and compared to steel, getting the same strength would probably require so much aluminum as to negate a weight advantage.
  14. Snow Plow Install

    My handle has 2 bends in it. I've never seen a straight one, but I'm no expert