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  1. Picked this up about two weeks ago! This will be going on my '57. Love these shower heads!!
  2. That's a nice little tractor! Looks like original paint too. It might be an early one because of the missing fenders, and it has the early type pan seat. Check if there's and casting number on the transmission by the shifter boot, if there's no numbers, it's early
  3. 1965 1075 with plow

    $650 or best offer for everything you see in the pics. All tires hold air, transmission is great, motor runs very very nice with no smoke. Tins are all nice. This tractor is an all around nice machine
  4. 1960 suburban 400 with deck

    Runs and drives. Comes with heat shield and deck, but doesn't have a belt guard. I will include a new recoil, but it doesn't have the starter cup. $625 or best offer with deck and $575 or best offer without the deck. Deck is very solid
  5. No it's just a regular coupe with some options like pony interior and air conditioning. The person who restored it was trying to make a GT out of it. It has the HiPo engine emblem on the fender but it's just a regular 289
  6. @rlrnot @AMC RULES @JERSEYHAWG / Glenn The car under the cover is a 1966 Mustang coupe with a Vinyl top! Lol! Thank you! This one is going up for sale soon though.. I'm trying to put more RJs in the garage
  7. Just picked up this 1075 with a plow tonight.. Runs and drives. I've been waiting to tinker around with one of these for a while
  8. Changed Status to Closed
  9. Original RJ heat shield

    Up for sale is an original RJ heat shield, this isn't a repop. Asking $85 or best offer plus $8 shipping
  10. Will anyone be making a trip to anywhere around Barboursville, West Virginia, and making their way back up to Allentown, PA or about 2 and a half hours or closer from Allentown PA, or passing around Allentown, PA on the way home? I may need help transporting a tractor from and to the locations mentioned. If anyone can do this please let me know. Thank you!
  11. Changed Status to Closed
  12. Yes he has it off in a box
  13. Hey everyone, I just wanted to see if anyone knew what a 1056 would be worth? I'm looking at one with 100% of its original work clothes. Original paint, original motor, original tires. With a deck and a snow plow, running and driving real nice. What would this be worth? Thanks
  14. That looks GREAT