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  1. 1972 Wheel horse Bronco, starter problems

    Okay I have a new battery, solenoid, and cables, is there anything else that could be the issue
  2. 14 hp, I have changed everything electrical except for the starter, the problem started when I was trying to turn the engine over, it cranked fine then would just click after a failed attempt, Any thoughts on what the problem could be? Thank you
  3. Wheelhorse Bronco 1972 14hp Kohler no spark

    Hey Garry, just wanted to let you know that the problem was the points gap, and they needed cleaned, I also cleaned up the magneto and the flywheel, it runs perfectly, thank you all for your time and help
  4. Wheelhorse Bronco 1972 14hp Kohler no spark

    I am convinced with the test you mentioned that the points need to be cleaned, where Exactly are they located, are they inside of the engine too? I found the casing on the front of the engine and some metal mechanism inside, I am having a hard time finding any pictures, I appreciate your help
  5. Wheelhorse Bronco 1972 14hp Kohler no spark

    Hey whnut, I appreciate you getting back to me, I did the test that you said and I am not getting spark that way either, just to let you know I have a brand new coil, spark plug, spark plug wire, and battery hooked up
  6. I have no spark, and am new to this, i tested the coil and there is no amperage, I also did the spark plug block test..., no spark. But cranks perfectly, and lights work great, Any Ideas what could be the the official problem?