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  1. 520h electrical problems

    the tractor is much more maneuverable with the tri rib tires and a shorter weight box. As far as its electrical problems I don't have much time to work on the tractor anymore but ill get them all fixed eventually.
  2. 520h electrical problems

    yes ill take a picture tommarow
  3. 520h electrical problems

    figured id give an update. Used the tractor to move 6.5 yards of topsoil. tractor did great. the tach works now. The volt meter reads 11 volts compared the 10 or less it used to be. It turns over much much faster now and starts much easyer. I slso modified the weight box and put deerstone tires on the back and firestone triribs on the front even with around 400lb in the bucket you could easily turn the wheel with one hand.
  4. 520h electrical problems

    thanks I have seen that. On mine the red wire is cut on the engine side and run directly to the fuses bypassing the 9 pin connecter completely. Ill have to start it tommarow to see if it is charging. For the lights I assum the guage bulbs are bad since one still lights up. Also for the lights I figure the switch is the next place to look.
  5. 520h electrical problems

    well I redid all the butt connectors and wired it with single fuses and still no lights also all the gauge lights don't work exept for the tach
  6. 520h electrical problems

    Do any of the red wires in this diagram go directly to the regulator? or do they go through the 9 pin connector then to the regulator? Thanks
  7. 1996 520h front spindles

    Looking for front spindles for a 520h lightly used preferred. Thanks
  8. 520h front and rear tire size

    I ended up getting deerstone 23x10.5x12 and firestone 16x6.5x8 tri rib. now i just have to get them mounted. Also the wheelbearings are in pretty bad shape so ill probably replace those as well. Anyone know of a cheap bearing kit? On partstree everything needed totals close to $100. Also there's a lot of play between the spindles and main axle. I'm planning on shimming it. Any other suggestions? thanks.
  9. 520h kwikway weight box

    Thanks. I'm looking to keep the box close to the back of the tractor. At this point iv cut the box in half. at 21x8x15 filled with concrete it should weigh around 240lb.
  10. 520h electrical problems

    Thanks guys. The pictures definitely help. I took another look at the demystification guide and I'm now convinced the splicing was due to the bad fuse block. I'm also guessing the lights didn't work because the white wire had fallen out of the butt connector. Anyway once the fuse block gets here I can rewire it and see if it works.
  11. 520h electrical problems

    For the regulator does it matter which side the tachometer goes on? It looks like a connector fell off the vacuum sensor well see if that fixes it. The fuse box has me more confused no that I can see the connections under it. I'm thinking the lights are controlled by the yellow wires? At a minimum I'm going to replace the box and all the butt/splice connectors and see if that solves the problem. Any comments on the wiring in the last pic diffidently not stock? If anyone has a pic of there 520h wiring around the fuse box and regulator that would be great! I assume the po put in the splice and butt connectors to work around a bad fuse box. Thanks
  12. 520h electrical problems

    I have decided to go through the 520h and try and fix its electrical problems. none of the lights work, its not charging the battery, the tachometer only works at low rpm and the vacuum gauge doesn't work. Any suggestions on where to look first for the lights I tested the connections and got .25 volts at all connections. As for the charging issue I'm not sure I attached some pics of the fuse box and what I believe to be the regulator. It looks like someone messed with the wiring. Thanks
  13. 520h kwikway weight box

    Anyone have pictures or ideas to mount a custom rear weight box? I would like to modify my stock box so it doesn't sag as much. Thanks.
  14. 520h front and rear tire size

    will the front tires work also can the front tires be run tubeless?
  15. 520h front and rear tire size

    Is anyone running 26inch ag tires on a 520h I took some measurements and it looks like they would just fit. Also I'm looking at tri ribs for the front tires 16x6.5x8 will that work. Thanks.