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  1. hot transaxle 523Dxi

    Problem solved. When I dropped the transaxle fluid it was thin which was the first indication. Next, the filter was the original. The last step was cleaning the power steering screen, and I got another surprise. It was covered with sludge. Sprayed with some solvent, put it back together and mowed an acre. Power steering, Hydro and lift ran smooth and quiet with full power. The previous owner let it sit for several years and used in sparingly to remove snow. Very relieved as you can imagine.
  2. hot transaxle 523Dxi

    No tranny temp gauge but I checked with my dealer over the weekend and he said the transaxle should get hot during operation. He went on to say that nearly all WH transaxles seep a little fluid from the gasket. To test that theory, i looked at two brand new 520xi tractors in his showroom and sure enough, there was a film of oil on the around the gasket. As for the loss of power, he said drop the oil, change the transaxle filter and clean the power steering screen. The Hydraulics System Service Manual says I can use either 10W-30 or 10W-40. I'm going to try the heavier 10W-40 and see if that helps. I'll keep you posted.
  3. hot transaxle 523Dxi

    hello there, did some mowing today and noticed a loss in transmission power. Checked the rear and noticed a film of oil on the transaxle concentrated around the gasket and the transaxle was too hot to touch. Cooling fan on the drive shaft is spinning fine, the engine was running perfectly and the transaxle fluid level was full. Anyone deal with a similar scenario?
  4. Finally Snowing in NY

    Thanks guys, it was a fun day, looking forward to more. We're still behind our annual average for snowfall.
  5. Finally Snowing in NY

    I still can't get over how far this machine can throw snow. When you figure out a good speed and the impeller is fed with snow it can toss it 40 feet. Next time I'll convince the wife to take some video. It's a loud set up between the diesel at full throttle and the blower humming. Notice the ear protection!
  6. Finally Snowing in NY

    Spent a few hours blowing snow this afternoon. We had a 8-10 which was no problem for the Dxi. Enjoy the pics!
  7. Finally Snowing in NY

    Finally! I'll be out later moving some snow around. Post some pics tonight.
  8. plow team

    Perry, how about some action shots! What model is that Simplicity, great lookin machine.
  9. 523DXI new to Forum

    I was under the impression that Toro sold the production rights to NH. Is that the same as you all are saying?
  10. 523DXI new to Forum

    there was a premium for the diesel version. Also, the 520xi was the only model without power steering. The xi series was exported and still for sale in the UK. As far as the US, Toro sold the series to New Holland and their version is still for sale. Albeit, without the diesel option. Check this link for the New Holland info: New Holland And yes.... I have my eyes on a loader and dual wheels from someone down South!
  11. 523DXI new to Forum

    the diesel is tremendous. The 23HP packs 40ft lbs of torque. this is my first GT so I can't compare to gas twins.
  12. 523DXI new to Forum

    The trans is shaft driven but the attachments are belt driven. Not sure how many diesel versions of the xi were produced, love to find out. According to my local dealer, he sold one in the 10+ years he sold the xi series. Perhaps this is indicative of how many are out there. Anyone have a contact at Toro to get some facts?
  13. 523DXI new to Forum

    Yes, the snow blower is a lot of fun. I used it about a month ago when we got the 8-10. Once you find the perfect speed, set the cruise control and it can toss snow 30-40 feet. Next time we have a storm I'll take some action shots!
  14. 523DXI new to Forum

    thanks for the warm welcome. nylon, I noticed you're in Brewster, I live in Wappingers. Small world. Hey, how about some snow, it is Winter after all! I'll post some more pics in the gallery.
  15. 523DXI new to Forum

    Hello there, I'm new to this forum, glad I found it. Looks like a good resource for WH addicts! I was reading through this post{originally in 300, 400, 500 differences} and feel like the RED headed stepchild, no pun intended! Nobody bothered to mention the xi series. While it didn't last very long it was the last series of WH branded GTs that was produced. Further, I'm the owner of a 523Dxi which is the extremely rare diesel version. to round out your list I included the specs for my machine: Model Year 1998 Product Name 523Dxi Garden Tractor Product Brand Toro Product Series Garden Tractor, 5xi Engine/Motor Manufacturer Briggs & Stratton (Daihatsu) Engine/Motor Size# 23 hp Engine/Motor Type 4 Cycle Diesel Transmission Speed Infinitely Variable Transmission Type Hydrostatic Transmission Manufacturer Eaton Transmission Model # 1100-063 Wheel Base 52" Overall Width 40.5" Overall Length 76.5" Weight (lbs. w/o deck) 1,022 Lbs.