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  1. Hub cap assistance

    Holy Schmidt RIchard... figured that be too nice to be one of your tractors!
  2. Nothin I can add here but !
  3. You might have to put that in the museum Tigs.
  4. Lets see the snow rigs!

    If you were one of the Ponds 60 years ago would you have ever thought that one of your RJ tractors would still be plowing snow 60 years later? Referring to @Landworks2012 post!
  5. How to post on classifieds

    & You may want to learn how to post pictures as well. This might be helpful for that. http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/forum/56-finding-your-way-around-in-redsquare/
  6. What is it???

    What was that game show....... EB ......COMEON DOWN !
  7. What is it???

    Portage, Plainfield, Berlin show heck even Symco. I'm sure Dan or I could help out with hauling help if need be. Would be great to see guys scratching their heads trying to figure out what breed it is. Be prepared to answer a lotta questions tho!
  8. What is it???

    Say Josh how come you don't talk him into bringing that rig to one of our local shows? Or a certain plow day?!?!?
  9. New Shop

    Looking good Prof... your gonna like the little power that those leds use as well. I would suggest some shelves for storing junk on and a work bench with the invaulable bench vice but that stuff comes naturally over time. The looks of those trusses you might be able to deck a little of it off for parts stashing above. I am looking at a shed like that for storage rather than a work shop. Not quite sure what I am gonna do yet but if I don't get off my keester and get my builder @PeacemakerJack some heat in his shop he's gonna gimme the bird and tell me I am on my own!
  10. My 753 wheel horse

    Paul While we patiently wait for your pics here's a couple of my 753 just so these guys know what one looks like! Sorry about being topless in a few!
  11. Hello from the great white north

    Sounds like you know us already! Also sounds like you got the bug already! You might need one of these to put up all those we know you are going to have!
  12. Engine block heater question

    Check this thread out Seven
  13. Lets see the snow rigs!

    Just realized Jeff @WVHillbilly520H there patiently sits that big bad deuce wanting some action!
  14. Yes gobs of them on the jungle site and fleabay of course. Seems they are popular with the trucker crowd here in the states for lighting up tractors/trailers. I'll PM you a couple of links to the one I used Skipper.