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  1. Ford 1520

    Saw this along the road the other day for sale. Since I am always in the market for a SCUT/CUT does any body know anything about these Fords? Seems like he is a little high on his price but not sure. Dan @Achto this is sitting at Milty Wiltys in Wautoma if you get that way check it out and see what you think. I really have no use for the belly finnish mower but it comes with it. Maybe use it for rough cutting the plow field? Tractor Data says this is a Japanese made unit. and original price was 13k. Doest that sound right? http://www.tractordata.com/farm-tractors/005/9/2/5927-ford-1520.html
  2. D-series Oliver style

    That thing is really cool Don. Gotta like those reach rods on the hydraulics not to mention the blade carriage or front end!
  3. D-series Oliver style

    Yeah they aren't much to look at but they do work. He probably went Oliver cause he can't afford a real one. They are one of my other favorite tractor but they command a price if you can even find one around here. Least it ain't green and yellow! Did you look at the bikini or the beach ball first Chris
  4. You sure do nice work Cleat ...thanks for sharing.
  5. 1996 520H Red

    At the top of this section you will find a pinned thread with all kinds of paint recommendations. Bottom line is this tho ... The shade of red isn't really important as long as it's RED. It's alot like throwing hand grenades. ..just get it close.
  6. C120 ready to restore........???

    I hear ya G-man... wife wants one in candy apple red which is fine with me but then I ask her would you like gold or silver glitter undertones and she goes blank.
  7. I told him to go change them .... he did...he changed them inside out....good to go... Seriously Daron my rookie year I took the whole week off and to appease the Mrs made a little vacation out of it. Might not be for you since you live in PA but there are quite a few things to see and do in the area. The food right at the show isn't absolutely terrible either. They have a church group that runs a food stand and their suppers are quite edible. I took my pellet grille since we were camping but really no need to use it at the show. You can always invite yourself over to @wheelhorseman's camp he always has good chow! You'll' want to get there early Thursday as that's kinda the best day. Be warned tho Saturday noon the place pretty much clears out in a hurry. Browse here http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/forum/163-whcc-club-shows/ for many more pics and you'll get an idea of the camaraderie that goes on ther.
  8. A sad sad day....

    Same here Jeff but I don't imagine they get too much for it do they? Another reason ours doesn't allow it. That was plan Craig ... accidentally drop a Grant or 2 by the gate Nazi. If that didn't work head off the scrap driver and see what he likes to drink... That is the kick in the groin... Thanks for the pics fellas ...feeling better already
  9. Homemade Wheel Horse sign

    Great minds think alike Apples... that's what I was digging at ... I was thinking stained glass.... I know a gal.... with J&C Wheel Horse stables on it for the outside of the barn. Never mind Ritchie shipping would be a pain ...send me another batch of nubbies and I will be happy!
  10. Naww... he'll just want to sample your beverages!
  11. Saving another from scrap!!

    Good save Crib...never know might be parts to save another.
  12. Not nessarily just for show Alex .. I could use that to feed my deer and pull it with my . I know I couldn't build that for asking what with the axles, power to run a welder, steel etc.....not to mention time. If I was to win the lottery I might be all over that.
  13. 700 prices

    Pardon their manners, Michi, they just drooling over that horse and wishin, They do have a point on value tho but that seat is orginal and looks pretty decent. 550 is not way out of line but yes have to factor in your cost to go get it. True the Techy is less than desired but still. Don't sweat the double pic ....any in my book is worth a double take!
  14. A sad sad day....

    Sadly Dan @Achto informed me the the other day of a 857 and a C-120 that was deposited at his local county dump. Dump rules are such that once it hits the ground it stays due to junkyard dogs going to fisticuffs over scrap steel. Understandable Despite some hastily made plans of bribery, chicanery and/or hook or crook to rescue them we failed miserably. We may get drummed out of the Mafia for that one. I'll let Dan fill you in on the details if he has the stomach. I would like to believe that that our beloved ones would be smelted down to produce more tractors but then I wake up from that dream. Sorry no bone yard pics not that we would want to see them. Dan asked me if he had a problem over grieving over these lost gems. You decide... So in memoriam I feel it is quite nescessary to post pics of our lost loved ones. Since I don't have a C-120 here's what I have of a 857. Please post your pics of either models. True story, I wouldn't hose you guys and not just fishin for
  15. Better idea yet Bob... burn out that good leg and high tail it to @Ed Kennell 's place for a stay ...heard tell Mrs K is a pretty fair cook!