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  1. WH C-????

    Hi guy's I got the tractor ID ID# 81-16KS01-06481 8088 Engine # 16 HP Kohler Model # K341As Spec# 71246a Serial # 9042269 I was wondering where to start? It does not run so that is what my first priority is. 1. Carb rebuild kit ( Anybody know where a good place to purchase?) 2. oil change 3. ? 4. ?
  2. WH C-????

    Yes :thumbs2:
  3. WH C-????

    Ok, 3 weeks ago... 0 Wheelhorse's... today 2 ?? I don'y know what model I am guessing a C-161? I got it for free. It ran last year the guy said but it is not now. It is a hydro so it is VERY hard to push!!
  4. My new C-81

    I am at my friends shop. They are all his toys. The jeep is a 1944 Willys MB. Here is my girl friend inspecting my new purchase <_<
  5. My new C-81

    Hi I been reading posts on this site for a while now and what great people!! I try to get on every day to see what's new I had a wheel horse about 10 years ago that I bought from a older couple, and was trying to figure out what it was. It ended up being a '500' SPECIAL. That was a great little tractor. I sold it to a guy at work about 8 years ago I found this tractor Through a friend of a friend. It was used to cut a little yard the guy told me before he bought it. He repainted it about 8 years ago and said it was to nice to cut with, so its been sitting in a storage unit since then. It came with a deck that is just as nice as the tractor. He also gave me the headlight that looks new. I cut the grass with it last weekend it works great. There is one problem though, when you lift the deck it does not want to lock into good. If you bump it, back down it goes