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  1. Testing the Waters

    Count me in...
  2. Deck parts

    Looks like NOS...
  3. @shallowwatersailor Where do you by these.. Thanks
  4. Front wheel bearings

    I'm curious too about the longer length and roller bearings.
  5. Can't answer your questions, but I would love to have any of my 's look as good as the one in your first picture...
  6. 520h

    This has nothing to do with common sense. A tractor can have low hrs. and look good and still be junk internally. Not looking for an argument just saying do your homework...
  7. Briggs 5hp

    Looks like you have room for two..
  8. 520h

    Can't go by hours. Ask @ericj. I have a '94 with 253 hrs. and one rod was in pieces....Got it that way
  9. C-185

    @buckrancher has one. He'll know...
  10. Something Few of Us Have Ever Seen !

    Those hubcaps would make great clock faces. Just drill a hole in the middle for the hands..
  11. Fuel Pump Location?

    Fuel tank, they push easier than they pull..
  12. I've had one of those for probably 20 years and never used it. I forget I have it. I think mine is called a Bad Dog Biter...