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  1. Oh my Dick....thanks a million!
  2. Gotta listen to dad! I would only do it for kids tub rides. I don't think it would work good for hauling dirt or working. Stuff wouldn't slide out as well.
  3. Looks nice and just remember in any condition they just don't make them like that anymore. Some guys do bed liner on the inside to help protect and save them.
  4. You did real good Jeffery....usually around 150 for one What size is it...looks to be a 10 in but might be a 12?
  5. Well next year don't forget a hitch pun for those tub rides!
  6. PM sent with my address Dells.... Amc yer off the hook if you wear a pink one ...I'd bet that one would go to your daughter
  7. Hey Amc I hate to tell you but to get a tee you have to attend the show....sorry club rules ya know.... By the way Dells XL any color..... I can do PayPal friends & family
  8. Oh this is on a tranny that has to come apart anyway.... that's not so serious then ...use the hot wrench! if all else fail I'll loan you a 3/8ths tap & drill and send you my drain plug care package!
  9. Strip that Allen out Bob there's gonna be some !
  10. Thanks Walleye
  11. Should be 1/4" npt I believe. Some guys like to jack up the front of the tractor when draining to get the oil out that sits in front of the middle bottom bolt bosses.
  12. Sounds like you are in the right place for a hand in getting it running right!
  13. I'll speak for myself and Dino...we are bumming. @c-series don yes take pride of your offspring..before you know it you will be an empty nester like many of us and then what?!
  14. And that's all your taking?? ..two tires.... please tell us there's more!
  15. I dunno Aldon....... them MN horse thieves might be best left at home to avoid all the rustling they somehow manage to do! Steve on the other hand....yes just wouldn't be right without him!