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  1. Seafoam. Your thoughts

    Been using this for 7-8 years. No alcohol. Cheaper than ethanol free gas. Nearest station is 40 miles round trip in a town that I have no other reason to go to... Read about it on their website..
  2. K321S Question

    Clean breather below carburetor. If really dirty can cause some smoking. Be sure to get it back the way it came off...
  3. A sad sad day....

    Do you still have the stove..
  4. Thinking about it.

    I know very little about them, but I think @buckrancher has one...
  5. Homemade Wheel Horse sign

    With 9 you'll have some to sell....
  6. have a good one Terry
  7. A Sobering Day

    Wishing the best for Mark and strength for the rest of the family. Prayers sent...
  8. Rubber bumpers

    Glen has them if he's back in business. Same as under front of hood...
  9. Thinking about it.

    I've heard the batteries are very expensive. But quiet... Great for cruising the shows....
  10. My first car was a 55 chevy. Had three more over the years...
  11. Love the ol' westerns. Outlaw Josie Whales, Quigley down under, and original Lonesome Dove with Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones are favorites.....
  12. Speedex 1240

    I bought my S19 because the price was right. Know very little about them... Sorry