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  1. Heard from Glen Pettit

    Good to hear, we love your stuff and you are way too good at your job for someone else to take over!
  2. How many show their tractors?

    BTW Randy I was going to suggest cruising through the shows threads and get some other ideas. Just another suggestion you will also find some guys will honor their dad, mom, grampa etc. if they were connected with the tractor in some way.
  3. WH Cart Spotted

    Same one as I have Ollie. That one has had the hitch modified and the tail gate is missing but has a nice patina. Keep after the guy!
  4. How many show their tractors?

    Every show is a little different. Most always you can unload your tractor, canopy, chairs etc. by your display but many times are required to park in a separate area (lack of space). If the show does not allow unloading by the display a tub can be brought along to haul back and forth between display and parking. A tub is always a good idea to have along anyway for tub rides for the kids.
  5. Spark plug gap

    Correct plug if running Champions, some of the fellas are turned off to Champions but I never have problems with them. Any brand .025 gap.

    LMAO Terry... when I joined 3 years ago I was X3 !!! I think Lowell is just jealous! Holy crap just realized the 'Burb I'm on in that pic is the one I'm trying to sell !
  7. Nothing wrong with that guy! Dang... Bob will chime in on what he did.
  8. A rolling stone gathers no moss!! Dibs on the 91 shroud... Buzz I think @Achtomight be looking for a decent one?
  9. Correct Jerry, nice 400 & has the much desired '59 foot rests. SN should be where circled. Look closely might be buried under old paint. Hey second thought wait a minute... check the plate the throttle and choke are mounted to. Yah My bad '61s are where I circled 400s.... are on that plate.... If the plate is unreadable as often they are @Racinbob has a fix.
  10. 401 Suburban

    Looking to sell this nice little 401. Has a B1290 Clinton. Does smoke a little but goes away after warm up. Does need a little work on the transmission and steering wheel & tank straps. Asking. $600 or $550 to supporters & can bring to the BS if paid in advance. PM for more pics or info.
  11. Oh you shyster Lowell...ain't you 'posed to be on FB or some other stupid site?!?? See what happens when ya snooze @Mike'sHorseBarn ...the hoarders get the good stuff !! I guess I just gotta park on this thread!
  12. The SN on this tractor would have been on a little yellowish looking sticker just ahead of the right footrest right on top of the frame. See if I can find a pic. Rare to find on these years tho. @Vinylguy can make them tho for restos and it's not considered a crime against horsedom to use your wife's birthday or your favorite numbers since the real SN may never be known. Looks to be an RJ frame or so say the foot rests. I would think what with all the pics of my tractors I would have one but don't, Someone will chime in with one. I believe they went to the AL tags in '65???
  13. Sorry Mike .... look me up at the show maybe we can do some wheelin & dealin!
  14. Engine Dies Reverse To Drive

    What model we talkin here? I can tell you If any GT battery is 8 years old it doesn't owe anybody anything unless you got a really good one. Doesn't sound like the battery is your issue tho.
  15. The Dynamic Duo

    Interesting then EZ the plot thickens. A quick search nothing comes up as a accessory for those years. Perhaps a dealer available after market accessory that was available in the day or for later years that could be retrofitted? . I guess those won't be going in the scrap pile then. Any chance @Racinbob can shed some light on those? A quick look shows a bolt through the front of the axle pin as not should be so who knows without disassembly. The 1277 might get restoed some day when my 10 other projects are out of the shop. I have no idea what to do with the 1077 as I already have one. Was thinking parts it out but might be a little too savable for that so who knows. I know where there is a couple but I ain't saying... Nope... very sound... we suspect the cracked hood stand is from other issues, All five of my "67 long frames are/were cracked there but none of them has F plate issues. Stay tuned for separate thread on them Sarge we may need your engineering skills for a fix.