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  1. Kohler K engine versus Magnum ?

    I have 3 C160's, one with a replacement magnum. Like'em all. I prefer the old style tractor. Never was crazy about the "bandit" hood's. Hey, that might catch on
  2. We Lost A Great Member and Friend

    Very sorry to hear this. Glad I got to know him at the shows. Great guy. Prayers sent...
  3. Happy Birthday Eric

    have a good one Buddy....
  4. 312-8 Project

    Kinda looks like a rat rod already..
  5. Gas Shut Off Valve Leak

    Yes, I got a Handy Andy tool set for Christmas about sixty years a go....sorry I can't help with the valve either..
  6. Hydralic front loader

    Sure, just needs it's own pump... Mine is on a C160- 8. 10h.p. may be a little on the lite side....
  7. Interesting Chaisaw attachment

    Wouldn't use that at my place, way too Rocky...

    Great work on the seat...
  9. Dumb question

    Not a puller, but it's my understanding the belt will only slip at higher R.P.M.'s like above 4000.....
  10. I know not everyone thinks like me, and my better half says that's a good thing, but I can't imagine needing 7 ac's of lawn. I'd be mowing 1 or 2 and the rest would be wildlife sanctuary.. Just my Or maybe parking space for more ' s
  11. Don't want to get off topic...but.. How does that 14 auto handle the 2 stage, and would you be better off with a tall shoot single. And if you've got room for that closed in trailer at the new place, plenty of room for two 's.