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  1. Plow trouble

    Cleat & Sarge , I bought the plow in 2001 and used it every year on my shale driveway which is about 250 ft . plus up by my mail box up by the road . I replaced the scraper about three times ,welded some small cracks where the blade mounts to the frame and straightened the blade itself two or three times . When I do these repairs I repaint . I am not easy on the blade and leave it on the tractor year round since I bought the 523DXI . I have spread 10 wheeler loads of stone dust and top soil . Salt is not involved in its use .
  2. Plow trouble

    Post sent from my phone sometimes have caps but let me assure you I am not yelling . I can't imagine finding anything to yell about on this site . I thank everyone for their input which has helped me out on more than one occasion .
  3. Plow trouble

  4. Plow trouble

    I cleaned out the groves with my Dremel and squeezed the top of the spring . I had the idea of clamps so it's nice to see that someone else thought that clamps might work .
  5. Plow trouble

  6. Plow trouble

    While plowing today the spring popped off . I screwed it back on twice and the last time I had to go searching for it . I'm thinking of welding or brazing ,any thoughts ? I think the ends are cast or steel .
  7. 523DXI snow blower question

    Put on the new belt and had my friend sit on the tractor and run the blower . NO MOVEMENT OF THE GEAR CASE .THANK YOU FOR THE IDEA. KURT .
  8. 523DXI snow blower question

    I already got the pricey one but will keep the info . Thanks again . ED
  9. 523DXI snow blower question

    I think it is a belt guard but I recall that last year I tried bending it back but there was not enough room to get the belt past the pulley . I know its a tight fit on my deck . Wrecked the belt when a chunk of ice got caught in the impeller so I thought I fix it while I have it apart to put the new belt on . New belt no. 100-4164 Got it from Parts tree 61.95 . This afternoon I was watching youtube and someone said that NAPA B100 50 was the same and it was cheaper . I'll have to check that out . Thanks guys for responding to my post . Picture of the gearbox brace I made . It is not cleaned up yet . I'll take a picture of it mounted t .omorrow
  10. 44" Snow blower . I want to straighten this guard but I don't know if the belt is supposed wind up in front or back of it . In the second picture the guard or guide is just on the other side of the pulley .
  11. bagger weight

    Thanks Garry , I guess this offsets the weight of the blower . I have a spring on the blower side to help take some of the weight . I have never seen one oh these before . Ed
  12. what is toro 98-3096 part used for on a bagger . I saw it on ebay . ED
  13. 523XI Snow blower trouble

    Almost done except for s grease job . Can someone tell me what this belt guard is supposed to look like .
  14. Xi single stage thrower

    Jeff ,Nice score ! Ed