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  1. C125 Click not starting -see video

    Thanks all! It ended up being a frayed ground wire on the frame plate.Simple fix.
  2. Clicking on starting. C-125 with 12hp Kohler. I purchased a new cheapo starter on eBay about six months ago. I swapped that out with the old starter in to test whether it would at least spin and it did not. What do you think it is and what should I check next? See video
  3. You may have read my previous post convincing me to keep 2 wheelhorses... I'm going to! I acquired a "Workhorse" GT1848 for an attachment package for my C-125, but i decided to keep both and restore the GT. That said, I need help getting down to some basics. IThe GT has an 18HP B&S twin that was dead when bought but turned over with ignition. The old plugs were dirty and greasy. Flushed tank properly, sprayed carb and changed plugs as a first step and she fired up. Changed oil after. My 11yr old confirms the GT was very fast and awesome after an hour circling the field. --although the next day my mowing test showed lacked significant uphill power and stalled out several times and difficult to restart. Fast forward a week sitting. Now it doesn't start... Swapped battery and wires to be sure . Next, did a compression test. Not a single PSI in either cylinder. Huh? How did it possibly start before? Am I being dumb about the compression check? I simply pulled off a plug while other plug was in, full throttle on & choke off, 4-5 sec turn. With a car I'd pull the wire off between the distributor and coil and bank it off the block. But this tractor obviously doesn't have a disti. Just want to confirm my problem isn't operator error before embarking on either blown head gasket, valves, rings or all 3...
  4. Decisions... Keep the C-125 or the GT1848?

    There it is. Keeping both! I've only had my C-125 one season and love it. The pic shows the side discharge 42" on the c-125 that I swapped off the gt1848. Gave it a spin on the c-125 and she cut grass nicely. The 1848 isn't in as good of shape. Rides fast and smooth, but cant seem to to handle the deck uphill without dying. Difficult to start. Carb looks clean. One plug looked soiled. Figure maybe rings or engine is bad. I'll give it a compression test this weekend.
  5. Today I bought a "Workhorse" GT-1848 for cheap just to get the snowblower attach. Came with a nicer 42" 3 blade side discharge deck (vs the current beat up but very functional 38" rear discharge) that should mount fine on my C-125. I don't have a lot of info on the Workhorse GT-1848. Not many out there. On the plus side the Workhorse has a twin 18HP briggs, hydro transmission and hydraulic lift (for deck and blower). Personally, the hydro-automatic and hydraulic lift are nice to have accessories. Other than that the geometry, PTO and attachomatic are the same. So it comes down to a Briggs vs Kohler... Which one? I like my C-125 a lot. I work it hard and the 12HP Kohler has performed flawless. So am I better off with the higher 18HP Briggs or 12HP Kohler? Anyone have experience snowblowing with a c-125 12HP Kohler vs 18HP Briggs? Can the c-125 handle the job? If so, next consideration is mowing with a 3 blade 42" vs the my current stock 2 blade 38". Does it not matter? It's raining now so otherwise I'd be doing a deck bakeoff in the dark Looking for advice.
  6. Will this fit my C-125?

    Dang. Ok, thanks
  7. I have my sight on a couple snowblower attachments: model 6 1211 and a model 6 2211. Anyone know if this will will fit my C-125 tractor? Thanks
  8. C-125 starting issue

    Thanks! I took off the starter and blasted it with a can of electronic cleaner. Cleaned connections and she fired right up. 10 min job.
  9. C-125 starting issue

    My c-125 isn't turning over properly. Trying to get a sense of which part I need and where I can buy it. Here's youtube vid of the noise: It's one of these two:
  10. Tiller possible on a C-125?

    The good news is that it appears that it is possible as a stock setup http://www.mywheelhorse.com/graphics/file/tillers/tiller_36in_1977_77-36tl01.pdf The bad news is that it look like I'd need a very specific till model: #07-36TL01. Along with a service assembly #105111. Probably pretty unlikely to find this I suppose?
  11. New to a c-125. Been seeing some online pics of c-models using a good sized tiller --with great results! But I can't imagine how this is possible to set up given that my machine only has a single front PTO and a front mounted mule drive... The rear is a simple trailer hitch. Custom mods or no? So how's it done? What kind of tiller do I need? Would any modern(ish) Toro tiller do fine or are these obscure attachments ?
  12. Just acquired a C-125 that runs great. I'm curious how much I can do with her. I'd like to hook up a tiller or plow, but I'm not sure if it's possible. Is it? If prefer minimal mods. She's in great stock condition. I seem to have a single front pto on the right side and nowhere else (maybe I'm wrong). Anyways, a till possible on the c-125? I saw a few pics that piqued my interest. If so, where can I get my hands on one?
  13. Picked up C125. No idea...

    Thanks. Hopefully ordering up the parts soon. Manual seems pretty good. I'll report back
  14. Picked up C125. No idea...

    I love this wheelhorse. I dragged a large fallen tree with ease... Now I have to make her farm worthy. Ok, so regarding the mower deck, it looks like I need a bunch of parts. I couldn't open any of the manual links and also searched online. I'm not sure what these things are or where to get them. I've heard here that I need a "tensionor pulley", a "double pulley", an "idler pulley" a "center pulley" and a "spring". I guess I also need a couple belts (one from PTO, and another on the deck). Anyways, not sure if I need 7 parts, or if they're called different things. I'm hoping it would be clear if I could look at a parts manual and know where to buy. Right now I'm a bit confused. That's ok. Awesome tractor and great support here so I'm willing to stick it out.
  15. Picked up C125. No idea...

    Thanks everyone! The support here is great. I browsed through the manual and it appears need a belt that goes around here: I suppose I don't quite understand how it the belt system makes a 90deg turn to the mower deck pulleys. A pic of this set up would be great. Could find anything googling it. I'm also starting to think this deck might not go with the c125. I don't see any evidence of a broken/missing pulley(s) on the top here so I'll check out the parts for sale page, but I'm not clear about what pieces are actually missing: Oh, I assume these might be for hydraulic mounts or is that something else? Lastly, she cleans up well. A little carb cleaning and she sounds nice too. Kinda bummed about the mower. If I can't fix it, I'll probably still keep the tractor for other projects.