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  1. Anyone have a picture found an old one it won't open Smitty
  2. Hi Vin


    Can you send me the picture of the RJ throttle routing. I know its an old picture but it won't open





  3. kohler kt 17

    It's 2 hours away but will check
  4. kohler kt 17

    Yes it moves but seems to rattle and you get a knock. When it rattles it sometime breaks the points. Smitty
  5. kohler kt 17

    Hi Pacer Thanks for the reply. The only thing is that it just sticks in there. The last thing you do on a rebuild is slide the rod in. It has to run on the cam and for what I can see the spring on the points holds the tension. I don't know. Hate to give up yet don't see scraping it yet. Had hoped someone had taken one apart. Smitty
  6. kohler kt 17

    Have a Kohler kt17 that wont start. Checked the points and the rod coming out of the block sticks out to far and ther is no way to set the Points. When you turn if over it rattles and knocks. Checked the manual and all is says is to slide it in. Could something have happened to the cam inside. Any ideas?4 Smitty
  7. Deck Pulleys

    I need one for a 42 inch
  8. Deck Pulleys

    Hi Dave I'm trying to add a power vack to this deck do you have a double pulley that will mount on these shafts
  9. 520-h engines

    That's what I thought but a guy I was talking to said his was a Kohler. Thanks
  10. 520-h engines

    What year did they stop putting the Onan engines in the 520?
  11. PTO

    Having trouble with my PTO on my 417-A will not engage. Used the tractor with Tiller on Sat had some slipping thought it was just the belt. Started agian on Sun got worse and now will not even run the Mower Deck. Tried adjusting no change have plenty of material left on drive side. Took it apart large needle bearing seems bad but don't think that is the problem. PTO looks like it has been replaced did they make different pulleys wondering if its just to short. Smitty
  12. I'm still interested.did you check rhe size of the deck and the size of th boot?



  13. I just need the boot and tube. How big is the deck that it is attached to. Alsohow wide is the boot?


    I know that's a lot of questions




  14. K-17S How does it work

    Okay so if I read it right. Left cyl fires on compression stroke right cyl fires on exhaust stroke left fires on exhaust right fires on compression. Points break every revolution plugs fire each revolution . The wasted spark is on the exhaust fires. Makes sense thanks for the replys
  15. K-17S How does it work

    Okay had no start on my 417-A. Put a new set of points and a condenser started right up. Then I started thinking how does a twin cylinder run on 1 set of points and 1 coil with 2 wires. Do both cylinders fire at the same time or do they fire on both compression and exhaust on opposite turns. Anyone know. Smitty