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  1. Wheelie Horse?

    I think my first major design change has been a success. Since starting this project I had two goals in mind or a dual purpose machine. It ain't going to work or at least not well enough to continue. So I am going to make another change. and concentrate on one duty for this tractor. Just like my first build, one step forward always results in two steps backward. There are two forces driving me... to see it complete and to DRIVE it.
  2. Wheelie Horse?

    Well, I thought I had the skids for the engine plate made until I tried to orient the torque converter. As you can see in the second photo it has a 2" inward protrusion. It would only fit above the frame so I had to raise the skids about 4" higher than the original placement. This meant new risers which I made from a Cub seat pan. The 212cc Predator will bolt down on the engine plate and straddle both sides of the center skid. The engine plate is longer than the engine so I can mount it to the skids after I cut out slots so I can adjust the tension on the chain. I extended the seat frame and hope 28" will be wide enough for two, it will be hinged in the front so I can pull start the engine. I also have a quick release steering wheel from Speedway. Just in case I add a few pounds. Drilling is next, bolt it all down and hope everything squares up
  3. Wheelie Horse?

    Nice, To complete your fleet you may want to consider a die-cast M2-114SD Fassi Boom with drywall load...Keep on Truckin https://www.ebay.com/itm/Freightliner-M2-114SD-Fassi-Boom-Material-Handler-w-Drywall-Load-1-34-First-Gear/152996356920?epid=1356222650&hash=item239f4b2338%3Ag%3As3QAAOSwPBFa358q&_sacat=222&_nkw=model+freightliner+with+boom&_from=R40&rt=nc&LH_TitleDesc=0
  4. Wheelie Horse?

    Good morning, ebinmaine, First thing after making the morning coffee, I set up how I grind a bevel on the nuts. Now I'm curious about your big over the road orange tractor. Can you give a little description?
  5. Wheelie Horse?

    Seat belts are a must so the passengers who don't share my death wish can't escape. The unpainted angle irons will make the engine plate level and also allow it to slide so I can tighten the chain. This back frame is bolted upside down to the front frame so the flat side is on the bottom. I also tied the bottom of the plates together after I found the axle a little high on one side. Now level I made the axle equal length on each side and measured to the front center of the frame and found it to be true. I prefer studs over lug nuts. I just have to grind a bevel on one side of the nuts. I think the engine will be bolted over the one angle iron but the offset shouldn't be noticeable.
  6. Wheelie Horse?

    My baby got legs, I hope she knows how to use them. I finally started working on her again after a couple days of rain made some landscaping possible. I had to grind down the upside down frame so the top two nuts holding the flanges would clear and allow the plates to fit flush. The 1-inch axle with a 60 tooth sprocket will hook up to a torque converter on a 212 cc Predator. I still have to order a disc brake, make a double seat, connect the steering, make an engine plate and body work. All and all a much easier build than my first
  7. Cultivator WH or homemade

    Kit, I'm happy to have reunited you with the bottom plow. The parts I received were needed to continue my project. It's great that we can help each other when the need arises.
  8. Cultivator WH or homemade

    Hey Kit, those shanks are almost a perfect match. How about a photo with your recently acquired bottom plow? You got a really nice set of implements. BTW you and Garry must be related having the same avatars. Kind of confused me lol
  9. Wheelie Horse?

    I replaced the Cub fenders with a WH seat pan from a recently found Commando parts machine. A Cub "Ross" steering column, footrests, front spindles and the 212 cc Predator will be the only parts that are not WH. For the axle, I ordered a 1" round with key and flange bearings. I'm going with a cable operated disc brake that will be ordered soon. I have yet to decide whether to use a centrifuge clutch or torque converter, chain or belt. I figure that decision will best be made after assembly is complete. All in all, this is a simple build when compared to my first custom
  10. I started my second full custom a day after the Big Show. My first was a supersized Suburban built right here under " V drive pulley for Predator" After laying out everything I brought home, I bolted two frames together. I then added a Commando hood, wheels and Lawn Ranger seat pan. The stretched horse was blah so I flipped one frame and was inspired with the Z frame look. I added a round hood and other parts and came up with my 2 seat concept Not apparent in the photo is the long section of frame behind the rear wheels. Here I will mount a 420cc Predator and connect a live axle with a go kart clutch. No transmission and no reverse. I believe this setup will be more like a "dune buggy/rail" or go kart impersonating a tractor and should be a wild ride.
  11. 953nut and WHX20 get your stuff at my Pathfinder w U-haul trailer Ohio ELV1750 with " X " on the roof (around high noon Saturday) Thanks, Jonathan 440.420.3139
  12. Suburban Hot Rod

    Yes, I will be at the show for 1 day only. ETA 9 am Saturday 6/23 until 3-4 pm
  13. Free trans. It has a broken axle w/o the pulley and boot. I'll drag it to the show if someone claims it. Saturday morning until 3 pm (953nut got it) 2 Steering wheels - free (WHX20 got them) 551 Suburban front axle with spindles $50 It was cut out of the frame so the pivot area is shaved
  14. 19richie66, Thank you for your generous offer. I really care not to repair it, never took one apart. Heck, I could only get one hub off.