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  1. Great suggestions, I tried the bottom stripe with gray duck tape but opted to do it a little different. In a day when the gray dries, I'll wipe the vaseline off the remaining center ridge to expose the red. The area you suggested will get a WH decal. I may also paint the "grill" Thanks, 2X. One for the compliment and the other for the terminology My wife doesn't like the colors, BUT... she didn't exercise her power to reject it. LOL
  2. It feels like a long time since my last post and If it weren't for the winter weather in April, it may have been much longer. I managed to start the body-work and my yard work and then when it got cold again I threw some paint on my "First Born". It's good enough to satisfy the call for "more pictures", but... WARNING - defects, do not enlarge the pictures. I plan to finish the "finish" aka surface appearance at some later date. With that on the back burner, I plan to tackle the belts, AGAIN. With the suggestions given by wallfish in his last reply, I am confident I can resolve all the driveline gremlins. Now I have a confession. The last picture is my other restored Suburban, but it's far from original. So I am now acquiring parts to make it my next custom project sometime down the road. One question, Whatz ya all think about the smoke gray wheels?
  3. Before I look at the pulleys as wallfish has suggested I decided to start the bodywork. The Rust-oleum gloss marigold is my base color. I like how it makes the Krylon gloss banner red look richer, smoother and creamy. The difference is noticeable between the round dash and the red only belt guard. I believe my First Born is pleasing to the eye is due to the symmetry as the white lines show. But then again "beauty is in the eye of the beholder," or maybe its the beauty, only a parent can love. Anyway, I wonder how I lucked out with those lines.
  4. All Right!!! That's the first time anyone ever thought of putting me on their list. I hope it was good enough to be #1 best ever
  5. ebinmaine, I can imagine how you must have felt when I unleashed my "humor" on you. Thanks for understanding or should I say.....Thank you for tolerating this dofus.
  6. "Geez, yada, yada, yada....." post #79 was my attempt at humor. I don't know why I try because it never fares well. This has been a public service announcement.
  7. Geez, Isn't anything private anymore? It wasn't going anywhere with the price I had on it. In 3 days 225 views and 8 watchers made me a proud papa. I pulled the rug from under those 8 watchers because they wouldn't come up with any offers. If you were one of them, I'm sorry....(maybe). Now if any of those watchers are still around and I decide to relist it, they may make an offer before it's gone again.
  8. R 1 & 2 are satisfactory. I'm thinking third feels like slippage but maybe it is the high gear ratio. I adjusted the brake as you suggested and the belts now stop. I do have the belt hold down pin under the long belt front pulley. Suddenly everything is falling in place and I have you to thank. But I have to admit it was not easy.
  9. I thought the jackshaft was complicated then I had to put the throttle linkage together. I was defeated several times and seriously thought about parking it in the woods, out of my sight. Here is my initial ride, bugs and all. Still, much work is ahead to get it running the way I want 20180313094646.mp4
  10. DSC02513.JPG

    My First Born goes well with my (almost) original Suburban. I plan to make a similar build to go with my 100 Cub Cadet I restored. The Cub drive train is the most popular for pulling but I have never competed. I like the "narrow frames" with the internal wet brake. Google images, search CC frames to see how they differ. This photo is my favorite (NOT MINE) Wheel Horse. The drive train is CC with the good looks of a Wheel Horse.
  11. DSC02371.JPG

    Notfishin, I really appreciate your comment
  12. DSC02513.JPG

    Hi Oldman, I restored my 551 but with a 212 Predator. The standard trans was good when I got it and still is. My First Born mod has a 420 Predator and a Commando 8 manual 3 speed, 102 Cub Cadet axle and steering column that feels like power steering compared to the Suburban's fan gear.
  13. First Born

    One day I get the urge to stuff a big block into a "nut warmer". This being my first build, my enthusiasm overshadows this daunting challenge. But together with Red Square forum, we build a Suburban beyond my wildest expectations.
  14. No matter how confused I am about keeping the trailer, flipping the 250+ lb bed by myself took some brainstorming. I'm impressed, in the huge difference it makes. The wiring is next so I can see how she pulls and where I go from there.