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  1. I'm seein 63.....Could it be possible they were still trying to fill orders from '62? That's awful far into 63. Let's check with Steve @stevasaurus
  2. I'm sure some of us have http://www.kirkengines.com/ especially the pullers in our midst. Personally I wouldn't use his techniques on a working tractor as there is usually enough stock power to do want we want without the time & expense his motors require. Not to mention the requirements of a uncle, brother or good drinkin buddy who owns a well equipped machine shop! If I was to build a competitive puller or lawn mower racer is a whole 'nother matter! Take the time to check out his builds tho, well worth the read. Here is another good site for those interested in hopped up Kohlers https://mwsc.co/ Their website doesn't even begin to touch on what they have for producing Hi Perf. K series!
  3. but it didn't happen if there are no
  4. I would suggest you start a thread on it Searcher for more and better suggestions, and all kinds of
  5. No just yanking but some guys claim they can really fling it with a 520 and a deuce. Any HP for a single depending on width and how far you need to move it. We have guys here use a 857 with no problems. For a 44" two I personally would want 16+. as the bigger tractors can handle the weight better. The tractor Scotsman showed won't drop an rpm or bat an eye shoved into the biggest bank with the way he has it set up. Probably burn the belt off first! Sorry little
  6. Not a cub expert here but they do look to be in good shape....I would give 100 for the pair if I was in need.
  7. Your a supporter Tim so thers no excuse.....
  8. Ok now we need to expand this to that popular auction place.... A recent sighting... Now I like the duals but couldn't have the basket gone on the green & yellow Must be bigfoot's ride with those floor boards! Yup those turfs throw up a lot of mud hence the fenders....
  9. Thanks for the input guys! Found this thread (in a google search off all things) while searching for the insert bearings. Link here for mine and others reference. Thanks @rmaynard will be following your instructions, and @dclarke crib notes to the t! What might be the thoughts on using a gear lube ..say 80/90 instead of 30 weight?
  10. Advice taken Tom. As a newbie sickle mower owner who as never operated one. @Racinbob says only operate one at 1/4 throttle or so I can believe that. Hopefully all that have will chime in, like you, in with more expertice. If I am not mistaken @Lane Ranger has a few Habans and can offer experience on these usefull but can be dangerous attachments.
  11. 2nd owner is sometimes nice Don as you often get more insight on the history which can help.
  12. Lol Jeff..on the gift I just gave credit where credit was due....more to come on that I'm sure! I hear you Gear... much as I love my shorts thers just something about looking down that hood! ....sides the 1257is one of the best running tractors I have!
  13. Now that ther just might be a calendar shot Dan! What say @cruisnblue48 ! He did do a little work on that motor tho! Oh he said that
  14. Usually not as expensive either In case I have not already done so Progress looks nice ...keep us posted