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  1. New to me loader

    That is a really nice loader. Was it even used? The paint doesn't even look scratched
  2. Chute extension crank/handle for snowthrower

    Thanks. Another of my projects in waiting is building a cab, and I will need to make one. I really need a barn so I can work on stuff like this in the winter...
  3. Good bye to an old friend

    These helped me a bit, maybe they will help you too.
  4. Chute extension crank/handle for snowthrower

    How long is the extension? Looks like about a foot
  5. Good bye to an old friend

    Sorry for your loss. It is definitely not easy. After my last one died, I don't think I will ever be able to have another, it was just too hard. I took my daughter's cat because her boyfriend is allergic and she was going to move in with him. I figured it is just a cat, I won't be as attached as I was to the dog. But the cat had other plans. She follows me like a puppy. I think she decided she was my cat because I am home a lot during the day, being self employed. I am going to be heartbroken all over again when she goes.
  6. Yep. Also check CL. You may even find one for free just to get it up out of the basement. I would give mine away if someone would carry it upstairs. LOL
  7. 854 snowblower

    If the hard drive is still readable, you can pull the pictures off it
  8. Loader for 520H

    It appears you found and replied to a post from 2012. I'm not sure what else you are confused about
  9. Has anyone seen a swing sawmill up close?

    Just the weight of the log, but they do sell a dogging accessory
  10. Snow Plow Install

    Mine worked great on my 520 before I put the extension kit on. I did have to turn the handle backward, and space it out with some washers, but it worked great, didn't hit, and the throw was easy from the seat. And it never hit the front tires with swept axle. After the kit, I have to lean around to turn the blade to the left, and the handle almost hits the PTO. I think I may take the kit back off.
  11. Has anyone seen a swing sawmill up close?

    Thanks guys, I am walking pretty well now, but still taking it easy on the ankle. Doctor visit tomorrow and X-Rays. Hopefully I am done.
  12. Has anyone seen a swing sawmill up close?

    The pivot point would be exactly half of the dia. of the blade plus 1/16 inch to create the step on the wood
  13. Has anyone seen a swing sawmill up close?

    There are 6, 8, 10, and 12" models. The 12" can cut 11" x 12" beams by double cutting. 12" x 12" cutting normal. The 6" uses either a 3 HP electric motor, or a 13 HP gas engine. . That isn't a bad idea, assuming the HP and torque is available. I'll look into that. I was able to find the gearbox. I think there is a model 215f that may have dual outputs, I'm not sure.
  14. New Shop

    I actually started to get dressed to go search and see what was up, and the power came back on within 5 minutes.