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  1. Little late to the party here I guess.... I'm what.... 6th dibs on the 160! I'm also in the same boat as Acto so no help here!
  2. Wow that's quite the site, any type of fitting any grease monkey would ever need.!
  3. I have been trying to get a steering wheel from them for a few days now with no luck.
  4. Learn somethin new every day here!
  5. Never heard or saw of those Todd. .. the few I have had I drilled out and tapped to Dan's 1/8 npt. That might not work on wheels tho.
  6. 1/4-28 ones for sure...get some extras for the shelf Terry. Most places will have them in a variety pack straights, 90's & 45's.
  7. No sympathy on the 82 deg......it snowed here today!
  8. Looks like Easter is gonna stay awhile Ed!
  9. What do you call a wife that enjoys her husband's hobbies or even tolerates them???? A keeper!
  10. And you are looking for an original because????
  11. I agree on the temperature thing Oliver since it's a proven fact that the chemical reactions in a battery slow down at lower temps. It's always been suggested that one keeps carbon pile (flashlite) batteries in the fridge or freezer. That might explain why your bud gets better life in the Rockies. I always brought the batts into the heated shop on trickles for winter. May have to change that habit and leave them in the unheated barn. I really don't know how many years I get out of a GT batt......will have to start tracking that. @shallowwatersailor how old was your truck batt that crapped out? The batt on my truck went south last year just as we were leaving for the BS, ran in quick to a NAPA but all they had on hand was the 170 dollar replacement so what was I gonna do? Push the truck with a 7k lb trailer to the next stop? Does have a 7 year warranty tho. Truth be told I think I got shafted by B+ a couple of times but this time I (hopefully) did right by them. Sounds like you did all right too ....40 clams is pretty big savings to crank over a motor that size.
  12. I get a few things from these guys http://www.psep.biz/store/small_engine_parts.htm?gclid=Cj0KEQjw76jGBRDm1K-X_LnrmuEBEiQA8RXYZw8iVtnzGbKP-lqW47sXUGRt5XoyjTQgnjeEXO5IkvQaApsT8P8HAQ There are quite few guys on ebay who have stuff reasonable. I you need rings don't mess around with aftermarket, bite the bullet on the Kohler ones, are much better quality. Check out @VinsRJ you tube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/VinsGN he has a vid where he dissects the quality of an ebay rebuild kit and he is spot on about the quality of the rings.