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  1. Same weather here Ed... till tommorow..... 'posed to get 4-6 of crap. Don't take the winter hardware off just yet!
  2. Used to do saws myself for awhile, mostly 80's vintage Homelites. Some what heavy by today's standards but you get one running nice & a sharp chain man those things cut. Got a few more to do if I ever get horse projects done!
  3. That weight hanger is awesome @cschannuth
  4. 1959.....if your looking for the exact date Richard I'm probably sol..... August 14, 1959
  5. Correct you are! , January 17 1955
  6. Well butter my a$$ and call me a biscuit...my 1st major award!! I was going to say two but changed it at the last second to three! New rule here @Digger 66??? The question giver must elaborate on the correct answer, In other words Bob why does a chicken have three eye lids?!?!?! Ok here we go.... finally some thing I know a (damn) little about.... Hmmm lets see ...lets stay with the bird. What came first the chicken or the egg? NAWWW just kidding! Lets go Nautical... In what year did the first United States nuclear powered submarine get underway?
  7. Binks spray gun setup here for any card carrying member for free or an adult beverage if we ever meet! This was left on my scrap pile by one of my employees who is cleaning out an old garage. Looked too nice to throw out and I am a rattle can dude but that's what's gonna happen if no one wants it. Two things I hate are food & tools & getting thrown out! Oh that's three sorry don't have my shoes off. The wife already chewed my butt for dragging this kinda stuff home. The hoses are cut but should be able to be made usable as all the fittings are there. Yours for the shipping.... prolly around 15-20 bucks.
  8. Great (or warped & twisted?!?!?) minds think alike!
  9. Nother stab in the dark here ...Three Hey all this chicken talk I'm getting hungry for some barnyard buzzard! I secretly hope I don't win tho...will prolly kill some brain cells trying to think of a question!
  10. More than welcome Aldon ...I'll be your guinea pig! Sides I stole your zerk in the hitch pin idea that you pilfed from another thread. Comes around goes around! Another small idea here, since I have been know to give a horse a bath once in awhile and get caught in the rain at shows I came up with to (maybe?) help keep water out of the tranny. O-rings to form a seal under the high low shift lever to act as a seal. I noticed ther was some play in the shaft hole where water could seep in. I would venture to guess the o-rings will rot out over time but it took all of a minute in the o-ring assortment kit to do and cheap! Notice also the bushing above the clutch idler cross shaft. The shaft had some definite wear spots, probably from double clutching on the fly so the bushes with get fitted in for more support & smoother operation in that area. !/2 id X 5/8 od X 1" long fit the bill.
  11. Just chiming in to follow Dan...I already know your fab skills are way outta my league.... but I am excellent with a metric crescent, heat wrench and a BFH! Gimme a jingle if you need those skills!
  12. Not much got done this past weekend....weather was way too nice to be inside and trying to get in some late season ice fishing but did work a little with the overhead open. Fitted a bushing in the steering shaft support. Note the zerk in the lower steering shaft support. Not much wear in this area but what the heck I love drilling & tapping cast. The bushing is going to help slop and also toying with the idea of a spring in the lower shaft to keep the fan gear drawn up again't the upper shaft gear instead of shims.
  13. I think it's wild you had a fire in the pit Sylvia, mine was still covered in snow till this morning! Teradactles (sandhills) and geese in the air here too steelman. I got a feeling we may pay for this in march.
  14. Ah Digger...you need to quote. ... lucky you were wrong... no chicken for you either