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  1. Let's not forget the L variable. Directly related to W. Where L = the number of lumps on your noggin!
  2. Planter-Sleeve Hitch S2H-BS

    Pretty much Skipper...... for planting row crops. Some are pulled behind a GT, others are pushed by had. The seed goes in the hopper you see and as the wheel move across the ground it drops a seed at intervals set by the adjustable mechanism. The shoe on the bottom opens the furrow and behind it closes it. You can also adjust them for the different sizes of seed. I suppose you want one now?!?!? Older ones like that Old Man is showing are getting harder to find. You can still buy one new but guess what ...yup ...mostly made of plastic.
  3. Might just come to that Dells... after all you did front me the money & send me a shirt from last years show! Take a hike Ritche what did I get from you... no cool Milwaukee tool stuff... no welding tips....just a pic of a jar of mayo in a sink! ! 'Sides you forgetting who offered to send you a condenser fan motor when yer AC took a crap in the middle of the summer?!?!?
  4. I confess, I've always liked Panzers...

    Nice...@Achto says one should always have a off brand tractor in the herd and I can think of nothing better than a Panzer!
  5. Taking a ride....come-along!

    You do that again Sparkeye you need to strap a go pro on... hate to be greedy but a vid would have been cool!
  6. First Haul of 2018

    Nice ...you should have no problem finding info on that Dandy. They are favs among many collectors & lots of clubs.
  7. Planter-Sleeve Hitch S2H-BS

    No manufacturer stamps/marking on it anywhere? Looks like it's set up for a Brinly hitch?
  8. I would agree with John. unless you are really loading up front or rear. You do this Steve
  9. High octane gasoline

    True which is critical in high compression motors. Not so in our low compression Kohlers that's why I'm not afraid to run corn fuel in tractors that are not going to set as we know what it does to everything rubber in the fuel lines when they do set.
  10. High octane gasoline

    Interesting Lynn, what kind od motorcycle/engine, fuel injected?
  11. High octane gasoline

    What flavor of engine is in it Bob? I wouldn't think it or the whole genny is made by Cat. Just their brand on it? Seems to be the thing to do theses days. What does the OM say about running ethanol laced gas in it? It would be ok to run the corn gas in it if you were going to burn the whole tank but most gennys sit and we know what corn fuel does to rubber. I would be tempted to put some of that new fangled canned fuel in it for long term storage. They have it for four stokes now and has an ungodly shelf life but might be 92+ octane. They don't exactly give it away but if it's worth it? I use it in all my 2 strokes and does make a difference. Especially when saws and weed wackers sit for months. https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/trufuel-4-cycle-fuel-1-gal-1126599?cm_mmc=feed-_-GoogleShopping-_-Product-_-1126599&gclid=CjwKCAjw2dvWBRBvEiwADllhn_HMyRRbQXtiTgOjhQ63DDRvtRVVU8urZ5frLCJ5SxhMVNWRgu4rcRoCMJ0QAvD_BwE Just says high octane. How do we know this to be true if there are no ?!?!?? You know you wouldn't have this problem if you wouldn't have sold your genny to Tom!
  12. S/G Light Bulb # ?

    Picked up a pair of 57s at Advance Auto today ... seem to work fine. Very bright even in day light.Would have picked up some 53s or 55s just to play with but not much of a selection at a small town auto parts store. On at run no motor running, dim at idle, out at throttle up. Wired between I and S on one of your 70 amp switches @new2horses Will be doing some volts/amp checks on the charging system to verify.
  13. Finished power bathing the 1077, dropped the hydro oil & filter for fresh, made a magnetic drain plug for it. Pulled the tins for engine cleaning. Thought I was having a productive afternoon till I pulled a wheel and found this! Anyone with an extra they want to part with PM me.
  14. Yes thank you for posting that @953 nut ....wonder where that tractor is now? I'll be getting a couple Terry ...good stocking stuffers!
  15. B165 with Eaton model 7 problem

    Don't know much about that hydro but can you to Red Square! Others will be along to help.