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  1. Very jealous of this tractor lol.. Original Work clothes is the best way to go on these, it really makes them stand out. Very nice tractor
  2. Changed Status to Closed
  3. Came home to this brand new 7x16 enclosed trailer sitting in my driveway! This is a huge upgrade from my tiny 6x8 open snowmobile trailer lol! Will be towing my horses in this to the big show. Working on painting the walls and putting black and white checkered vinyl flooring on the floor!
  4. Wow!! Nice score!Do you have any pictures?
  5. Changed Status to Closed
  6. $575 or best offer for everything you see in the pics. All tires hold air, transmission is great, motor runs very very nice with no smoke. Tins are all nice. This tractor is an all around great machine
  7. Bump. MUST SELL NEED IT GONE. Price changed to $575 or best offer
  8. Seeing that schnacke and shower head on it, I'm thinking it might have an oil bath also! Does it? @Wishin4a416
  9. 1957 RJ35 deck restored: $125 or best offer Mid 60s fuel tank (NICE shape no dents what so ever, totally clean inside no rust) : $60 or best offer Deck mule drive: $30 or best offer Hitch (doesn't have bar to attach to tractor): $30 or best offer MINT K90 blower cover engine tin: $40 or best offer Generator motor belt guard: $40 or best offer
  10. Hope to be bringing my '57 RJ35, a '56 RJ35 that I'll be picking up shortly, my early '58 RJ, my 1964 854, and another '56 that I'll be picking up down at the show!
  11. This tank is SOLID. And complete. No holes what so ever throughout. It's a nice solid tank complete with the tank strap. PM me with any questions! Thanks! $70 or best offer plus $15 shipping
  12. There's one that looks just like that, same looking patina, running and driving for $200 in my area no attachments. Is it worth it?
  13. I'd keep it original, those are getting very hard to find with their original work clothes that decal on the front of the hood looks very original also, i wonder what the story of that is. Its patina perfectly matches the others.