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  1. 702 Appraisal

    Thanks again everyone!!!!e Im gonna list it somewhere in the $800 range and see what happens. No rush on it so we'll see how it goes. It truly is in great shape and runs great so I would like to think like Dennis, though I certainly appreciate the rest of the guidance from the pros.
  2. 702 Appraisal

    Thanks for all of the advice, you guys are the best.
  3. 702 Appraisal

    30 mins South of Albany.
  4. 702 Appraisal

    Thank you for the views and likes. Any thoughts on value, or what would be a reasonable price to ask for it?
  5. 702 Appraisal

    I figured Id come to the experts for an appraisal. Can anyone give me an idea of what I should ask for this 702? I bought it for my son a few years back and after doing a few things to it, it just sits and we'd rather sell it to someone who will get some use out of it and appreciate it. Not to mention we need the garage space. The tractor runs great, is in great shape, and is garage kept.
  6. Attachments

    Thanks guys.
  7. Attachments

    Good morning. I need some attachment help. What attachments fit/can be used with a 702 with slot hitch? Thanks!!!
  8. 702

    Thank you. Not sure if there are any sugarers on here but this seems to be similar to my maple syrup addiction that Im seeking help for. HA! I could see more red things in my garage in the near future.
  9. 702

    Great info guys. Thank you all for taking the time to address these questions. Im really looking forward to learning as I go here, and clearly you guys bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. My son is loving this tractor so far and if he is having fun Im a grateful dad. Im sure I will have many more rookie questions.
  10. 702

    First timer here. Recently purchased a 702 for my son and Im trying to figure out how to engage the mower. I have attached a pic to see if you guys can help me determine if that is the right belt, also included a pic of the machine. Also, any ideas where I can get extra hood thumb screws, lost one today. Lastly, would love to find a plow blade, is there a certain model/size I should be looking for? Thanks so much for the help and I look forward to trolling the forums educating myself.