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  1. New ?? 401 or 501/551

    So lemme get this straight @Racinbob ...you're saying some '61's (551's or others) did have a two piece in them? I was always under the thought that 2 piece tranny were not brought out till early '62? Was it just late 61 that the f plate frames were being produced? Please excuse my ignorance on your thread Aldon but I like to pick Bob's brain... lots of good stuff wise in ther! Never mine Bob ...in thinking now a 701 would have had a two piece!
  2. Not been ther ..yet ..heaven forbid KC but please do keep in mind the old saying one bad apple don't spoil the whole bunch...keep us tuned please. Maybe I've just been lucky but every member I've dealt with on RS has been a straight shooter. In saying that my reason for staying off face book tho.

    Tiller on both ends Ed???? this we gotta see! For some reason I wouldn't put it past you tho!
  4. Just catching up here Craig but looks good from here..... absolutely boss... with those tires! Rattle can or not looks good when the mud flies!
  5. transmission fluid level

    Check the belt & tension, also the motion control linkage.

    Gonna retire Mad Max Ed?!?!? Knowing Ed he got a steal on it Skippy... they go for 3-4 USD around here... if you can find one that's not all beat up.
  7. New ?? 401 or 501/551

    I see, no don't want to damage that, that is one of the nicer ones I have see... only a couple of minor cracks.
  8. New ?? 401 or 501/551

    Couldn't use the hydraulic puller on the steering wheel Aldon?
  9. What did the ocean say to the pirate? Nothing it just waved! OK so I just Googled pirate jokes but so didn't Richard! least i didn't just copy and paste Dick! Arrrgggg Oh so didn't Digger..... time to walk the the plank matey...arggarggargg https://www.rd.com/funny-stuff/pirate-jokes-pirate-puns/
  10. Good for you 'Boxlover...reading your well informed description of some of the tractors ther makes me wonder about the man who put this collection together?
  11. Thanks for the elightenment on what the 14 AC meant Richard ...here i thought maybe it meant it was the 14th Air Conditioner the owner went thru and painted the tractor to combat (pun intended) his bad luck! Seriously pair that thing with a vintage GI Willys and would be a real crowd draw at shows! Ooooh beter yet the Rat Patrol Jeep! How many remember that show?!?!! Man all of a sudden I'm feelin old..... What you say battleship gray?!?!? ... some fake antennas, small boat anchor, scaled down 5" 54 on the hood that really makes noise and shoots spuds?....hhhmmm
  12. can't pull front wheel off!

    I like Richard's option to take it off the axle and get it up on the bench. Either way you have to fix it or it will come back to haunt you....good luck.
  13. RJ25 Info

    Your welcome Merle...we have the knowledge cause we have the fever. Just hope you don't catch it, worse addiction than gambling, alcohol or the opposite sex. Been known to more than one of us to get the look from the missus or threatened with the rolling pin. Keep your eye on the classifieds her and of course the popular auction and for sale sites.....attachments do pop now and then. Engine parts are available out ther as well. If you have problems finding them use your shout out. Most of us have links to parts sites that won't quit. Most off enjoy your new project!
  14. Can anyone help identify my horse?

    and thanks for the Looks like you got a real survivor there so have fun with it. Give us a shout if you need help.... the folks here love to help but we do like our pics!
  15. Don't know quite what to make of this latest auction site sighting?!?!? Would probably love it if it had a 50 cal Browning mounted on it!