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  1. She Ain't Pretty...

    Therin lies the problem Dan.....with the weather this nice want to get out the washer and then work on the 1077, then get a Suburban runnng, get the HY back on the plow tractor.. get the other tractors out of the magic shed... Nurse Cindy will be keeping an eye on me for sure! For those who don't know i recently had some shoulder work done so no wrenching for some time so will just have to sit with beverage in hand and look at them! Good thing seller was just a mile down the road and delivered and unloaded it all. I thought of that too about the blade too but already have one for the ATV??
  2. She Ain't Pretty...

    Yes correct Tom.....'97 No signs of an Fel ever being on it Boo. She looks like it was sitting next to a corn or flour grinder as it's covered in a fine white powder but should all clean off. Maybe was Scarface's tractor! Not much for grease/grime inthe engine area but steering gear a mess. My thoughts exactly on the high hour meter Richard..... key maybe left on? Battery was dead/toast. Tops of tires are canted in almost like the spindles are bent. Plans are to eventually pull the whole front end off for inspection. Pull the factory tires off my go to 520 and a good excuse to get some V-61s for her. Will have to be do some more checking on the fittment of the plow as know nothng about them but willing to learn. Numbers on the plow.
  3. She Ain't Pretty...

    It is Randy, no rust at all on it so might mean it was never used to push snow. Wear bar isn't even broken in. Against my better judgement but this one will be going in classifieds. Be nice to have but will probably never use it.
  4. ....but she runs and drives and has got potential. The good... 2k & some odd hours but engine sounds real strong and starts easily, no smoke and we all know how bullet proof the 1100 is. Sheet metal all strait and rust free. The bad.... none of gauges work, no lights, steering turns tight one direction but wide to the right. The PTO hoop and linkage as well as the pto center trunnion are all missing. Who in their right mind would take it off and lose it? The hoop you gave me Dan is too short but can be modded to work. The tractor came with a nice 48 incher!?! Somebody correct if wrong but was the coil relocated? Not to worry about Mr 9 pin...already been cut out! The ugly... the seat could have easily won my ungly seat contest. The fronts ...no extra charge for the racing slicks seller says! If all goes as planned with the sale of the attachments, a nice deck and a almost NOS plow, this might be a free tractor.
  5. on the polished tank @Shynon
  6. Bucket attachment

    Bluegrass Several build threads going on now and more past ones. Building one from scratch is a job and a half but you can buy an fel off the self for it. Expect to spend 2500+ for one of those. That's why many with the skill to build their own do so. To save $$ and job satisfaction.
  7. This one ain't much but with the attachments couldn't pass it up... pics tonite...
  8. It already has Ritchie....picking up another 520 today!
  9. Bob your tempting me to buy a tractor just to put one of those on!
  10. Not only that what little time it took him to build! Tractor is really off the hook! Supposed to be gorgeous out this weekend Dan so maybe outside for some glamour shots!?!?

    Like that one of yours @Coulter Caleb and the way you snuck Grand dad in ther!