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    Taking things apart and rebuilding them from the ground up. I have a raider 9 that we are putting a kohler on and a heavy 8 speed for me to pull i've mainly pulled the 900, 1000, and 1100lbs. class i've been pulling mainly stock tractors for most

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  1. Gravely parts needed

    i have a 1970 gravely 430 commercial, i need the fan gear cover for the steering and i also need the gear on the bottom of the steering shaft
  2. Question On Changing Oil In Hydro

    put some atf in it run it around a little bit drain it out put ams oil synthetic in it and watch it work like new
  3. Bolens G14 XL

    a little up date, got it home today need to do some wiring work but i gave it a shot of starting fluid and jumped straight to the starter and it fired up, took the carb. off and cleaned it but haven't got a chance to see if it will run on gas or not
  4. Bolens G14 XL

    as far as i know it doesn't have the locking rear but it's either shaft the whole way back or shaft to gearbox and then to belt. but it does look like a very heavy rear
  5. Bolens G14 XL

    went to the local small engine shop last week and picked up a bolens that has had the original oh140 techumseh replaced with a newer xl series oh140 it is a complete tractor other than seat. not in to bad of shape going to pick it up tomorrow, i think it might make a decent pulling tractor but i only paid 40 bucks for it
  6. Big thanks to Ken (chevelletown)

    yea i saw that too but i thought i would let a more mature member get it since it is a research and development machine but its kinda neat to see them starting to show up
  7. looks nice red on red keep up the good work
  8. changing models ?

    yes it was a k-141 6.25 horsepower kohler with the tiltson updraft carburator but if you just put big wheels on yours it will be more like a 1962 502
  9. changing models ?

    yeah then i don't you have to change much more than the rear wheels witch you will have to install hubs and i think they have a front axle like a 62 so it will look more like a 62 with the front axle under it aand the 653 would have been electric and recoil start
  10. changing models ?

    it not really that hard but it also depends what type of lawn ranger you have if it has square rear fenders or if it has the round fenders and you will need to change your lift stuff
  11. Raider 12

    the gravelys had a short crank shaft so you won't be able to put a pto on it and i think the crank size is only 3/4
  12. Electro 12

    i used to have a 1968 electro. it was a very nice tractor, but i don't care much for hydros so it moved down the road to get replaced by a 1968 raider 9. The electro is very nice to operate and would be a nice tractor to have for a fact.
  13. TT's Drag Racer

    As far as I know they are a 12 inch tractor rim, but I'm not sure if they're the wide ones. That is all the more I really know about the wheels. :hide:
  14. Where's TT lately?

    its a long story and he has been very busy at home he is fine and is still in touch with his horse healing ability :hide:
  15. Transmission

    From about 30 miles south of atlanic city NJ to state college PA