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  1. Thanks all for the answer to my post on the same subject now I just have to figure out how to get the thing home, and find a rich uncle Billy to pay for it
  2. Does anyone know if a 6-9633 model dozer blade will fit 300/400/500 series tractors
  3. That one has been on C/L for about a year my thoughts are if you can't hear it run and the deck is not perfect it is not worth more than you already offered him. Too many possibilities for things to be wrong.
  4. The biggest difference between the two is the atf has a lot of detergent additives in it. It is primarily a lubricant just like the regular oil and has been used as hydraulic fluid for many applications. Automatic transmissions are operated by hydraulic pumps much the same as our tractors just smaller and more complex
  5. I have used my 310-8 to haul firewood for most of its life with turf tires and 4 link chains the average cart load is about 700 lbs or more they work as well in the woods going up and down slopes & over stuff as they do on gravel going down the road in fact I had a tire blow on the cart about an eighth mile from home and pulled the cart the rest of the way home in 3rd high without any problems or even kicking in the governor. I'm a believer in chains on snow
  6. There are no limits to it that 12 horse kohler will do anything you ask it to. The snow blowers come up pretty regularly around Flint and mid Michigan. There is one ad around midland or thereabouts that seems to have them all the time enjoy your new horse
  7. Just a quick thought on pressure washing anything only use enough to do the job (cleaning engine & parts about 1000 psi)stay off seams &openings you should be okay did this professionally for 15 years and never tore up anything
  8. Yup a short piece of hose from inlet to outlet will keep stuff out and prevent any vacuum leaks then you can forget it.
  9. Rehearsing a play in 8th grade English class and likewise wondering what was wrong with the world
  10. I like the phone call from the IRS saying that I am in trouble for back taxes. Funny thing is that I haven't made enough to pay taxes in years I guess the joke is on them
  11. My thought exactly, how the cylinder didn't get trashed is a minor miracle
  12. The Cummins dealer here also has Onan parts try Cummins -bridgeway. com . I'm surprised Boomer hasn't chimed in on this. Try Boomers influence. com
  13. Depending on how far up the cylinder it is scored you may be okay mark where the top of the piston is at bottom of the stroke before you pull it out you can then measure to the lower ring and see if the scoring is affecting anything
  14. That looks like my onan p218 looked the piston was shot rod was broken crank had aluminum stuck to it. Biggest problem is that the rods now are different so if 1 is broken you may need to get 2 but you can try contacting Boomer if you are lucky he might have one that matches yours if the bore is not scored it might be salvageable
  15. Others have said it, but if that bunch can be saved, if you just corralled them and brokered them to those who really wanted them and make enough to cover your expenses it seems like a win win