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  1. You guys are stealing all my thunder with your . I got some video from my sulky rides will try and get that up. Didn't count but sure was a lot of RS regulars there and hopefully get more of the Midwest bunch next year when is the feature and we get our own digs in the horse barn! Pics Horses as faar as the eye could see. Coulter giving a 857 a workout and a ride for me Mike and Tom holding down the canopy during the storm... or are they pretending to be standups on the subway?!?!? The way things should be .. a horse pulling a Deere!!!! Dino wetting his whistle.... did I mention how hot and humid it was??? Mike wondering when is the chain piling gonna start!! Cindy and Dan frying fish!
  2. That is probably one that Lowell grabbed off the 'net but the movie one has gotta be around yet Don. Wow talk about pic heavy @Lane Ranger....thanks Friday nite storm aside sure was a great show and will get some of my own pics up. High lite had to be the fish fry and the Swisher score!
  3. 62' Brillion Explorer GT6 restoration

    Really nice Henry... a piece one doesn't just see often around here!
  4. Help—to buy or not to buy

    I dunno Clark..... looks kinda lIke the Griswold family truckster to me!
  5. Getting set up..don't look like much now ... @Lane Ranger is here with a full crew and I forget his handle but he is from MI and has got a really wild 701 ...you guys ain't gonna believe his paint job! Your have never seen a horse lIke this not to mention the rest of his herd!...pics coming. Met David from Arkansas @new2horses ....he was riding another brand . Told me he had an RJ35 and a C with a Haban in the auction so can't be all that bad! I asked him why he was selling such nice tractors.... said he had too many. What a problem to have! Be back in the AM for round two. Dale stole the Rat Rod for a quick ride. Saddle up! We errantly started setting up in the flea market area and had to move! Hotter that haites tho... we sweated our gonads off just getting unloaded and some of us couldn't cool down with an adull beverage due to pending windshield time...Rest of the weekend looking the same but thankfully cools down at night.
  6. You know if you really work hard time really flies ... just sayin....
  7. Lets see the before and after pics!!

    I see nothing ratty about that one Craig Selling yourself short Terry..... Twant for you or the missus there wouldn't be these nice tractors
  8. Try putting an ad in wanted classifieds. Also try A-Z tractors in the vendors section. Not quite sure what the spec would be. Since we are not flying these things at 33,000 feet I just go by gut feeling.
  9. Loaded up a 1067, 1077, RJ59 and 702 ......sorry no pics but will get some ......hauling them over Wednesday nite. Hopefully get back by noon on Thursday with a 400, 857, 753 and a 604......I hate it when work interferes with tractor time!
  10. I agree and think they would be ok with new bearings. Check the side play when you get new bearings. BTW we have a member/vendor who has the complete bearing sets & gasket with or without the 1533's. Let us know if Denny does not have the pinion carriers as you may be able to find a donor tranny.
  11. Lets see the before and after pics!!

    The coolest thing is the differential. There are separate drive belts to the rears arranged so that when you turn the wheel it loosens up a belt on one side allowing the wheel to free spin! Unbelievable thinking for the day.
  12. The way work is going here I may not make it till Sunday...NOT
  13. Lets see the before and after pics!!

    My first Tractor... 1067 400 "Burb
  14. Glad to see @prondzy is bringing his bug sprayer Tom.... the way these skeeters are here we may need it! What's up with the dealer sign in there!?!?!