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  1. Need a quick answer

    You did! Thank you again!
  2. Need a quick answer

    Used the manuals many times and am grateful for them. I just happened to be in the hardware isle at Home Depot yesterday...also grateful for those that can answer a question when time is short.
  3. Need a quick answer

    What is the size of the stabilizer bolts on the Clevis hitch?
  4. Getting excited yet?

    My 10 and 12 y/o boys are currently debating what will be planted and how it will be laid out. They are presenting their plan later this week for approval. If I approve, then we get started in 3 weeks. I love it that these two are so into the mini-farm aspect. Their other side project is turning our rain collecting 275gal tank into an irrigation system.
  5. Garden Plot 2016

    Well, I'm 3/4th's planted at this point. I've got to add another 10 feet to the plot since my wife decided to do okra and peas. So the 2016 garden is as follows: 6 Beefsteaks 6 Better Boys 3 Cherokee Purple 12 Long Cucumber 12 Straight-neck Squash 6 Spaghetti Squash 5 40ft rows of Serendipity Corn 2 40ft rows of Bush Beans The 20ft row of Okra and 2 40ft rows of Peas will be in by weeks end. I'll post pics later, as it was too dark and I was too tired when we got done last night! I wish I had my hiller and furrower attachments finished...it would have gone so much faster.
  6. First time plowing...

    Thanks for the advice! Come to find out, it's actually an older 8" plow. It cuts wonderful and is very smooth, but I have thought about upgrading to a 10" plow.
  7. First time plowing...

    I don't have 6" diameter wheels on anything...my 520 has 8" just like yours does and so does my 416. I think you may have gotten confused by the old standard of tire sizes, the 6-12 (6" sidewall for 12" wheel) Ag on a 5" wide by 12" diameter wheel. I'm also definitely not interested in front ag's. My front tire drops in the furrow just fine, but the inner 1/3rd of the rear tire is still riding high on level ground. It makes no difference how I adjust the plow, since it's an 8" cut it just doesn't slice enough to work with the 520's wide tires.
  8. First time plowing...

    Umm...I have nothing but red clay for soil! I'm a solid 4 hours from any sand. It's actually an old 8" plow. Guess I'll be looking to upgrade to a 10". The only 12" I know of are Cat 0 3pt.
  9. First time plowing...

    Will that be a stretch onto the 520 wheels, or should I look for some narrower wheels also?
  10. First time plowing...

    I can swap on the 9.5's from the 416 and air them up a little higher. I'd love to have a set of narrow wheels and ags off of the classic tractors. I just don't think these wide wheels and tires were made for "farm" work.
  11. First time plowing...

    I was running in the furrow. Inner sidewall of the tire rubbing the left wall of the furrow...but the rear end of the tractor was level with the yard. It never felt like the back tire was down in the furrow with the front.
  12. My garden for '16

    Backyard corn has always been frustrating for me. Wind, water, raccoons...making sure it will pollinate.
  13. First time plowing...

    So I plowed for the first time ever on Saturday, as I've done nothing but use a walk behind tiller in the years previous. Never again I say, from here forward it will be done from the luxury of a tractor seat! I must have picked the perfect time to plow because it was super easy to turn the dirt. I'm on turf tires, no weights, and no chains. I only had to back up 3 or 4 times. I did run into a slight issue though. I gauged myself off of the front wheel in the furrow, which in turn left me with ridges between each furrow that are the same width as the front tire. Should I have been gauging myself off the rear tire? That's what it seems like to me! Here's a pic of this years plot...I'll post a pic of the "ridges" when I get back home. Here is a pic of the rear of the 520...makes me think about running narrower wheels and tires.
  14. ain't wishin4a416-8 no more

    You guys are killing me. Guess I need to start back working on my 87 416-8. Using the 520 has been too easy.
  15. guess what I did today

    Looking at the second weekend in April for me. Frost here the next 2 mornings.