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  1. New snowplow

    While your running those John, I'll run the red one!
  2. Hot Tractor

    Moon protectors!
  3. Hot Tractor

    Not a dang thing Wrencher... I should have said it's always nice when an unexpected score come with caps! That is one nice 1257 your sitting on there as well! Seat is perfect! Good one Richard!
  4. PTO Clutch Lining

    Lots of great threads here on it matey..Jims got you pointed in the right direction. .. search keywords clutch, reline, replace, friction..
  5. New snowplow

    Now Sparkeye...let's get the decks off first shall we?
  6. Hot Tractor

    Really Ed... baby moonz
  7. Custom mount heat shield

    Nice work Red... that motor looks clean enough to eat off of !
  8. GT14

    Hen's teeth Aldon meant ...if I didn't have a truck payment Tom... good luck.
  9. can't pull front wheel off!

    If they are Toro yes they are quite proud of them. Doesn't mean you have to shop ther tho. Richard's link is a good one so consider ther. Get an extra set for the shelf after all ALL bearings were designed to be worn out! Ya get some extra time drewd we do like our ! BTW you get them bearings off clean up the spindles with some fine emery cloth and clean up the rim bores and while you have them off maybe a shot of paint. Check those zerks they can plug up. You might already know all that just making sure the bases are covered.
  10. Wheel Horse charging wiring

    Sounds like Garry has got it nailed so I will just
  11. Yah deck & motor alone worth that nice score! Hood looks like it doesn't quite fit right so maybe a hood swap? See if you can snag a pic of that sticker under the seat.

    My bag ripped open on a 1055 steering wheel so I got a shipping crate
  13. Ignition switch connectors.

    Excellent thread there on wiring restos... that one should be in in instructionals. Here where I get some stuff guys. https://www.waytekwire.com/
  14. I kinda disagree Bay... if you use his name it would hopefully tip others off to his antics and maybe he will turn into an honest crook. Social media can be a powerful tool. Agree with the others in chalking it up to "you have to pay for an education" and move on.
  15. 246-H Voltage Regulator Question

    Bet it took you all of 2 minutes to change out too! Good to hear it fixed the problem. when you get around to installing that clutch follow their instructions to the T and give them a call if you have questions. They have excellent customer service.