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  1. I've done the test as follows. Coil checked at 13k ohms. the diode test with the ohm meter indicates the diodes are good. Src test also checked good. Could it be the ignition switch? I did get another new plug. Ideas?
  2. I can tell you the worst thing is to park them outside or under a tarp. Ruined my commando 8 during a construction project that took 9 months. Had to take it to auction. I did keep a lot nos parts I had been collecting for a restoration. Sheet metal, bracket's, wheels; almost a whole tractor. So when the time comes, I'll rebuild the motor I kept before sending it away and get a frame from another salvage tractor . My 633 is inside but my GT14 is outside for now. As far as the current world goes. Find a quality hand tool to fix something. Yea they're out there, but more and more the tools are junk made outside the U.S.A. as well. Friends an neighbors ask me what I think of the 27 hp. lawn mowers at big box stores. I smile as and say my tractor is as old as me "633" and still working. Not sure those box store tractors will make two years: they typically don't, in our type of terrain. Sad we're becoming less capable in the "make it work categories" in our society. Helped put a camshaft in a ford jubilee in a tobacco field when I was 14.
  3. Thanks for your post. I'll try your advise tomorrow. I did have a spark at the plug as you suggested. Then I didn't. Now I have a direction to start trouble shooting. I'll post what I find.
  4. Saltywright, What diesel engine did you use? What differences in performance do you notice? With the problems of ethanol and gas becoming stale it might be a better alternative if it's cost effective. I need my tractors to work.
  5. I'm kicking around the idea of swapping my kohler 321 k 14 horse power motor for a diesel engine. Haven't figured out why my motor won't fire up. My thinking is if I have to drop a few hundred bucks on my old kohler engine, it might just be better to get a new one without spark problems. I was wondering if anyone else has done that swap in a gt14 and open to any thoughts on the subject. It is a working tractor. Or it use to be.
  6. Misfiring / Won't stay running M14 with video.

    NAPA auto parts has rebuild kit for about 12 bucks. Also look at ebay.
  7. A year and a half ago my gt 14 started to run bad, low power output. Then it quit running as a pulled a load of wood and I couldn't start it again. When I trouble shot the tractor the electronic box was pretty corroded. Then a wire came off. So I replaced the box. I've drained the gas rebuilt the carb and It fired off maybe three or four sparks. Now, I get nothing. I haven't been able to find the coil that is triangular. This kohler doesn't have any points. My question is could it be something else? Any ideas welcomed.