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  1. 953nut and WHX20 get your stuff at my Pathfinder w U-haul trailer Ohio ELV1750 with " X " on the roof (around high noon Saturday) Thanks, Jonathan 440.420.3139
  2. Suburban Hot Rod

    Yes, I will be at the show for 1 day only. ETA 9 am Saturday 6/23 until 3-4 pm
  3. Free trans. It has a broken axle w/o the pulley and boot. I'll drag it to the show if someone claims it. Saturday morning until 3 pm (953nut got it) 2 Steering wheels - free (WHX20 got them) 551 Suburban front axle with spindles $50 It was cut out of the frame so the pivot area is shaved
  4. 19richie66, Thank you for your generous offer. I really care not to repair it, never took one apart. Heck, I could only get one hub off.
  5. Wanted - 3 speed with 5 bolt hubs. My Hot Rod Suburban snapped the axle on this one and it will be available at the show for exchange. (Saturday morning until 3 pm)
  6. This is what I used in the 60s. from Old Garage Memorabilia
  7. I didn't know "Tire Black" was still available. It's like ink, you don't want to get it on your skin. I think rubbing it on with a cloth is better than a paintbrush. It must have been the 60s when I last used it.
  8. Both are listed in the classifieds $1450 and $300 The transaxle from my 551 is now in the Hot Rod. The Commando trans I used, snapped an axle. Will consider trades for 412-8, 414-8 or 520 with side discharges and snow blade attachments Will be at the show Saturday morning until 3 PM UPDATE 6/22 My Hot Rod Suburban is off the market. Still can be seen 6/23 at the Big Show
  9. 1961 Suburban SuperSized

  10. Spray paint

    I did use Krylon "Banner Red" from Walmart. It has the same can as Rust-oleum. While shopping at ACE I discovered they had my color. That's how I discovered Ace's superior nozzle. So the question is, whose paint is Ace using? Whatever brand name and color you are now using, You just might find the same color in the Ace can with their superior nozzle.
  11. Spray paint

    Rust-Oleum can on the left is different. I'm not ready to experiment, with my luck something will break and I'll lose a can of paint. But I did discover the nozzle rotates for up/ down pattern or side/side pattern.
  12. Spray paint

    For what it's worth. This new nozzle shoots a straight line spray like a professional sprayer. BIG IMPROVEMENT
  13. Suburban Hot Rod

    Built right here on Red Square with the help of some great members see... V drive pulley for Predator This is my first build so don't expect a show tractor. The photos show 5 lug wheels but I snapped an axle on that trans. It now has a Suburban trans. You get both transmissions. You get your choice of 1 pair of front tires ( fat or skinny) These are Cub wheels / Cub axle / Cub steering column Wheelie bar included. Can be seen at the BIG SHOW -Sat. 6/23 11am - 3pm (no rides! ) or pick-up in Solon Ohio $1450 cash
  14. Suburban for SALE

    It's incomplete and has substitute parts. NO transmission / no rear tires Cub footrests substitute front wheels and tires 6 HP Predator Pick-up in Solon, Ohio / or Big Show Saturday 6/23 11 am to 3 pm $300 cash and carry
  15. I've been applying pressure for a couple days now. PB Blaster, chisel and hammer back side, hammer front side. If I can get just a little movement then I can work it back and forth, but nothing. Any more pressure and the hub could break. Another day or two, I'll cut the axle, secure them in a vise, I'll get them apart.