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  1. Tecumseh HH100 Ignition Module Conversion

    A man named Ed Stoller has this all figured out. I think he used a Chrysler module. http://home.earthlink.net/~edstoller/id5.html. Tecumseh Solid State Ignitions Replacement You'll have to type in the whole thing. Won't work clicking on red part...
  2. Loader oil squirt

    Yup, John is right... Been there done that...
  3. Price of Smores will be going up

    How do they keep a straight face...
  4. Price for 91 Wheel Horse 416 H

    H means hydro transmission or automatic. 8 is like stick shift... Bob types faster than me...
  5. Wheel horse

    That's a great looking tractor. Keep it in the family....
  6. Don't forget...Fawn Grove Olde Tyme Days

    @Ed Kennell I think the one you sold at the show is on Craigslist...
  7. fuel Valve

    Check our venders....Bob Maynard Bobs brake lining and more...
  8. Wheel-Horse Tractor Covers

    Just looks that way cause Craig is so trim...
  9. 512D arrived today..

    I've got a Robin standby generator made by Subaru...
  10. Snowplow install question...

    You will need the extension if your 520 has the swept forward axle...
  11. Something else always appears after purchase

    I've heard Pa. is second only to California in miles of roads. Don't know this to be true...
  12. Wheel Horse 417A with at the least one blown head gasket

    Would like to see that setup up close......
  13. #2 is Howard, 857 horse
  14. Don't forget...Fawn Grove Olde Tyme Days

    Maybe Saturday...
  15. 4th of july plans

    @PeacemakerJack Let's see the goat....