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  1. Ditch embankment mower

    I wish I had seen that a few years ago! I could have saved the $1800 I paid to have my ditch filled in.
  2. Serious East Coast Weather Alert

    Woke to about 8" of wet heavy snow here just north of Buffalo.
  3. Predator 22 HP

    I'm thinking about it. Bought this sleeve and key already https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00T8KT6QW/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  4. We Lost A Great Member and Friend

    Sorry for your loss. I never met him, but enjoyed reading his posts.
  5. No response to Raider 12 purchase

    I'm starting to think it is some kind of scam. It just doesn't make sense.
  6. Interesting photobucket issue

    ad block plus is your friend. Install it, and use it. You can thank me later I saw a chain saw winch on a TV show (life below zero) that looked similar.
  7. 520H engine blew out valve seat

    I found this while searching for specs. I know nothing about them http://shop.kustomlawnandgarden.com/Rebuilt-ONAN-P220-20HP-engine-remanufactured-core-required-ReboP220.htm
  8. 522xi with 60” deck

    Thanks, it's slow going, but it gets stronger every day. I can walk fine, but I'll have to unload the blower by myself, so I didn't want to try it until it was stronger.
  9. 6-1131/1141 54" & 56" blade question

    I use a clevis pin and R clip.
  10. 522xi with 60” deck

    I have a 522xi with loader, and a New Holland GT22, which is a 522xi with no power steering. Toro made them for NH, as Jeff said. I have a 60", 54", and 48" deck, 2 stage blower, and I picked up a single stage blower but I have not been able to get it here from my son's house. I think my ankle is finally strong enough, as soon as the weather breaks, I'll take a trip out to his house and pick it up. I think I am going to sell all my classic tractors and attachments except one 520H to use for pulling trailers, etc. The 522xi is a great tractor.
  11. sinngle stage CL score!

    I wonder if you could mount wheels instead of skids and get it to ride an inch or so above the surface?
  12. No response to Raider 12 purchase

    Not worth the hassle. I'm the new guy, and he is a long time member and vendor. Plus, he didn't defraud or deceive, just refunded my money and went silent. It would have been the professional thing to communicate what the issue was. No big deal, I will just never deal with him again. Mostly, I just thought it was weird
  13. No response to Raider 12 purchase

    I had the same thing happen with a member here. Bought the goods, paid for them, suddenly they refunded my money with no explanation at all, even when I messaged them here and asked why. This was direct with the seller, not ebay.
  14. 520 xi shutting down

    In my case, the contacts inside the switch were all rusted. The symptoms were exactly as listed. It was right after my broken axle, and I was teaching my wife how to start and use it. I got frustrated thinking she was doing something wrong. I finally hopped over and figured out it was the switch
  15. The part number I show above fit my tiller, and it is 141"