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  1. What 3 speeds will interchange?

    Needing a 3 speed for my 502 which will interchange. I've got a 855 will that work?
  2. I've got a 502 that the reverse has some noise to it. I've got a chance to buy a 855 with a 3 speed in it... will this work? I've heard something with the brake tab...
  3. C141 auto wiring issue

    Ok working on a c141 auto... issue is it has ammmeter and a hour meter.. friend of mine was asking where the wires went he unplugged and forgot where they went. On the diagrams looks like the ammeter is listed but nothing on the hour meter. Anyone have a better diagram with both Meters listed?
  4. gt 14 conversion

    I found a pump on bailyshydraulics.com I have to call and ask some questions about cylinders valves etc. I have to ask like pulley sizes which way the rotation is all of that. I still have to find out about clutch linkage brakes etc..
  5. gt 14 conversion

    Wow surprised to hear that you don't absolutely have to change axles but just the hubs. I suppose if you absolutely had to you could make a spacer to space wheel out a little. I'm curious on how the clutch had to be done? If this can be done fairly easy? I'm not really a hydro person you can do so much more out of a gear drive in my opinion. I'm still trying to sell this with. No luck. I believe I found a pump it puts out a hair less than 5 gpm @ 3000 rpm. I was thinking to use that pump on the existing cylinder and valve until I figure everything out on the loader. I hope that will work out then at least I could push snow dirt etc. I'm just trying to figure everything out before I rip this apart... thanks for help and more pics would be awesome as they say a thousand words.....
  6. ok i have this gt14 that ive tried to sell many times so im thinking i may just make it the way i want it. i am wanting to put a 8 speed in it and run a hyd pump for the lift and eventually put a loader on it. i have read that putting a 8 speed in it id have to swap the axles out of the original hydro unit and put them in the 8 speed. i know the hubs are different and apparently the axles are longer also. So what kind of plate would have to be made for the top of tranny to mount in tractor? also how many gpm of a pump would i need to run the lift? i need answers and pictures. ive done alot of research on this but havent really seen pics of what has to be done. ill have to do something for a clutch also.
  7. what attachments fit what?

    i know with the gt14 i had the attachments were made for that tractor. It was only made 4 years so hard to find. So the d series were made longer so maybe more attachments made?
  8. what attachments fit what?

    I am considering maybe a trade for a d series tractor. But here is the deal will a blade from a 314-8 fit a d series? would a regular tiller fit a d series or is that tiller going to be a 3 point? i dont see a need in a d series if i gotta buy all new attachments....
  9. Traded for a GT-14

    i traded my gt 14 away. i liked it nice powerful machine but finding attachments is like finding a needle in a haystack. They only made these for 4 years....
  10. if you widen the table to fit the tires fully on the table, how does that make the table feel? my concerns that it may become alittle top heavy and tip over? would making the bottom alittle wider be a good idea?
  11. Eaton 1100 Trans adjustment on the 1995 520

    is my 314 hydro this same setup? i am also wanting alittle more speed. my c141 hydro will spin tires going from forward to reverse where my 314 h wont.
  12. Calendar

    Wow great job looks awesome..... I know the feeling sometimes you order too many and hope you can sell and sometimes you wish you'd ordered more. Anyways great job very awesome calendar
  13. Calendar

    alot of stuff gets old just gotta deal with it part of life lol
  14. Calendar

    What's so hard to figure out what I was saying? I knew what I meant lol
  15. Calendar

    Wow cool john was telling me he made I believe may? I snapped the photo at scotts I wanted to see it.