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  1. Hello from the great white north

    Sounds like you know us already! Also sounds like you got the bug already! You might need one of these to put up all those we know you are going to have!
  2. Engine block heater question

    Check this thread out Seven
  3. Lets see the snow rigs!

    Just realized Jeff @WVHillbilly520H there patiently sits that big bad deuce wanting some action!
  4. Yes gobs of them on the jungle site and fleabay of course. Seems they are popular with the trucker crowd here in the states for lighting up tractors/trailers. I'll PM you a couple of links to the one I used Skipper.
  5. Which ones you looking for @Skipper ?
  6. Catastrophic failure

    I'm guessing there might have been a casting flaw in it but the bigger mystery is why it waited this long to rear it's ugly head. Like you I have seen many bent cranks come in, mostly on push mowers that hit a rock or stump, but never one like that. What's even more amazing with the weight you have on that the transaxle is holding so as it is! Says a lot about the stoutness of these transmissions.
  7. Lets see the snow rigs!

    Lol right you are on the chucker Jeff.... everytime I walk by it it's calling to me.... I'm next I'm next! We need two feet of snow to light a fire under my @$$
  8. LOL ..... Finally got to do a night test. End result is the LED's do not throw off much more light but the pattern or beam spread is much different making it seem there is more light. This test I used the 520 with the short chute blower for both bulbs. . The whole test is skewed abit due to the fact that it was just getting dark in first set of pics with the 4411's and totally dark with the leds but you'll get the idea. The 4411's ...note the tighter more focused trapezoidal beam pattern on the garage overhead and driveway. Next the led's Much wider spread out with the led's. Not sure what either type is rated.... spot or flood. A guess would be 4411's - spot and led's - flood. These might be an interesting product to try.,..... superbriteleds.com Note the light output as well as beam angle and Sarge's preferred 3k color. Looks as tho they are available as flood also with a very wide 160 deg. angle (the ones I tested were 120 deg).
  9. What is it???

    I was going to guess in the 1000 plus range Jason! Gotta like the R-4's on the rear and the deck does have an interesting looking pulley arrangement!
  10. Lets see the snow rigs!

    Really good thread here @Desko So many calendar shots! Here is my pair @ebinmaine had a thread like this awhile ago and I offered this pic there ... my favorite sno rig... the Mrs. with a shovel!
  11. Really awesome job ... absolutely beautiful, hats off Got that right!
  12. I'll stop over and help, or supervise or just get in the way in general! What's the matter with those hubs in that pile @Achto that you want to make steel ones? ? Keyways shot? I do have that fresh 5060 six seed transaxle with full length keys if you need it?
  13. Catastrophic failure

    Just saw this thread and codolences big guy. Prolly just a freak thing but sounds like the guys got you covered on options. Keep us posted.
  14. Still say it looks like tha grenade went off in there instead of the paint booth Dan!
  15. First start of K181 from auction

    Really good points Steve @stevasaurus......... and to hear the other fellas says you was all washed up!!! You still got it mate! More'n welcome to toast a 8 HP at my place any day That's why I suggested some kind of internal engine wash to clean up all the "been siiting awhile" junk out.