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  1. 1.125" Axle? Potential break?

    I think this thread needs a pic! I eventually used stainless one from McMaster since this was supposed to be a stainless themed trailer queen. Couldn't help myself and got it real dirty plowing with no hub issues.
  2. Yay for my Napa Green PTO belt

    I'm with Jack on this one. I love TSC belts. The only problem I have with them Is every time I go to TSC to get one they have every size but the one I'm after!
  3. 1960's snow thrower

    First off Chris On the chain it is more than likely #40 size but length I do not know. It would be best to start with a length a couple of links longer and remove a link at a time till you get the just right fit. That's what I would do anyway bit I do buy my chain in bulk. . Hope this helps you out. Others will be along to welcome you and share some wisdom.
  4. Show us your signs

    Good?!?!?.... I'd say gorgeous Neil looks like how stained glass windows are made?
  5. Happy Birthday Bob Ellison

    Happy Happy Happy Bob
  6. New Battery Time What Brand to buy?

    Likewise Paul the original battery In my 2005 Yamaha ATV, not sure the brand, just keeps ticking.
  7. New Battery Time What Brand to buy?

    Good info ther on the green eye Jeffrey.. aways wondered how those things work. Truth be told and as cheap as I am and as many tractors I have got that have a battery Jeff Lary. I buy the cheapest thing I can lay my grubby hands on and run it. I do however have a handful of the Shumacher/Diehard battery maintainers and i usually get 5 years +- out of them. Some I get 7 or 8 out of but I suppose it has to do something with which boat they came over on! I also pull my batteries out of tractors that are in winter storage and bring them in a heated shop in winter. May not help or hurt but I can monitor them easiler that way. Correct me if I'm wrong fellas but doesn't the chemical reation slows down the colder a battery gets? Thus the old wive's tale of keeping your AA's or D cells in the freezer or a higher CCA for winter apps? No matter what batt you end up getting keep the terms clean and tight and a maintainer on it. Nothing like the way that motor whistles over even in the cold! Lots of other good threads here on whats the best battery... we've been kicking this around for years with good info.
  8. Yes I remember your thread but not the 2400 hrs part! Unbelievable the hr meter is still working! If that setup is an OEM option Adams make sure that manual makes it into the files section if not already ther. BTW that first seat is nice but $$ I bet ..anyone ever thought of quick disconnects so a guy could move seats around to other tractors?
  9. Pretty good drone pilot

    Sounds like a good date with our girls Dan ... some good Mexican food and a Gambler's fight....
  10. Holy crap @stratostar250 that work horse looks NOS! Nice decorating on the hitchwork @joskuk What fluid did youput in the tires @Aldon ?
  11. Wow if the PO had a deck for it he sure didn't use it. You did a bangup job on cleaning it up tho. Nother piece of advice @Paul Van Benschoten clean the paint off the 3/4 shaft the the foot lever slides on, I didn't do mine properly, I was in a bit of a hurry as it was snowing quite hard and this is my main snow mover. It hangs up there and does not return to neutral properly as Cleat mentioned it should. On the tractor list of things to redo but should have done it right from the gitgo. Lube those pivot points & clean in the tunnel while you have it off
  12. Pretty good drone pilot

    Been decades since I been to a hockey game Skunk ... never realized they had those huge thingies around the rink nowadays. Pretty cool.Thanks for sharing.
  13. Do You Recognize this Guy??

    Ahh the helpfulness of other members Heaven forbid & hopefully he just lost your number. Seems kinda odd tho after more than a year he hasn't tried to track you down Rick. Happen to remember who he brought the tractor from?
  14. No Paul there is no real reason for keeping it other than to keep the originality or if you ever wanted to move the kit to another tractor. The neutral switches can stay where they are as well for the safety minded. the neutral switches can be relocated with some work put I just tie wrapped mine closed. Good luck
  15. Show us your signs

    Ask one of the mods for the password Farmer and if it's ok. Hopefully he will remember (tasteful) pinup girls helped us win WWII and say