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  1. I am in search for a nicely running and driving 854, 702, or 753 that needs no mechanical work. I am looking for one that has paint on it, a spray bomb paint job doesnt matter Id just want it to have paint on it and no surface rust, if you guys no what I mean, Ill post a pic as an example. Let me know! thanks. If it's a bare tractor with no attachments id still be very interested
  2. @stevebo I wet sanded some spots down with 400 grit, and there is original paint under the primer!
  3. Lol I sold that to him! Nice guy!
  4. rj58,trailer,sickle bar,dozer blade. san Francisco area. shipping$ ???.

  5. $450 or best offer for everything you see in the pics, comes with plow and dump cart. Cart is rusty at the lip of it but it's there. All tires hold air, transmission is great, motor runs very very nice with no smoke. Tins are all nice. This tractor is an all around great machine
  6. Yeah it's primer
  7. Well, she's on all fours, and she runs!! Just gotta fix a problem of gas not getting to the carb. The rims and tires are temporary till I find a correct set, I also noticed that the steering wheel has never been cracked before which is a plus!!
  8. I am in desperate need of a 1956 RJ35 implement lift arm, front rim, and rear hitch. Let me know if you have any of these items thanks!
  9. Picked this up today and I'm very happy with it!! Early 1956 RJ35 with cast iron steering wheel. Down the road I will be tiring this into a 1955 RJ! Thanks Shawn!! What does everyone think? Definitely a project but definitely a restoreable one!
  10. Very jealous of this tractor lol.. Original Work clothes is the best way to go on these, it really makes them stand out. Very nice tractor
  11. Changed Status to Closed
  12. Came home to this brand new 7x16 enclosed trailer sitting in my driveway! This is a huge upgrade from my tiny 6x8 open snowmobile trailer lol! Will be towing my horses in this to the big show. Working on painting the walls and putting black and white checkered vinyl flooring on the floor!
  13. Wow!! Nice score!Do you have any pictures?