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  1. 48" Mower Deck

    Changed Status to Closed
  2. 48" Mower Deck

  3. "hitched" 414-8

    Sure did! What you see is a steel 4x4x14" long steel tube. I welded a cap on one side, filled it with molten lead and welded a cap onto the other side. Only thing I should have done was put handles on it.
  4. 48" Mower Deck

    Changed Price to 50.00
  5. "hitched" 414-8

    Thanks!! I made it from an old MTD sleeve hitch. Mostly from wheel weights.
  6. 12 x 8.5 wheels

    Changed Status to Closed
  7. 12 x 8.5 wheels

  8. 12 x 8.5 wheels

    Selling a set of 12 x 8.5 wheels. They come mounted with tires, one holds air really well and one leaks down after a couple weeks. These were pulled from a 520-h tractor. I can ship.
  9. 48" Mower Deck

    48" mower deck for sale. It's in decent shape overall. The deck is straight and solid, all the spindles are good. It needs new wheels and the blades need sharpened. It's not much to look at but a worker.
  10. 520-H transmission

    520-H transmission complete one wheel hub seal has a light leak. I can ship ups or fastenal if necessary.
  11. Well I finally have enough done on my 414-8 to show you all my progress. I built a front 2" receiver hitch that will allow the use of a mule drive and snow blower, The weight bracket is a 4x4x14" steel tube filled with lead (85lbs total not counting the suitcase weights.) The sleeve hitch works with a 2" receiver hitch, I have a 500 lb linear actuator controlling the height of the sleeve hitch. I plan on removing the actuator and adding full hydraulics to this tractor some day. On a side note...i'm really loving the new tires. 414-8 414-8
  12. 48" SD mower deck 78361

    Changed Status to Closed
  13. 48" SD mower deck 78361

    Thanks for the interest everyone. the deck has been sold. Thanks
  14. 48" SD mower deck 78361

    I sent you a pm. I dont have any hubcaps for sale, sorry.
  15. 48" SD mower deck 78361

    The 520 that I'm parting out has its own 48" deck. I'm actually half tempted to try and get that one running. This was an extra deck of mine and just trying to make some room. This will fit a 520 no problem. I'm on the Western border of Illinois in Milan.