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  1. Hydrostatic surging while turning

    You definitely need to remove the right rear tire and adjust the neutral position, as Jeff said. I need to as well, hoping to do it tomorrow. I also ordered a smart turn disable kit
  2. Hydrostatic surging while turning

    Careful, I found this: http://www.mytractorforum.com/13-toro-wheelhorse-forum/309857-5xi-smart-turn-bypass-kit-why.html
  3. Rest in Peace JimD

    Sorry to hear this. RIP
  4. Bent tie rod, how to remove?

    I wonder if smart steer has anything to do with it. It is weird how easy it bent. It was a lot of work to straighten, both times.
  5. Bent tie rod, how to remove?

    Did that and still couldn't get it off. I took the tie rod off at the steering shaft end and was just barely able to get the front end off by turning the wheel all the way left. It was bent just a little. Straightened it all out, put it back on, carried 4 bucket loads of mulch and on the 5th bucket, it bent again, worse than before. I have a new one coming, so hopefully it is a bit stronger. This time it bent when the left front wheel hit the pile of mulch. It should have driven right over, hopefully it is just because the rod was weakened. It is really hard to drive like this.
  6. Bent tie rod, how to remove?

    Actually, looking at the drawing, if I get the back end off, and I think I can, then I should be able to turn the wheel to clear the spindle. May not be as hard as it looks.
  7. Bent tie rod, how to remove?

    I tried that, but couldn't get #8 steering arm loose, was afraid I was going to break something. The end of the ball joint is sitting right over the spindle, so I either have to remove the steering arm, or turn the wheel enough to get the bolt past the spindle, and couldn't do either. I'll try again tomorrow, it broke right at the end of the day, and I didn't have much time to mess with it. If I can get that end loose, then I can get the other end off and pull it out and straighten it. And possibly strengthen it, it bent when I was backing up and the wheel went into a hole
  8. Bent tie rod, how to remove?

    I misread which end you meant, see below.
  9. Bent tie rod, how to remove?

    I was trying to figure out how to separate the ball joint, as the way it is ben't, I can't get the end out at the spindle. I'm going to have to straighten it enough to move the wheel so I can get the end off.
  10. Bent tie rod, how to remove?

    I think I answered my own question, they do not appear to come apart.
  11. I bent a tie rod on my 522xi. How do these ball fittings come apart? I don't have a small enough ball joint fork, and I'm not sure if that is how they come apart anyway
  12. My trial of the Ruth Stout method

    For comparison
  13. "What's it worth?" 5 tractor mega deal!

    I don't think it will.
  14. It can happen

    The ones I got were all magnified, the entire lens. There really isn't a time that I don't need the readers if I need safety glasses. I can't see much of anything closer than 3 feet without them, and if it is farther than that, I probably don't need safety glasses. I do have a few plain pairs just in case
  15. It can happen

    I stopped using them because they kept tossing wires at me. While we are on the topic of safety glasses, since most of us seem to be getting older.... Amazon carries safety glasses that are also readers. If anyone needs a link I can link the ones I bought, they are relatively inexpensive and work great. I bought one pair that just had a reader part like bifocals, and they gave me a headache