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  1. Sound like me Clueless...May have to start farming out projects!
  2. Need to put a mid mount grader blade on a horse and lookin to see what's out there.
  3. Yes this is a very good thread fellas. I will be using all these ideas once I tie into my deuce project. Lots of to down load Will have to be sure to check out @HorseFixer's thread too!
  4. QUICK... some throw up a link to that "other" forum for Noble!
  5. LOL...you guys crack me up...come on over and get it Tom...just make sure you bring lotsa swap parts!! It's got a great patina Craig, sure do wish the rest of it was there Correct me if I'm wrong fellas but are you saying '63 was the first year for the lift adjusters like that?
  6. Easy Jimbo.. @jay bee...right click on the picture save it to desktop. Use what photo manager you have, rotate it, save it and then repost it. Phone pics are notorious for sideways pics.
  7. Since you are relatively new Noble we'll let you slide once , this subject has been beaten to death more than once!The judges ruled just get it red & close!
  8. Ouch sorry to hear this....No chance of cleaning it up & a new piston & rod??
  9. Bet it would be fun for the kids to blow around on...maybe throw some flames on! Id say 100-150. G Sarge
  10. Hey ....my neck was getting sore!!! Countryboy
  11. I had thought that too Terry & the deck is buried under grass behind it. Have to see once I dig it out which is gonna be a real job! Yah...had to go get some stuff that wasn't supposed to get scrapped ... so as long as I was there! My heart did miss a beat when I saw the horse but then sank when a saw the front legs had been cut off and also the seat spring torched. .... sorry no Mclean's that I saw ....yet!
  12. Keep in mind Andy the deck I have is a 42 but should fit up. You guys have to check out the new "twist" on this motor...wt ! BTW the motor is yours too if you want it guy. I will never use it but might be ok for parts? It does spin. I pretty much just saved it for possible hydro parts.
  13. Go get it ...or have it brought over!!! Always had a fondness for the MF's as used to work one mowing lawn as a kid. Loved the seat time!
  14. That's what grabbed my attention, the fenders do not have a dent on them and straight as much as this gem musta got tossed around!
  15. So the guy that picks up our HVAC scrap & tear outs has this yard. Mostly scrap stuff but quite a few LGT's so I decided to browse the other day. This lot is only 50 yards wide but goes back quite deep. The farther back one goes the older the GT's are. Lots and lots of vertical shaft stuff but some have rims & whatnot that could be used on our horses. I had already rescued two newer vert. Toro branded tractors for parts. Found this little guy...fenders are immaculate and transmission shifts. Anyone care to PI it? Tom @Shynon thinks its a 502. This was in there as well, thought the engine might be savable, quite the cool tractor as well. Note the ear on the carb... oh well carbs can be had seat looked real familiar More to come as I explore further...this is like being on a treasure hunt as I have a feeling there is more horse/Kohler stuff under huge piles of scrap. Problem is getting to it. Nettles are wicked bad and most stuff has trees growing through it! It is thought the base pan on the 321 might be wrong for a horse but they can be swapped too.