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  1. I got the rear tires/wheels removed yesterday as it was raining and not much else to do. Inspected the brake assy etc while rears were off. Everything looks new as expected. My Son and I took the tires off the wheels (very easy) and i stripped and painted them with duplicolor wheel paint (silver). They are a pretty close match but not perfect so I removed the fronts after getting the rears back on. Actually was not really too bad of a mismatch but I'm a bit picky so...... My ocd I guess. I'd post picture of rears/fronts to show difference but as said previous cannot get anything to upload. Thanks for all the suggestions. MU
  2. Looks Like I'll be painting all 4, Kind of a bummer having to peel off all 4 tires. Or maybe I'll cheat and do them with the tires still on. Not the way i like to but at least I wont have to fight dismounting and re-mounting them. Tried again to load pictures with no luck again. I give up, something definitely wrong. I even made them quite small.
  3. I just scored a 2007 60th Model 315-8 with 108 hours. I did some trading/cash (recieved) and cme out of it with this near mint tractor. I'd like to re-paint the rear wheels as wheel weights were not installed correct (loose) and wore paint off and surface rust has taken over. I want to match exact so I don't have to do all 4 wheels as fronts are fine. Everything else with the tractor is in mint shape. Dealer said Toro does not offer the paint. Is listed as Oyster Grey? Anyone ever try to get the paint? If so what/who/where did you get it? Thanks in advance for any help. I am not sure why but pictures will no longer upload fo me? I've posted pictures many times using same equipment but now I get and error. I'd like to share picture of tractor/wheels but no luck.
  4. Again thank you for point on neutral. MU
  5. Thank you very much.
  6. I've looked at parts breakdown and seems simple but do not want to mess anything up. How do I remove shifter from trans? Just loosen the set screw? Please help me out, pictures are always nice, even diagram etc. Thanks MU
  7. Got another cart last night

    Very Nice Cart!
  8. My Son made some Wheel Horse decals at school. They're a pretty good match to earlier originals. The r and s are slightly different. Finishes it off IMO. MU
  9. My New hub caps came last Friday. They are a bit darker red than original 1 but that may have been faded a bit. Regardless they are very nice and look much better than black IMO. Came with some other goodies as well. Not sure what I will use the additional red caps on, but will hold onto them. Pencils and keychain are cool. MU
  10. Thanks folks. It is indeed very dry. Need rain badly! Dryest spring I can remember. MU
  11. I believe you can get a quart sized cup but not positive. This Binks is an old gun, been replaced with a DeVilbiss Mini (blue). A very good gun IMO. The new version is a bit north of 3bills, so yest not a cheapo. As said the HF gun are reported being pretty good. MU
  12. Here are the 2 I use.
  13. Jeff, Thanks for the kind words. Believe it or not it (from personal experience) is easier to paint using a proffessional paint gun, than with rattle can. I've always said if one can get a good finish with a RC then will only be better with a gun. I've been told the inexpensive guns that HF sells are very good at applying all types of paint. I use a Binks and Devilbiss (now the same company) both gravity and suction touch up mini guns. Also use a Binks 2001 full size gun for big jobs like applying Thompsons water sealer to deck etc. I've sprayed water base and oil base out of same guns with excellent results. Far as mixing paint just follow directions on can-reducer-harder if used. Like noted this was my first time useing hardener in oil based enamel. You don't have to. I've painted many many many items with just plain rust oleum (sp) cut with acetone until it'll flow through gun. Best way to practice is with either water, thinner, acetone etc and a cardboard, metal plate of sorts. Play with settings on spray gun and read directions, look up videos etc. I learned by trial and error and advise from many. I'm far, far, far from being a great painter but will spray anytime I can over using a brush or roller etc. Painted trim, doors etc on many home projects etc. Latex sprays nice, just simply cut with H20! I will suggest a gravity gun. I use both but prefer gravity in most cases (small work). You can do it. I will post a couple pictures of the guns I have. MU
  14. I have completed mod on JD Thatch rake I bought last fall. Have always like/wanted a front thatch rake for the Horses as I had 1 a few years ago on a Simplicity Conquest. It worked excellent and was able to tow a sweeper so was a 1 pass setup. It was not very difficult to modify. Made a mount for tractor from angle and spracers. Welded it all up and utilized holes already in frame. The rake mount frame needed shortening so pivit point was not too far forward as would be rake too. Lift lever was a little trickier as Had to go on same side as impliment lever. I made mount for it from a solid steel block (overkill but wanted to thread it). Made a couple bents to clear everthing and it functions nice. Then stripped the awful green/yellow and sprayed with IH red majic from TSC. Not a perfect paint job (couple runs) as was first time using catylst etc with enamel. I'm happy with the outcome as it's just a rake after all. MU