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  1. Hub Needed

    If anyone has a left side hub for a C-165 for sale, original part # 105675 with 1 1/8 axle please send me a an email @ michaelmccue@ec.rr.com. or send a PM. Thanks guys...
  2. Tie rod ends

    OK guys I'll check out these options and see what I come up with thanks.
  3. Tie rod ends

    Does anybody know where or if the original tie rod ends can be replaced and where I might find them
  4. Commando 8

    I came up with 1968 Commando 8. We must have hit it about the same time Gene. JP that did come original with a K181.
  5. which solenoid

    bodawg I use the older Ford selenoids from the auto parts store. Never had any problems. Early 80's will work. They come with 4 terminals just don't use the "I" terminal that was for Ford ignition.
  6. To all my friends at RedSquare

    Thanks Karl for the time you put into the site it is appreciated very much !!
  7. First Wheel Horse

    you should be able to get the regular indak key that's what mine takes
  8. First Wheel Horse

    By the pictures and what you have posted it looks like the same parts were what I replaced. My deck looks almost exactly the same rusted through and beyond repair. Dash panel was broken, muffler rotted, tires flat and dry rotted, tie rods, battery, seat, body panels rusted. The only difference was the color. Frame looks good, just take your time and it will come out looking really good.
  9. Commando finished

    Thanks guys, I've added a couple other little items since those first pics above. The hubcaps and the mustang hood ornament and a new dash panel.
  10. First timer

    :scratchead: I just finished the same tractor 1972 Commando 800. If you need any help with it feel free to ask. You are so right with trying to find wheel horse parts as they are scarce down here. The same thing was wrong with my deck so I'm going to make another setup over the winter for next year. Here is a picture of mine completed.
  11. 1979 Wheel Horse C121 with 8 Speed Trans

    :scratchead: "Holy Cow" or should I say horse. 43 horses listed in signature, did you own part of Wheel Horse at some point in time. Wow that is an unbeleivable amount sure would like to see the size of the show room at this dealership.
  12. First Transmission Oil Change.

    Here is the link to the Toro/Wheel Horse lubrication charts: http://www.wolverine-synthetics.com/pages/...lubrication.pdf
  13. 1057 engine oil level

    Here is where to check oil: Also here's the link for the lubrication manual:
  14. Need a fuel pump

    Here is a link to a thread already open that will help: http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/index.php?showtopic=12801
  15. new project coms home

    Looking at the picture it looks like a 8HP Kohler K181. If you can you take the numbers off the engine and post that will give you the definite answer.