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  1. Christmas snow plowing

    Just a random thought on front tires if you could find the same tread as snowblower tires use I bet they would grab pretty good
  2. Need Advice

    One thing to check is pull the air cleaner and look at the oil also thatslotted hood let's a lot of water in the carb
  3. 520 Wheel Horse Buy or pass?

    That's not an early 520 notice the Toro decals I think maybe mid 90's
  4. Onan p220 head gasket

    Check the drain hole in the valve sump as well as the pressure relief ball and spring getting to the relief is kind of a pain but is probably the culprit.
  5. Little hole big problem

    Just a quick update so far I have had 2 scary oil issues, the first one was the oil filter started leaking right away so that led to scrapping the addition of an oil filter, the second came last week while mowing and I had oil going everywhere I looked at the repair and it was good but I had oil all over again after some closer inspection I found the oil pressure switch had worked loose. When it rains it pours. But 3 more hours of mowing and the oil is still full
  6. Little hole big problem

    I finally got the 518h put back together and mowed for about 3 hours. So far no smoke, oil leaks, scary noises or such like. Not claiming success but so far it's working
  7. kohler m18qs how do you get the block separated

    I finally got a chance to work on this between monsoons it came right apart right now this is the donor engine if the repairs to the original don't work it appears to be a compatible block to transplant the internals from 418 engine in should the jb weld repairs to the block not hold.I am close to the test run on that this weekend. If it holds up I will probably find a way to mothball the spare and keep it for future emergency Many thanks for the input and links to the manual. This is truly the best forum of any sort. Ernie
  8. Little hole big problem

    Nope the guys at Napa said use the original stuff and I remember using it for my chain saw and it still is good
  9. Little hole big problem

    Just an update on this I finally got a chance to get it cleaned up in between monsoons and found about 5 more pinhole spots in the same area the first coat of jb weld got them I got the biggest hole covered today so hopefully the 3rd coat will finish it up tomorrow I am shooting for a Friday test run thanks again for the input
  10. Not wanting to destroy a perfectly good block I am going to ask what works to separate the engine halves. I have all the bolts out and it shows no inclination to move in any direction
  11. Is an almost dead P220G worth anything?

    If you have oil in the air cleaner check the pressure relief assembly located on the front right side of the engine facing it alao the crankcase vents can get clogged that was one of my oil leak disasters on the 518h
  12. Little hole big problem

    Thanks all for the input jbweld is one of the thoughts I had. I guess I should get busy tearing it down to be sure that there is no other problems I will keep you posted. Ernie
  13. Little hole big problem

    So last week I finally put the m18 together to swap out the onan in the 518h everything went smoothly and it ran really nice until the oil started to shoot out of the side by the oil filter cover. At first I thought it was the gasket then I saw the 3/16 hole between the oil dipstick and filter cover.Sooo.....now what can I use to patch that? The block is aluminum and is somewhat corroded and pitted there . Any ideas
  14. deck pulleys for 48 inch side discharge

    Thanks Ed I'll check it out. Ernie
  15. Has anyone ever found any supplier of pulleys for the 48 inch side discharge deck toro #s 110146 &110147 like napa or online?