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  1. Wheel horse 310-8

    I have had my 310-8 since new in 87 it has hauled hundreds of cartloads of firewood at about 1000 pounds or more and no problems ever. If you can hook a trailer to it it will pull it.
  2. kohler electronic module test(?)

    Mine are all oem and the one that failed was on an engine that was outside for years and the lamination rusted. Point being electronic modules normally last a long time contrary to the sales person's comments even non oem ones should go 10 years or more
  3. kohler electronic module test(?)

    I have only replaced 1 in 30 plus years and the replacement was also 30 years old 3 years ago and the tractor is used all year long
  4. kohler electronic module test(?)

    If it is a electronic module you can disconnect the ground/kill wire and see if that changes anything, if it is an old style (points and condenser) try cleaning points and checking all connections.
  5. mule drive

    I agree with that what I have seen is the pulleys have worn enough to need a slightly shorter belt to keep everything tight
  6. There are other factors that could cause this as simple as tire size and pressure that also have a 0 dollar price tag. If it fits snugly in the mid hitch and nothing is obviously bent any other adjustments to get it level won't hurt anything
  7. How far out of level is it from side to side? The attachment cradle should keep it pretty close. In a worst case scenario you could use different size gage wheels to compensate for any difference the repair caused.
  8. Start them young!

    RMaynard is right NEVER EVER have a little one on a machine with the mower running that is a recipe for disaster. Accidents that maim or kill kids can happen before you can react. Be safe so they can be around to take over for us
  9. New to WH and i need help with my 312-8

    Make sure you have the right size belt and it is routed properly the belt shouldn't stop moving unless the engine stalls an 8 speed should either spin stall or climb if the belt is right
  10. 16hp Briggs misses and dies after an hour or so

    If you have a spark tester check it as soon as it goes down it will not show spark until it cools down if the module is going bad if you have spark it is a fuel problem. That is almost textbook Briggs module symptoms
  11. 520H Not Getting Fuel

    Pull the gas cap then try it .
  12. A salute to the good old twin Kohlers

    As for oil filter it ends up behind belt guard making it a real pain to change if you regularly change the oil the need for the filter is moot. Previous owners that abuse these tractors are everywhere my 518 was obviously well cared for by it' original owner but the 2nd one all but destroyed the Onan
  13. 312-8

    Try taking the gas cap off I just had one with a plugged vent if it runs with no cap it's only 7 or 8 bucks. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater it's something simple those magnum singles rarely go down for no reason
  14. 520 Onan Problems

    I am pretty sure that they are the same. The problem is that the air flow is bad on that cylinder leading to the failure . There are many posts here about ventilating that belt guard that will help a lot
  15. Fitting the cutting deck

    You can make one with 2 1/4inch pipe elbows 1 90degree and a 45 would work well I used to fabricate all sorts of them when I did power washing commercially the easiest is to use street ells (the ones with male threads on one end and female on the other )