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  1. bagger weight

    Thanks Garry , I guess this offsets the weight of the blower . I have a spring on the blower side to help take some of the weight . I have never seen one oh these before . Ed
  2. what is toro 98-3096 part used for on a bagger . I saw it on ebay . ED
  3. I am interested . Ed
  4. 523XI Snow blower trouble

    Almost done except for s grease job . Can someone tell me what this belt guard is supposed to look like .
  5. Xi single stage thrower

    Jeff ,Nice score ! Ed
  6. 523XI Snow blower trouble

    Thanks Kurt . I didn't really take a good look but I will measure things when I split the unit . I was thinking I could drill a couple of holes in the sprocket and make a puller or I have one that I made from the old outboard motor days that might work . Then there is moving the paddle forward about 1/2 " . Trouble is I can't devote the same amount of time as I did before . Last season I made an oak piece that just wedged in that took up the tension on the chain . The other thought was on the back wheel of some motorcycles they have a tensioner that might work . If the oil seals leak on mine after all this I think I will just check it before each run for a few years .. Thanks again . ED Jeff , I don't even have it apart and I'm making a puller in my mind . Maybe I it will come off with a little gentle persuasion and then I will replace all the bearings . I replaced both idlers and the chain last year . Thanks again , ED
  7. 523XI Snow blower trouble

    Does anyone know if the impeller shaft bearing and the jack shaft bearings are the same ones being used on the auger shaft ?? I used SA205-16 on the auger shaft . I took the chain off and spun the impeller shaft and it spins great even with the side bearings just hanging but the bearing is noisy . If I'm taking the whole thing apart I mind as well replace all the bearings and be done with it . Next is split it in half and work on getting the sprocket off and the shaft out . After all this and more to come I must say I am enjoying doing some repair and fabricating . Thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way . ED
  8. 523XI Snow blower trouble

    Well I measured the shaft 10 5/8 " it seems that is where the problem is . Don't ask me how this came about . I opened the gear box and found nothing wrong except that the rear seal was not in the grove . Fixed that and closed it up . When I opened the old gear box there was no front bushing at all so maybe someone adjust the shaft before or when I replaced the chain and idler I did something . I will get the bearing and sprocket off and remove the whole thing and free up the impeller and go from there . Wish me luck . ED
  9. 523XI Snow blower trouble

    . Kurt , I think I know what you mean . If I loosened the bearing and sprocket I might be able to move it back and get what I need but I think it's back about as far as it can go and be safe . Thank for the measure . Ed Jeff , Thanks for the measure I'll check tomorrow . I'm trying to get an idea if there is something wrong with the gearbox before I take it apart for no reason . It's always something . Ed You guys are great and appreciated .
  10. 523XI Snow blower trouble

    It's killing me not to be finding out what's up with that misalignment but family comes first today . Sitting in the house it occurred to me that if I knew the distance between the gear box and the paddle hub before I open the gearbox I might save some time . Going over this in my mind I can't see how it could be in the gears but I will see . Doctors tomorrow so most of the day will be shot . If someone could help me I would be grateful . Ed
  11. 523XI Snow blower trouble

    Thanks , Back at it tomorrow but if these ideas don't work I'm going to take the blower of the tractor and but the deck on . I have already removed the weights because I need to clean up around here . I will work on it a little at a time .
  12. 523XI Snow blower trouble

    I was trying not to open the gear box but I think you are right and I will do that first .. The only way it could move is that the worm gear has moved . Thanks for the input . ED
  13. 523XI Snow blower trouble

    Jeff , That makes sense . I was hoping for a miracle cure . Looking at it I think I have to break the chain and the separate the blower housing . Then I can get at the sprocket and the bearing retainer which will allow me to remove the paddle and gear box in one piece . I'm try to avoid splitting the gear box . I still can't figure how come it's so far off . I just got the last of the parts yesterday and hoped to be together today . Just a dream . THanks Jeff . I hope the impeller is not frozen to th shaft . ED
  14. 523XI Snow blower trouble

    Here we go again . Just when I thought I was finishing up a new puzzle . New gears ,bushings ,seals and bearings and spacers for the bearings . I put the gear box together and thought I'd better do a dry fit before putting the augers on . Well the side covers went on but way the bearings would not line up even with all the bolts loose . I took the bearings off and finished buttoning up the side covers and discovered the shaft was about a 1/2 " off . I started the tractor to see if the gear housing was working and it seems to operate OK . The only thing I see to do is move the paddle shaft back the 1/2" to line up the auger shaft . I think to do that I will have to split the blower to get at the sprocket and the bearing retainer . I can't see that the gearbox can be assembled wrong so why this is going on I have no idea . Help on any ideas or thoughts would be much appreciated . ED ( both sides seem to be off the me amount . )
  15. 523XI Snow blower trouble

    Nice job Jeff . Only someone who has worked on these tractors can appreciate that kind of work . Special Loctite arrived today for the loose gear ond the thrust washers should be here tomorrow . Now all I need is some sunshine . ED