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  1. Yes that's a good product to have on the bench anyway. Hope you don't give up on the dual brakes idea tho!
  2. Thanks for putting that up 'Mo .... reminded me of high school power mechanics where we had see through heads on little tecky two strokes!
  3. So much for old school tuning multiple carbs!
  4. What could possibly be sweeter then a horse garage & man cave all rolled into one!! With LSEs as the center piece!!
  5. Not to steal your thunder or thread Aldon but @stevasaurus my 67 had AL plates and can the steel end plates be used on earlier units? Do you think WH knew the AL plates were a weak spot and went to steel? Those bearings are awfully close in dims Aldon but Lowell's won't work??
  6. I dunno Brandon, gotta remember this is just a 4 hp and there is not a lot of stress on them in this application. At no time should the belt slip on this idler unless the bearing goes. .. I guess I wouldn't be afraid to give it a whirl, I've wasted 15 bucks in worse ways!!
  7. Hold your fingers up like yer drinking a cup of tea Blaster....'specially when snapping them Brit rides!
  8. I got it the first time Aldon....Richard that has got to one brutal 953 in the rear then!
  9. I suppose your sleds are riddled with those stupid needles Digger!
  10. Is that what happened to you Craig??
  11. We kinda had this discussion about the 5060 and it's pros/cons for a plow tractor transmission the other day when I visited @Shynon's. Not that you might plow with it Aldon but anyway it was brought up if that 50 yo spring were to break in there... yikes. Another con is the aluminum side plates that holds all those pinions in ther might not hold up to the rigors of plowing. Mike @prondzy actually showed me a side plate that was cracked due to overtorquing the differential bolts. Probably not huge concerns pending what you might use this machine for. We are just plowing fruitcakes and looking for the strongest unit for doing that. Either way double for what you have in your head!
  12. Here is the idler I have, 3 in diameter it appears, 3/8 bore, 1/2" width. Will double check but if I am not mistaken (I'm most often am) 3/4 finished keyway bore by 2 1/2" dia. on the drive pulley. Might be some good candidates for a replacement here as well https://www.motionindustries.com/taxonomy/Mechanical Power Transmission/Power Transmission Belts & Belt Pulleys/Power Transmission Belt Pulleys/Standard V-Belt Pulleys/browse/en or here http://www.surpluscenter.com/Pulleys/Finished-Bore-Pulleys/?page_no=1&fq=ATR_Grooves:1&fq=ATR_Bore_Fractional:3/4\"
  13. Clutter?!?!? LOL ... your pics do show another good point tho....windows in the service door and overhead. I did cut one in my service door as I was getting tired of Cindy walking in and boping me in the head just as I was about to walk out. Did help for natural light in the vicinity of the door as well. I would guess they are available to cut in an overhead?? Would be nice to just lookout it to see who the horse thieve is pulling in!
  14. LOl ... Your a couple weeks late on that Ed but still good! ...Did you get what you wanted for Christmas?? Good one Chris I didn't see that....His first major award!