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  1. We wish we could have met him too. Sad to hear about grampa Dconner but he still lives and we do too if you want to carry on his fondness for our . You will not find ANY lack for enthusiasm about them here.
  2. For what yer paying Mal I would get one "for the shelf in case". Good reports so far from the fellas here.
  3. That's a great idea Ford and if I had one to trade I would certainly take you up on that offer. Since they don't exactly make those seats any more that might work on someone's resto. TRIPLE
  4. Well ok then now that we got that cleared up ...we are not hoarders then we are COLLECTORS!
  5. Yup that's a real common 5 term Eric... any auto parts or TSC will have them. OK on the vague questions. ..we lIke puzzles....hey wait a minute who you callin a tractor hoarder!?!?....thems fighting words!
  6. Giff, Ed' suggestion works well. Another piece of advice.... DO NOT THROW THAT BLADE BOX OUT! That is cool!
  7. That's a lot of grass to cut Bob...I see a 60 incher in your future! Hopefully you have a horse to run back and forth from the house to the lower barn. Keep at it and you'll get caught up on things. Looks like you might have more than enough room for a M&G ahem cough cough!
  8. Nice to see they sacrificed their muffin pan for a parts organizer! They must like getting the seat time that gets them that dirty!
  9. The looks of that grass baling might be next!
  10. The dealer drop-in Honda repo kit was right around 18 big bills with no labor if I remember right.
  11. This is what it should look like if you have the engine mounted snubber. It should ride on top of the belt tho I was just desperate to try anything to get it to work. I had to make one that looks like the idler mounted one in the 2nd pic to solve my problem. Otherwise anything like Steve showed will work too. BTW I had thought we run a 29" belt on these??? Have to ask @Racinbob about that.
  12. Yeah gotta be something amiss there, if he does have a 10hp '57 Otherwise it's the standard switch Bob mentioned OR the 7263 3 term switch. If it's the latter tell yer bro to be prepared to open thine billfold as they are pricey. You will know it if it is the three wire by the heavy cable going from the battery directly to the switch. The three wire switch can be converted to the 5 wire type with a solenoid.
  13. I wrastled with this same issue till no end. Finally solved it by makin a belt snubber for over the top of the clutch idler. See if I can dig up some pics.
  14. 66 & 67 are my favorite years and looks like you got a nice one. Put an ad in classifies wanted for attachments, never know what other guys have and want to sell.
  15. RJC....always nice to have a fellow Wisconsinite join the herd! Yes you did steal that FEL and got bonus attachments to boot! The tiller looks almost new! I do have an extra 416 I would be willing to sell you but in all truth be told a 416 might not be the best tractor for an FEL. I have seen the one on our local CL you may be talking about. A few guys here do have them on 520's and do seem to like it. Totally agree on a dedicated parts tractor and like @ericj's idea of a parts 520 front end on say a bigger C series. Scour the threads here about loaders, you'll find lots of them, on what other fellas did. PM them for more info if needed, I think you will find them eager to help.